My modest mum.


Mum! She really was modest; A petite six and a half stone (91lb) godess. Her figure had to be seen to be believed,every part of her stacked beautifully and when in a swim suit she turned heads of men as tho' they were posessed of an owls neck swivelling ability.

None the less,she blushed at so much attention but as we spent much of our spare time on the beach,she bit the bullet so to speak and dressed either in a bikini or full swimming costume she stoically crossed to where our chosen deckchair space was already laid out by dad. Dad a sober serious man seemed devoid of the attention his wife got from her admirers. While guiltily mum would drop into her deckchair with a gasp of relief.

I'd look at her and relished her proportions, but only as a son may to the mother he adored. She in turn would smile while her blush was still in full bloom. We knew between us what we both were thinking I guess. Dad would drift away,bored with sitting while me and mum enjoyed our own little world. - "Come on mum,lets do some sea time eh!" Strangely I thought,while claiming to be scared of the sea,sometimes she'd shun my suggesting a romp in the waves while at others she'd pop up full of the joy of splashing around.

Then I found out about what gave her these mood swings. Opening up one day after I'd kept on and on to her to come in she said, - "Daren I can't not today,I'm in my bikini" - In a flash my mind recalled something I'd not consciously registered in the past. Mum only went into the sea when in a single piece swimming costume. Prompting her to tell me if this was significant,her response was, - "No! I can't tell you Daren,its too embarrassing, anyway and was a long time ago"

This provoked me even more. . .

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   Moving to the chair that dad had vacated, - "Come on mum,you can confide in me,it may help you get over whatever it was happened" - "Please Daren,don't make me tell,even your dad doesn't know, anyway,I can't because its of a 'you know' nature" - I didn't know and wanted desperately to know. - "Mum,it can't be that bad can it?" - "No,not bad as in bad,NAUGHTY! but bad as in rude,if you see what I mean"

I put on my best fake sulk, - "Ah! Dar' don't be like that,can't you see I'm embarrassed to tell you" - I could fake no longer. Now a broad grin came on my face to which she pushed at my side with both hands. I suppose it was the first sexual thought I had about mum as her pert tities bounced and I realised her nipples were all hard and visible through the costume. Mum saw me looking, - "Not you as well,DAREN, I'm your mother remember" - It was my turn to blush. - "Mum,don't be so prudish,they're beautiful" - "Daren! Stop saying things like that,you're no better than that man over there with his bum on display,that's so rude" - I knew exactly where mum meant,the guy had a thong on and I suspected mum had spotted him before he'd got down on his towel and lay face down to get a tan.

"He's just tanning himself mum" - "I know that,but its making me keep looking - she blushed - I'm married remember!" - " I remember mum,but that shouldn't stop you looking at the beach scenary" - "Daren! What's got into you today?" - "Well mum,if you'd just tell me about the avoidance of swimming thing,I'd be okay" - " I can't,its just to awful,in fact its a lot like what that man's doing" - My cock twitched, - I looked at her hoping for a break in the deadlock. - She sat back and closed her eyes - Nothing more was said,but as tho' she realised what was happening,she opened them looking at me direct as I looked at her nipples which had stiffened again as she must have been thinking about whatever had gone before.

"You were looking at them again,it must be a man thing,that's what the sea thing was all about" - "Alright,I'll tell you. I only go in the sea when I've got a full costume on because, - she hesitated - Becaaause I wore a bikini that time and I didn't realise as it got wet it became see-through. It was only when I noticed two dirty old blokes looking intensely in my direction that as a wave splashed up and wetted the top making them hard like now that I realised that they could now see all I had" - "It got worse, the wave following splashed higher as I covered my breasts and in an instant my bottoms were washed down to my ankles"

"Was I embarrassed. A seventeen year old girl with her pussy being letched by two dirty old men" - Strangely as I thought then,her telling me had given me a hardon. - she went on - "In my haste to recover the bottom and in panic I turned and in doing that the bottom some how got away from my feet so I had to grope after it as the receding wave attempted to drag it back towards the ocean" - Now it was my turn. I felt very embarrassed now as I knew mum had clocked my hardness - "See,that's just how I felt,it is embarrassing isn't it" - She seemed now to relish my own embarrassment,saying, - "What I done next never occured to me until after,boy did I blush. I made a grab to retrieve them and having bent ,I mean bent not coupied down, It was only when I heard one say to the other, 'Fuck Bert,my favourite position,pity we got our shoes on' that I realised I'd just showed them my.

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  . . my pussy from behind thro' my thighs. I swung upright with my pants in my hand and tried desperately to dress myself - have you ever tried putting a wet costume back on? - I knew I was showing everything in my panic as lifting and tugging they must have seen my slit and the lips of it and they certainly saw my pubes because crudely Bert said 'Fuck george, a natural blond and all!'

"Luckily the tide was receding so the still wet area of beach allowed me to dash up it with no one else realising my predicament. but I've never got in the sea in a bikini since. So now you know. Don't tell dad though" - "Mum, you shouldn't be embarrassed about that,god I bet you made there day,I bet everytime they went down to the sands after they looked for you and reminised at their good fortune that day. A luscious young blond baring all,I wish I had been there!" - "Daren! I'm your mother,how could you say such a thing about seeing all I've got" - I back tracked,having forgot how it must have sounded to mum. - "Mum,no I meant if I was their age and saw a girl that was your age then,I'd have revelled in what I could see" - "Oh! So you wouldn't look twice at a woman my age in that sort of predicament?" - Fuck! Stop digging Dar' . . . she's getting pissy. How can a guy know how to respond to women when first they say stuff like that embarrasses them then in a flash feels left out if you don't get excited about there sexual charms? I guessed at the time,I'd never ever understand women.

A lifeline,dad returned, - "Dad guard the chairs,me and mum want an ice cream,how about you,shall I get three while mum have's a pee?" - Mum went to say something then realised I wanted her to come with me. - "Oh Yes,we wont be long" - "Better not be,I'll be off if you're not back!" - As we walked away,I was shocked to hear mum's reaction to him,although out of earshot.

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   - "Miserable old fart,piss off then,I've got all I need here" - Mum wasn't akin to this sort of talk. - "Well that made me mad then,coming back when we were enjoying our chat" - A glance at my crotch didn't go un-missed by me. Bloody hell what's got into her today. - I guided her between the other groups but in the general direction of cheeky boy. I was sure her mood had something to do with her seeing his ass cheeks. I must admit,having come up from his feet end,he was a hunk for any woman to behold.

Mum had no shame in studying his form and it was clear he was posing for just such an event as I noticed each couple of women passing took a giggling double take while nudging each other. - I said quietly to mum, - "See mum,no different than what you experienced back then nothing changes" - "SHHH! He'll hear you" - I grinned and nudged her. - She also now had a guilty grin on her face as we drew on past him. Now up on to the promenade. - "Did you see that massive pair he had between his legs,no wonder he couldn't close his thighs" - I gave her a fake dirty look, - "Mum! You're being disgusting now" - "Well I couldn't help it,mind they were huge" - The guilty grin was back. - "Mum, I think I've released a secret crudeness in my mother,what will you tell me next. - It came immediately, - I bet your balls look just like his and I bet they're hard and full" - Fuck was I embarrassed.

"W-E-L-L! You led me purposely up by him,what did you expect? A saint!" - "So you're a sinner?" - "Well I know a good pair of balls when I see them,did you notice,I'm sure that thong was letting some of his sac show" - "Mum! Why would I want to study another guys sac,I've got my own to study" Up until this point Mum had never been dirty like this. - "Yeah,its alright for you but what about me! His sac hangs like a dead turkey's neck and his cock as well" - "Sorry.

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   I shouldn't have said that but you may as well know. Your mothers sexually frustrated. So there,I've told you now" - I cuddled her as we got to the ices stand. - "They'll think I've got myself a toy boy,look how much taller than me you are" - I took a chance. - "I'd like that anyway,you can't deny you had a look at mine before you studied his. . . Go on say you didn't - "SHHH! Someone may hear you, - whispering now - alright I admit I did,but not sexually" - I gave her a stare. - "Perhaps just a little bit it may have been,blimey,I'd spent half the morning looking at his bum cheeks. I don't know what got into me, it just did"

It was her turn to be shocked. - "Me too,everytime your nips' went hard" - We were served and started to return to our spot. - "Oh No! I know what you're up too. Not back past his naked bum some more" - Being taller,I said, - "No mum,its okay,no more ass to see,he's sat up drinking from a bottle" - She followed on as I led her towards him. I took her round the scenic route. In from his left back across to let her see his packed lunch and it wasn't in his backpack,but placed nicely up his belly.

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   - "You swine,anyway he is posing,it would be in that thong just like yours is. All bulged together with your balls"

"I'll be moving the chair I sit in when dad buggers off,I'm beginning to like this game" - "Don't you dare,somebody may realise what you're doing it for" - "Let 'em mothers are entitled to see their sons penis surely?" - "Daren! Stop being crude,mum's should stop looking before they're sexually arousing to them. - realising what she'd admitted - Well you know what I mean. when they're not big enough. Oh stop it,you're getting me all confused" - "You mean you find a son's penis exciting sexually" - "Daren,don't say things like that,I wish I hadn't said I was sexually frustrated now,you're getting the wrong idea's" - "Mum! Its the right idea,but wrong for me to tell you. Perhaps a surprise like that guy offered you this morning is more appropriate" - As we returned to the chairs,It stopped there,as dad hastened away on another of hiswalks.

Mum looked at me in a disapproving manner as I moved my chair to the new position as promised, but said nothing. I sat back down after taking my ice-cream back off of her. intensely eating,my mind was wondering if I really ought to do what I had in mind although it would make me more comfortable if mum's nipples kept going hard as earlier. - I went for it. I loosend the waist cord and unobtrusively put my hand down the front to pull my cock up my belly. A towel landed on my lap. - "Under that for goodness sake - Do you want everybody to see or only me?" - Surely she realised what she'd said, she wanted it for only herself to look at. Under the towel I took the opportunity of pulling my ball sac up the front of my belly some. - Throwing the towel back at her she jerked and lifted her legs up in a spontaneous response and in that second I noticed a darker damp spot on the navy blue plus a rather pronounced puffiness that could only be her vulva pouting inside her costume.

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Mum blatantly looked at my crotch area, - "I know now why you never wear those long shorts type swimming trunks most of these on the beach wear" - "Not into beach sports mum!" - "MMM! I wonder if flashing can be considered a sport?" - I smiled, - "You're as bad as that naked assed swine we looked at,he's left now,now you're doing it to me" - "Mum my ass isn't on display" - "No but. . . Here is that a stiffy?" - I nodded a no! - Bigger than him then,I reckon at least two inches bigger" - "M-U-M! I'm your son don't forget" - "How could I? With a soft wedge like that on display. Some lucky girls eyes will water when she sees or feels that one" - "M-U-M! That's disgusting" - "Well,can't I be just a bit jealous?" At that moment,I made my mind up what to do. Just as dad returned. We left the beach and headed home.
Go to pt2 if you want to know where this led. .