My Madness Chapter 2


She waited, she hesitated to say what she felt. She looked at me, long, deep into my eyes. I could tell she was torn, she had not decided if a life with me would be worth the sacrifice. She didn’t know if she could live in ridicule. Would she become a Salem witch, or would she wash herself of me, and pray she would not be stained. She didn’t know that I cared for her. She didn’t know that she was the center of my life, she was a felonious obsession. Each step from here would be a risk, a lose. The only payment here is if I tip the scale and out weigh that sacrifice. She didn’t know I would sacrifice myself to save her in all this. I would come clean about the K; she would be a vindicated victim. While they would persecute this monster, my angel would fly away, unscathed. “I think you know why. You must have had some feelings for me. But, I want to know… Do you understand what we have done?”You would think this an odd question, but it was true. On an understood magnitude.

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   This was one of the most hateful of sins, a sin against society, religion, and body. It is unwritten, unspoken law; your family is off limits. “I understand other people may think it is wrong, but I never would have touched you if I thought it was wrong. I want you to know, I slept with you because I love you. You have always been here for me, and I want you to be in my life. ”Her eyes met mine, a subconscious check for sincerity. As we gazed at each other, she could tell the words came from my heart. She pushed up against the bed and placed her plush lips against mine. An answer that could not be mistaken, she would have me. It was a long morning, enjoying each other. She prepared breakfast, a grand affair of eggs, ham, and french toast. Stacy was older than women my age, she was more suited to caring for a family. She took great care in all the preparation. When the meal was done, she cleared the table and poured one last cup of coffee. “So, what are your plans for today?” she asked.

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  “Nothing much, I have to go to grandmas later. Her front light came loose, I’m gonna replace it. ”“I have to go to work for a bit, its money day baby! After that I will probably stop by grandmas, if you don’t mind?”Why she would be concerned if I was there surprised me, she would have no trouble ignoring me if she was there. There are so many unknowns at this point, but the game is still as much fun to play. “I don’t mind if you stop by. I’ll be out in the garage if you need me. What time are you thinking of coming?”I made sure she noticed the tone of my voice, if she was hinting at spending more time with me I wanted to know. In a cool whisper under her breath she hissed, “Ssssix”. I perked an eye to her; she had been so clever as to make it sound like “Sex”. “You need me to nip that cat, or are you gonna be able to control yourself?” I quipped back. Stacy gathered her things up, ready to enter back into reality. A masterful night executed and failed only to succeed. She was a spoil of the gender war, but some how an ally as well. I walked her to the door where she set her bag, pulling her arms around my neck. I kissed her there, and she kissed back.

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   A passion that would be longed for in the misery of life, I kissed her with love only to miss her in moments. “I’ll see you at grandmas. ” She pulled the door shut behind her, walking out to end the night and begin a new day. I cleaned up from my night of drug-induced love, a musk that while delectable, is not suited for your grandmother’s home. *******************************************My grandfather had always taught his children to take care of their women, and likewise his sons taught the same value. While grandma had no need for a three story Victorian on the classy side of town, she was completely taken care of. Grandpa died, leaving her a lifetime of money to embellish her children. A white wood-sided house, forest green trim, and a two stall garage. Not a modest home, but it was the American dream. In addition to taking care of his women, grandpa always took care of his home. When grandma needed something done, it was my duty to make sure it was done. Not wasting time, I made my way into the work area with the fixture from the front stoop. The piece was an antique, gold plated, very nice. They also have a problem with the old wiring, hence my house call. As I reached up to the middle of the wall I pulled down a pair of pliers, in the corner of my eye the door came open.

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   Just as the door retracted, I made out the slim figure of my now more than cousin. Her blonde hair flowing to the left of her face, hiding her eye, shading her expressions. As the light in the garage subsided, a perfect silhouette of her shown, I was not sure of the intension of her visit. “Working hard?” she smirked. “Hardly workin’” I rapped back, apparently a tradition that would not be affected by our newfound relationship. “Grandma laid down for a nap, she said not to worry about the light if your gonna be noisy. ”“Great, that leaves one more wire to attach and I’m done!”She strutted toward me, passing a hip side-to-side. Even if she didn’t realize, she rocks herself, mocking men as they fall for her. She has an evil beauty, one she will no doubt pay for at the end of life. A Devil’s ransom, she had gotten the better bargain. She stepped in front of me, blocking my work on the lamp. “Woman, would get the hell out of the way. I want to get out of here before grandma gets up. ” I said nagging her. “I got a screw that’s loose, help me tighten it.

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  ”Words that would make a man crumble under such seductive pressure. She leaned forward pressing her white spaghetti strapped tank top against me. Her cleavage showed the curve of her breast as they reached down for her mamms. She put her lips to mine, plaguing me to take her again. She wanted me, this time of her own will. I broke as I placed my hands at the top of her denim shorts, short but not quite riding her flaps like the infamous Daisy and her dukes. Her heat was unbearable; she had completed me, a life with meaning. I moved my lips down her neck, caressing her in a vampiress frenzy. She pressed against me harder, the button for her shorts jabbing against my midsection as my pants expanded from her torture. Her tits lay hard against me, firm but forgiving. She had teased me too long with her lips and I moved against her. I pushed hard to her, forcing her back against the bench, bending her, surly leaving an ache in her spine. As she reached as far as I could push her, I moved down her to her now tight top, patruding two silver dollar sized rings swollen with lust. I pulled from her, leaving her bent in front of me, jabbing her thigh with my bloated rod. Slowly I ride her curves, moving along the breaks in her stomach, golden, fuzzy, soft.


   Her back arched to the sky as I teased her abdomen, daring to touch her to relieve her anguish. As her shirt moved up, losing grip of her it slid only stopped by her under arm. Her hand sized breasts begged for attention, raging and peaking for stimulation. As she bowed back from her uncontained arousal her mounds approached, as they would pass me by I grabbed her from the hip and threw her to top of the bench. I powered her to me, banging against her neglected vagina, shivering her insides. She struggled with pleasure, fighting and submitting to me as I bit at her neck. Before she could become empowered, I grabbed her from the top of the arm, forcing her back, ramming her mamm into my face. I lubricated her nipple with my tongue, ravaging every valley. Her golden body tensed as I fondled her breast with tongue and hand. I showed her that I don’t need her pussy to make her cum, she would be a slave to me, and she was my whore. She grimaced in pleasant cramping as her cervix pounded against her, forcing her cum to the opening, preparing her to be fucked. She quivered in my arms and twisted the top of the bench around her, riding it for lack of penetration. As she came to the bottom of her climax, she sighed as the tension released and her fantasies fulfilled. Before she could gain the composure to reciprocate, I slid my hands to her legs. Her shorts did her little good, riding high into her ass, and higher now as I pulled her legs up to my shoulders.

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   Her thin, long, golden legs made me burn from my throat down, a knot that excited me almost uncontrollably. I moved my hands up and down each leg in unison, making sure to test each spot for some of her magic buttons. As the time passed so slow as to drive me wild, I would savory her another time. I split her at the middle pushing her legs to her chest, bending her now in the opposite position of her saturating rainbow. I moved close to her pussy, hidden by a thin, tight layer of denim. I would tear them from her if she were not so willing. Her musk was subtle, coupled with a hint of her cologne, which no doubt she applies to the top of her bikini line for a seductive trail to her pot. I teased her, fondling the outside of her shorts, spanking at her vagina. She squeaked when I spanked her pussy, a shock to an unfucked cunt, all while she moistened the inside of her pants. When she could take no more I ripped at her button with my teeth, jerking it from its catch. The force was enough to rip open her zipper half way revealing a solid teal g-string, barely covering her balded patch. In between her legs gleamed as light pierced through showing that her string had done nothing more than funnel her cum down her leg. If she was so inclined from the need to touch me, she would wake grandma when I cram her. As I moved to torture her with the removal of her last barriers, she grabbed me from the shoulder, pressing up to me, putting her face to my ear. When she was settled she spoke to me with a pain in her voice, she would break a tear, her voice cracked, horse from strain of not screaming, she spoke to me “Please, FUCK ME!”She begged, she would have nothing more, nothing less that a cock.

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   She had been taken to the brink; if she would die, she must meet the edge and thrust past it. She would have me; I would make her passion, her lust, burst. I would not torture her or myself anymore. I quickly slid her shorts down her legs, tossing them aside as they crested her feet. Next would be her g-string, moist in the middle. I wrapped my figure into them, making a tug at them and slid them down her leg. Before I tossed her panties, I positioned the patch cover, which had the most material, and wiped the excess fluid from her twat. A grand bulging V, she takes good care of her kitty, well groomed, good enough to eat. I longed to hear her moan as I tangled her clit around my tongue, pushing her button until she sprayed in ecstasy. Nevertheless, she pleaded with me to prod her, she wanted my manhood. Once again, I pushed her legs to her chest, making sure to push her knees together. Her twat poked through her legs, breaching for her ass as it curved around and disappeared. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever laid, she wanted me to boot, and I was a happier man!I placed the mushroom head of my cock on the tip of her vagina, angling up to lubricate the bottom of my swollen monster, throbbing with my heart, excited by the prospect of diving in her fish hole. As the arousal reached into her, I quickly slid my cock down to her tunnel. Without a hint of imminent danger, I rammed my cock into her, tearing at her pussy well lubricated but shocking.

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   She thrived on the thrust, taking in my cock as she savored the sin of her pleasure. She gushed around me, flooding out soaking my cock with hours of wet. I stayed deep in her, forcing into her harder, deeper. The back of her vagina pressed against me as her cervix slid down my cock to accommodate my capacity. When she began to release from the strain of the pressure I pulled from her and slammed into her again. Quick, hard, and fast, she wailed in pleasure as her cunt would not stop throbbing around me. She banged against the wall, each hit to the head harder than before. She only pushed back harder, screaming for me to cum inside her. Splashing into her while she massaged her clit into more powerful raptures. Soon her lust couldn’t be contained and she pressed against the wall behind her, sliding down my cock tearing at herself. Her moans pierced the garage as she pushed enough to make the bench creak with each thrust. She burst on me, thousands of quick throbs around me. Banging the length from my rod, as she subsided around me, I began to build up inside her. Quick, deep thrusts, I was cumming. As I was about to burst she pulled up and rammed her cunt onto me.

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   I spilled into her, stunned by the grip of her. She slid up and down banging the cum from my rod, creaming her insides the more she rode. When I regained control of myself, I hunched into her. She lay back, savoring her congecal afternoon. I loved her more now; the more I tried not to make her my obsession the more I failed to be happy. Maybe life was going to change, for the better, for worse, who knows. What I do know is I must find a way to keep Stacy, she is mine. To have her is my madness; not having her is my madness. .



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