My Mom and Me


School was over and I had no ride home. My mom must have forgotten that this particular day school got out early, due to a teachers' meeting. So, after waiting for my ride for over half an hour, I decided to just walk home. It took what seemed like hours to get home, but when I saw the clock as I walked in, it read 2:00, so it had only taken around 25 minutes. I started upstairs to my room to jack off to some porn (as was my usual routine), but on my way up I had heard moaning coming from my parent's bedroom. I knew my dad was at work, so he and my mother could not have been fucking. Curious, I went right on in without even peeking. There I saw my 23 year old brother pounding the shit out of my mother's ass. I stood and gawked in amazement for a good minute until my brother, Joey, looked up and saw me. "Aw shit!" He yelled as I said nothing. There was a long awkward silence after my mom looked and saw me. "What the hell?" I demanded. "When-- wha-- how did this happen??" Joe unmounted my mom and she turned over onto her stomach. In a shaky voice she explained to me how for Joey's 18th birthday she started fucking him. And when I got to be 18 (I was only 16), she would start fucking me.

It got me very horny hearing my mother saying words like "fucking".

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   She is usually very uptight about sex and language, and it was so unexpectable. "Does Dad know?" I asked. "Yes, sometimes he even joins in. " She said. "Well. . . " I paused, "Can I join?" I asked, seeing the situation we were in. "But Dereck, I want to wait until you are 18 to start this thing with you. " "I don't give a fuck, I wanna start now!" She looked at Joe and he said, "Hey, it's only two years, let him have his fun. " He got up and started towards the shower. "I'm just about done, you can have her all to yourself for now, Dereck. " With this I quickly took my shirt off, so fast that I felt it start to rip. I stood there naked looking at my mother sitting there, naked as well. She was beautiful.

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   She's over 50, but you would think she's under 40 by looking at her. She has medium sized breasts and a tiny bit of fat on her belly. Nothing too bad, but it was noticable. Her pussy was completely covered in black hair, slightly trimmed. I wasn't so bad myself. I played football, so I stayed in good shape. My dick is about 6 inches fully erect. I climbed onto her bed and she layed back. I looked into her eyes and we kissed. I lowered my head down to her breasts and sucked and bit each nipple while massaging her boobs. I kept lowering my head until I got to her sweet pussy. Open and soaking wet, it beakoned me, and I dove in. I loved the taste and licked and licked all around, every millimeter. "I'm cumming! O god Dereck, I'm cumming!!" she screamed after a few minutes as her juices flowed into my mouth.
    I quickly lapped it all up.

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       I got up and mounted her. She nodded yes, giving me the go ahead to lose my virginity. To my own mother! I guided my cock into her sobbing pussy and rammed it as hard as I could. Since I was a virgin, it only took me about a minute to cum. My mom, of course, thought this was hilarious. "Don't worry, Dereck, I'll raise your stamina. " With that, she got up, instructed me to lay on my back, and lowered her head down onto my cock. It was the best sensation I have ever felt. Warm and wet, her toungue knew exactly what to do. She swirled it in circles while bobbing up and down. I groaned in orgasm as I came into my mother's mouth. After this we were both beat. We layed there for a few minutes catching our breath. Suddenly, a thought popped into my head. I had remembered about my 18 year old sister, Mariah.

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       "Hey Mom, can we get Mariah in on this?" "Oh, I don't know," she laughed. "Maybe later. "The clock said 3:30, which meant she should be home any minute. My mom said to get dressed and act normal. And maybe the next day we could bring Mariah into this. (more to come if this is well received).