My Mistake Part 2 (How I accidentally fucked my mother)


My Mistake (Part 2)

If you haven’t read part one you should read it before reading this one.

The moment my dick became soft and I pulled it out of my mom, she started talking. Fast.

“Son I’m sorry,” she began as she sat up in bed and wrung her hands in her lap. “When you guys left I decided to sleep in your bed since my bedroom was all the way in the back of the house. I didn’t feel right being so far away from an escape in the event that anything terrible happened like a break in or something. I promised myself that I would be back in my room before you guys returned but then Kimberlyn called and said she was staying another three days and that she would contact you and get you to fly out to her instead of here. So I just stayed in bed and… and I sleep so hard and…” she trailed off when she finally looked at me.

“It’s okay Mom, it was an honest mistake,” I told her, but for some reason I couldn’t seem to take my eyes off of her naked breasts.

They were the perfect size and so perky for a woman who would be fifty in a few months. They didn’t sag, and I couldn’t help the throbbing in my dick when I focused in on her nipples that seemed to be hardening under my gaze. When I looked up at her, I saw that she had been watching me as I watched her. And her entire body blushed a deep, Crimson. I watched it crawl up her body from her feet to her face.

“No Robby,” she began as her breathing hitched, “we can’t do this again. ” But I could see in her eyes that it was too late.

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   She wanted me again as badly as I wanted her. “Robby this is so wrong,” she said again as I began moving toward her. “NO SON!” she spoke firmly when I began gently easing her back on the bed.

“I’m going to fuck you again Mommy, and you can’t stop me. ” I told her firmly. “Because you don’t’ want to stop me. ” I wanted her. Bad. So bad that my dick ached with desire. “I’m going to fuck you Mom. ” I said again as I stroked my dick.

“Yes,” she said softly as she looked at me. I could see her giving in. “Yes son,” she said as she suddenly sat up and took my swollen dick into her hot mouth.

“Oh shit!” My mom’s giving me head, “was all I could say as I straddled her face and began to fuck it.

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   She lay back down on the bed and I lay above her with my dick in her mouth. I thrust into her mouth like it was a juicy wet pussy. The smacking and slurping sounds she was making was driving me insane.

Farther and farther I thrust until I could feel the tip of my dick in her tight, hot, silky throat. She didn’t gag. She didn’t resist. She reached her hand up and grabbed my ass forcing me deeper still. Then she used her other hand to gently massage my balls. My dick tightened, hardened. I began to fuck her face quickly. Thrusting hard and deep.

I reached down and gripped the back of her head and lifted it. Then I held her face in position and I plunged into her mouth at rocket speed. Mom took it like a champ, even moving her neck so that her head could go back and forth quickly. I’d never had my dick blown that good.

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I was instantly ready for release. But I didn’t want to fill her mouth with my jizsm. I wanted it in her cunt. As fast as I could I removed my dick from that exquisite mouth. Slid down her sexy, voluptuous body. And it happened in a heartbeat. I was in position fast. Straddling her as I quickly spread her legs with my knees. Her hands were on my ass and she was pushing her pussy forward, opening her legs wider as she invited me back in. Then time seemed to stand still.

Quickly I plunged back inside of her. Deep and to the hilt. The tip of my big, thick dick was slamming into her womb again. I lowered my mouth to her beautiful breasts and began a gentle nibble, a firm bite. I nursed on my Mommy as only a son could.

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   And I thrust. And I plunged. I pounded my mother so roughly that the entire bed rocked back and forth.

“Oh Robby, my son!” she cried out as she wrapped her sexy, slim legs around my waist. “Call me mommy as you fuck me baby. Call me Mommy!”

“Mmm Mommy,” I moaned,”Mommy!”

“Yes baby, fuck your mommy. Use that big dick to fuck your mommy Robby!”

Her words were driving me crazy. They were so taboo and yet so sensual, so arousing.

I thrust deeper and harder. Faster and deeper. Mom’s pussy was so good that soon, a lot sooner than I wanted, I was on the verge of a huge explosion. My fingers dug into the sheets, Mom’s toes began to curl. My balls tightened, hardened. And just when I was about to fill my mom's juicy cunt for third time that night I heard:

“Robby baby, I’m home!”

It was my wife.

“Oh shit,” I whispered as I quickly pulled my still hardened dick from my mother’s steaming hot cunt.

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   A long line of pussy juices stretched from my dick to her cunt.

“Are you here baby?” Kimberlyn called out as I heard her coming down the hall toward our room.

“Mom, quick,” I rushed the words out. “Get under the bed!”

Without protest my mother was on the floor and sliding under our bed in no time. Just as she pulled the last of her body under the bed and was completely out of sight, my wife strolled in and laid eyes on my still hard, very wet dick.

For a second she was quiet. I was sure we had been busted. I didn’t move, didn’t speak. My heart raced and slammed against my rib cage as if it wanted out of my chest. But I kept absolutely still trying to figure out what my next move would be. My wife kept watching my dick, staring at it as if she had never seen it before. And then she did something that surprised me.

"Don’t stop stroking it because I’m here. Keep stroking it honey,” she said as she began to strip.

Relief rushed over me and excitement too.

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   She thought I’d been masturbating. I would let her believe that. Without argument, I quickly gripped my thick dick and slowly stroked it up and down as I watched my wife and remembered my mother.

“Mmmm,” I moaned out as I saw Kimberlyn slip a finger into her slit and finger herself. “Let me do that for you baby. “

“Baby, I’ve been so horny for you,” she said as she rushed over to me.

I then grabbed her and laid her back on the bed with her legs dangling over the edge. I kneeled down on the floor, mere inches away from my mother. Then I spread my wife’s well-toned legs and slipped my tongue into her slit. She was hot and very wet. Like a desperate animal, she quickly raised her legs and planted her feet on the bed. Spread her knees farther apart and grabbed my head.

“Keep stroking your dick while you eat my pussy Robby,” she moaned to me.

Immediately I obliged. My hand felt so good on my dick that I moaned.

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   Then I ravaged her pussy. Licking, sucking, biting. Slipping my tongue into her juicy hole. She began lifting her hips off of the mattress, thrusting her pussy into my face. “Oh fuck Robby,” she cried out as I feasted on her tasty cunt like a king.

That’s when I felt my mother remove my hand and latch her hot mouth onto my dick again. From under the bed my mother had eased up to me and was sucking my dick hard and fast as I ate my wife. “OH FUCK!” I moaned into my wife’s pussy as my mother blew me. “FUCK!” I moaned again. My wife was blowing me while I ate my wife and ,my wife had no idea. The situation was hot. So fucking hot. I thrust my dick into my mother’s mouth. “FUCK!” I moaned again.

The harder my mother sucked me, the more I ate my wife.

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   The tip of my dick slammed into my mother’s throat again and my tongue slammed into my wife’s hot cunt. I was so turned on. So hard. I devoured my wife. She whipped her hips up and down in a frenzy.

“Oh yes Robby,” she practically screamed. “More, more!” Then I felt my mother remove my dick from her mouth. I groaned loudly, disappointment flowing all through me. But I kept eating my wife. Spreading her lips with my fingers as I licked every inch of her wet cunt. “Oh Robby, faster, harder,” My wife shouted.

And that’s when I felt the most superb feeling on earth.

Under the bed, without my wife’s knowledge, my mother had turned her body so that she was flat on her back with her legs flat. Slowly, she had spread her legs until I was positioned between them. Then she had scooted forward more and more until her legs were no longer under the bed.

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   When she could no longer scoot forward she lifted her knees, planted her feet on the floor and raised her hips until her ass rested on my knees. Thenbefore I could think straight she had slipped her pussy onto my dick.

“OH FUCK!” I yelled out when I felt myself entering my mother’s pussy. My mother was half under the bed and half out and she was whipping her pussy up and down on my dick while I ate my wife. I was on my knees, kneeling before the bed eating my wife with my mother’s ass resting on my knees while she fucked me. I was on the verge of going crazy.

Without being able to help it, I began thrusting my hips forward. Eating my wife like my life depended on it. I sucked her swollen clit, nursed on it. Flicked my tongue over it, sucked on it again. Vibrated my tongue on it. Gently gnawed on it. And all the while I was fucking my mother and my wife had no clue.

Kimberlyn held my head tight. Pressed my face deeper into her pussy.

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   Thrust her hips wildly. I ate her with vigor. My mother fucked me with vigor. Suddenly it was all becoming too much. I was about to cum. My dick tightened. It swelled. Became harder. Fuller. Longer.

I began to groan. Long and low. I ate my wife faster. My mother fucked me faster. My balls tightened.


   Pulsed. I felt my hot, thick, creamy cum shoot from my balls and into my long thick shaft. Then in an instant, I was shooting babies into my mother’s juicy womb. I was squirting babies into the same womb I’d come from. That thought made me instantly cum again. And again. I couldn’t stop cumming.

Then I felt my mother’s cunt begin to contract, squeeze my dick, then lock onto it as she came, squirting her juice all over me. I kept cumming and cumming. I couldn’t stop. Then my mother slipped her pussy off of my still erupting dick.

“Oh Fuck, I’m gonna cum!” my wife shouted. “Fuck me Robby,” she screamed. “Please fuck me before I cum!”

Faster than I’ve ever moved before my dick was lined up with Kimberlyn’s pussy, shooting hot cum all over her slit. She gripped my ass and in an instant I plunged into her, still shooting off.

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“FUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKKK!” I shouted when I’d filled my wife to the hilt. Cum still flowed from me as I thrust forward, fucking and filling my wife.

Feeling me cumming inside of her drove Kimberlyn over the top. Suddenly she wrapped her legs around me, tightened them. Whipped her hips furiously. Then let out a long, earth shattering scream as she too came on my dick, squirting her pussy juices everywhere. Now my dick was slicked with both my wife’s and my mother’s juices. That thought made me cum yet again.

With one last hard and vicious thrust, I plunged into my wife and shot out the last of my cream. Then I collapsed on top of my wife’s jerking body as the last of her orgasm paralyzed her. And as I lay there on my wife trying to recover from the best fuck of my life while my wife shuddered from the aftershocks of her orgasm, I looked over my wife’s head and saw my mother quietly crawling to the door. She looked back at me with a sexy smile and winked. Then in an instant she was gone. The last image I had of my Mom was of her wet dripping cunt as she crawled into the hall and disappeared.

A man didn’t get any luckier than that.

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If you want more of this story, email me at erotiquewriter@yahoo. com