My modest mum pt3


My heart sank. Mum after talking about us making real love,appeared to be having second thoughts. - Oh,why hadn't I just got on top of her and fucked her stupid when I had the chance,after all, her orgasm showed she was ready.

I'd come into the living room,thinking of nothing in particular,only to be confronted with mum perched on the corner of our dining table with a legs dangling over,one on each side of the table's corner. But I stopped in my tracks at what she was about, with a mirror in one hand she was studying her pubic area,more concisely the canary yellow bottom she barely had on. What I mean by barely was just that,it was a postage stamp size of material - if a triangular stamp exists.

But more to the point,I caught her pressing her hand up and down her melon's slit,making the material sit nicely in between the lips. In the instant I was impressed by the fact that her slit came farther up the front of her body than any girls I'd seen or touched. Guiltily she gasped, - "Oh! I've been caught! I was only seeing that if this costume got in my crease like it is,would anyone on the beach see my pussy slit. - "Stand up and I'll tell you,no modesty today I see!" - She grinned sheepishly, - "Well I'm feeling ever so guilty about what I said about making love,you and me" - I was about to do a spoilt boy wimp, 'Augh mum! - but she anticipated my response, - "No,its not that I've chickened out,its just that I'm feeling so guilty about having you in here,I'd be much more happier down on the beach doing it,but people may see and tell"

I seized the opening, - "No,they won't if we leave it till twilight,enough light for us to enjoy our actions but dark enough so any noseyparker would assume it was a woman having fun with her toyboy. - Well it was all I could think of to retreive a situation. - We'll go down earlier,then play it by ear as the beach clears,along the tree end where they nearly go in the water at high tide,that's the best bit I reckon" - "I've heard about that side!" but she never elaborated further. - So having assured her quite obliquely that her pussy slit was not on show, - Fuck I wanted to spend time studying it on the beach - she promply took the bottom off and ignored the fact that I was gloating her now naked cunt.

Also ignoring that my cock was rising and in so doing,it stuck its head out through the slit of my boxers until pointedly looking towards it with the comment. - "How can a modest mum like me ignore that thing looking at me. NO! NO! NO! Not until its dark you pesky penis" - Stupidly we both burst out laughing as I tensed my muscles and made it nod up and down slightly.

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   - "Horny sod!" So the stage was set for later. . .

The day wore on and I resisted a wank,in anticipation of my first fuck with mum. I'm sure she didn't realise what I had, She'd changed since she let me in on sexually helping her,her attempts to remain modest,was only in talk. I'm sure she knew darn well her cunt slit was on show yet she pleaded modesty while showing her cunt completely naked to me,I'm sure now she made herself wet by blatantly flouting herself while tormenting my libido.

Off we went in the afternoon to the beach,it was sit on a towel time with no dad in tow. she wrapped her arms round her bent up knees to start with and she knew darn well I was sat directly facing her feet so as to study the tightness of the material already straining into her cunt lips. She rocked her ass backwards-and-forward like a rocking chair until she having overdone it. tipped sideways onto her back and threw her thighs open. It may have been an accident, - I don't know - but what I do know is,I wasn't the only male pair of eyes on that beach that noted the postage stamp slipping off one side of her ass cheek and mound and right into her slit and revealing a fair amount of one side of her vulva and pubic hairs too-boot.

I went to her aid,showing I also had a certain amount of bulge over and above the norm - her antics had stiffened my penis somewhat. Quietly she in hushed tones said, - " We're being watched,that perv' sitting right close to the trees is watching our every move,but he is looking away sometimes,I think its so as not to catch our attention,but I'm on to him" - panicky in case mum quits the plan - I say - "I expect he can't take his eyes off of a gorgeous bint like you,he's probably eating his heart out that you've got a toyboy taking care of your needs" - She giggled - then out of character,she piped up, - "If he see's what you're doing to me in a bit,it wont be his heart eating,it'll be his knob cumming. He! He!"

"Hey mum,is the thought that he may see us making you excited?" - "She went very straight laced, 'OF COURSE NOT' still if he wanted a real eye full he'll need to be closer than that if its darkening then!" - This was music to my ears,she seemed not bothered if he watches us having passion and love - she is different,she must be acting her real self where as before dad was inhibiting her real needs. .

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  . or she was as a mother. It seems anything goes. . . My cock went hard at the thought

"You're hard,is it the thought of him watching you screw your mum?" - Guiltily I admitted it was part of the reason. - "And the rest?" - "The fact that I'm sure you hope he'll see you having it,that matrony act didn't convince me just now" - Unleashed,she said. - "I wonder if he'll wank if he stays to watch?" - "I'm playing a game in my mind, which tree will he get too and will I see his spunk if he cums off looking at me getting it!" - "I sniggered, - "You dirty bitch!" - "I know,I'm awful aren't I and with my own son, - I bet that would make him cum if he knew I was being fucked by my own son!"

"Mum,its working for you!"- "What do you mean,how do you know?" - "Mum,there's love juice seeping thro' the bikini" - Having bent forwards and craned to see between her legs she came up red faced, - "Do you think it can be seen that far away by the pervert?" - No! You're facing me not him" - "How silly,all this sex is going to my head" - "No! Its effecting you between your thighs" I lunged at her and with a squeal she up and ran towards the trees,right towards the suspectedperv' - "No! No! Don't you dare" - I'd caught up with her and taking the hint from her,I landed half on and half off of her small body. As her legs flailed,I blatantly fondled her breasts,then tried to smooth her down the front of the bikini. - "Stop someone might see you!" - It was said loud enough for this guy to hear it.

I attempted to tickle her and she accomodated by throwing her legs all over,letting the guy see anything showing between her thighs. Puffing and gasping she staggered to her feet with me coming up and kissing her passionately. - "No stop,you're making me randy!" - It was no lie and she knew our voyeur had clocked that she was up for it. Arriving as we cuddled, back at our towels,she gathered them up and shaking the sand off, - That's better over there,the suns going from here nearly. Strategically it was only slightly nearer this voyeur,but it allowed him to move under a better place to watch and play,while mum changed her position,now she would be able to see what he was at as he watched and enabled him to get a better look at the bits that mattered in love making.

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The beach cleared what seemed like all of a sudden. A few were still about way up the other side,but we had our own place it seemed as our voyeur had moved off into the tree area we suspected,but we failed to notice his departure. I started to play sexilly with her and she responded,letting me undo one side of the bikini bottom to better smooth her mond,while I loosened the tie on my trunks so she could fondle my ball sac and penis.

Hushed now as I nibbled her neck and she responded by slowly rubbing my foreskin up and down, she whispered,undo the other tie,he's back and guess what,he's not wearing a white mac" I wanted to say, of course not,but I said, - "What's he changed from what he was wearing?" - "Sort of" I looked at her then sneaked a look at him. Fuck he'd certainly changed,the horny fucker was naked,his cock hung loose above a pair of balls that anyone would have been proud to have hanging from his bum.

"Do you think he's dangerous?" - "No,he just got his clothes by him see them,they're hanging on that bush" - "oh yeah" - I'd opened the bikini and was feeling her up when she said, - "He can see us,because he's holding his penis and playing with it" - I worked on mum's pussy and she said,get your cock out,watching him wanking is making me horny as hell,I don't reckon he'll be able to wait for you to put it in me" - I went down on her and sucked her cunt until she just had to hump at my face, - "He's wanking his cock like a machine,fucking big he is and all. . . OO OO He's sneaking closer,fuck me,he's near enough,I'm sure I'll see the sperm shoot out as he cums" - She had it,trunks discarded I had my first fuck in mum,it was sweet as well,she was rather tighter than I expected but,having gone right to the hilt I pumped at her like a wild animal,then just as she went into orgasm,she chirped, "FUCK! He's shooting it all over the trunk of that tree he was by,its hanging on the bark and his ass is fucking as tho' he's in me,he's pushing into his hand in time with you cumming up me" - She never realised she too had gone up a gear as she humped her ass at my thrusting.

She lapsed into her own thrill as my thrill eased,by the time we'd landed down to earth,he was gone and his clothes were as well. - To be expected! - We sat comfortably sorting our own clothes for what it was worth,mum giggled as the cum from us ran out on to her towel. - "More washing I suppose!" - "You could have kept it in by keeping your legs together after I pulled out,but you wanted to show our voyeur just how much I'd given you" - Indignant now, - "I did not! I'm going to see how much I got out from him,letting him see how much I took" - AAH! There,see you did let it out so he could see your wide open pussy after I got off of it!" - "Oh shut up,don't be so disgusting to your mother!"

The cum hung down the tree trunk like snot. - "I wonder how often he's shot it against this tree,I bet its his special place!" - "We'll know tomorrow,I've decided,you need a daily dose of voyeurism to get you off" - "I'm no voyeur,its not my fault if he shows me his cock while my own son's fucking me like crazy. So there!" When we got back in house mum took the bikini bottom off and there before us was a whole lot more cum that had leaked out while she walked, In the machine that and these towels go right now,we don't want your father seeing any of that stuff do we?" - I couldn't fault her logic there!

This may be the end,maybe!