My Lucky Tuesday.


Topic: My Lucky Tuesday  Note : This story is completely fictional!
Hai reders here is another super incest read and cum with your nasty thoughts. Call it luck, fate or destiny, but I never thought that the huge headache that forced me to come home from college unexpectedly one lucky Tuesday afternoon last fall, would be the cause of such thankfulness for me. But it was this throbbing behind my eyes that caused me to be in just the right place at just the right time. Yes it my lucky day if Iam not returned that Tuesday I can’t feel this heaven feels in my life really I am very lucky thanks for my headache and that incident. Read my lucky day experiencesI went up to my room and pulled the thick curtains so that no light shone in from outside and lay on my bed and tried to go to sleep because the civier headache splited my head. The house was totally empty. It was about one in the afternoon and Dad was working a day shift this week and Mom wouldn"t be home until about three o"clock. I must have drifted off because the next thing I remember is being woken by the sound of voices from downstairs. My blurred eyes told me that my bedside clock was showing 4. 10 pm. I recognized one voice as that of my own Mom"s but couldn"t recollect to whom the male voice belonged but it is familiar to my ear, although I was sure I had heard it before. As my senses came back to normal, it suddenly hit me who it was with Mom in the living room. It was her own Dad, Edwards; my Grandfather. Grandad in our house, now that was a big surprise. The story I had managed to pick up from whispered conversations between family members over the past six years, was that Mom had caught her Dad coming out of the widow"s house next door to where Grandad and Grandma lived. He was doing up his trouser zip at the time and it was clear to Mom what he had been up to.

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   Mom had no hesitation in telling Grandma what she had seen. A great row developed, after which Grandad was thrown out of his house. A messy divorce followed and he had been an outcast ever since as far as the family was concerned. So to hear his voice downstairs after all this time came as something of a shock. I bore no ill will towards Grandad. I was too young at the time to know what was happening, and now that I was older, adultery seemed to be commonplace and almost acceptable. So I got up and decided to go down and say hello to the old geezer. I opened my bedroom door and stepped out onto the landing, but what I heard from the living room made me freeze in my tracks. Grandad"s voice was raised. Of course, Mom had assumed the house was empty, so she had no need to ask him to speak lower. They were clearly having an argument and then I heard Grandad say that people in glass houses shouldn"t throw stones. I was curious as to what he meant and from Mom"s question, I realized that she was too. "Have a look at these photos", I heard him say to Mom. There followed about two minutes of silence, which was finally broken by Grandad"s bitter, yet triumphant voice. "It"s amazing what a cab driver sees at two in the a.

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  m. I was sure pleased I had my camera that night. I think you"ll agree, Susan, the one where you"re being fucked from behind, and the blow job shot for that matter, are pretty good in terms of clarity. " He went on to say that it had been worth the wait because now it was his turn to ruin her marriage. Clearly, he had just shown Mom photographs of her with another guy. I remembered she had gone out dressed to the nines last Thursday, while Dad was working a night shift. I must say that to hear of my own Mom"s infidelity like this came as a bit of a shock. I crouched lower to try to listen to how the conversation developed. Grandad went on to say that he"d post a photo to Dad every day until he heard through the grapevine that they had split up. He said that even if she came clean and told Dad the truth, once he saw the evidence she would never be able to hold the marriage together. From where I stood, I had to agree. It certainly looked as though my cozy little family unit was about to be torn apart. What I heard next shocked me even more. "Of course, there is an alternative", began Grandad, "there always is". "What would that be?" Mom asked.

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   "Well, since that day when you changed my life forever, I haven"t been with a woman. My hand has been my only friend. The only way you get to keep your marriage intact, Daughter dear, is to become your loving Dad"s sex slave". I couldn"t believe what I was hearing. Grandad was actually trying to blackmail his own daughter, my Mom, into having sex with him her own father own flesh asking to broke their hidden fence. Mom couldn"t believe it either and told him to get the hell out. Grandad came out of the living room and walked towards the front door. I leaned back further into the shadows so as not to be seen. "No matter", he said, "either way I win. But it was worth a try. See you in the divorce court Susan. It"ll be me on the front row"Grandad put his hand on the door handle and turned to open it. "Wait, Dad". Mom said as she came into view in the hallway. "What will I have to do?" "Everything and anything I want you to do.

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   That"s the idea of being a slave". Grandad replied. He went on to tell her that he"d use her once every two weeks when Dad was on night shift. She was to make certain that I was out for a couple of hours on the evening that had been arranged. He told Mom that this would be an indefinite arrangement until he couldn"t get it up anymore or he died. There was silence for a few seconds and then I heard Mom agree to her Dad"s demands, defeated and resigned to a life as his sex slave. "Next Friday evening, eight o"clock", Grandad ordered, "Make sure you"re alone for a couple of hours. Hold ups and high heels, nothing else. OK?" "OK", Mom weakly replied. Grandad left and I crept back into my room. Fortunately, Mom went out. When she came back, I was in the kitchen acting as if I"d just gotten home from college. Mom was quiet that night and kept looking at Dad the way you look at someone close that you haven"t seen in ages; almost hoping that by staring hard enough, you can lock them up in your thoughts forever. I know I should have felt angry for what Grandad was forcing Mom to become, but all I felt was arousal. Mom was only forty three years old and a real looker.

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   Long blond hair, great pouty lips, an hour glass figure, slim legs and all packaged into a five foot four inch frame. I went to bed and jerked off with the thought of Mom as my slave. Next day, I knew what I had to do. I"ve got a friend in the natural history wing of the college, and I told him that I had a foxes den in my back yard. I asked if I could borrow any kind of filming equipment for a while. He was delighted in my sudden interest in wildlife and said that I could use some of the sophisticated, state of the art hardware owned by the college for a couple of weeks. I couldn"t believe my luck. The following Friday came. Dad"s night shift meant that he wouldn"t be leaving the house until about four o"clock, just about when I got home. Mom works late on Fridays and that would give me about an hour alone in the house to get my act together. I had decided to plant a camera in Mom"s bedroom in the hope that that is where she and Grandad would make out. If I could get them on film, then not only would I have a chance to blackmail Mom as well, but I might just get free cab rides when I liked too. Dad had already left for work when I got home so I set about my business. I took the camera into Mom"s bedroom and looked for a good place to put it. The camera itself was housed in a small black wedge shaped box, about three inches across at its widest point.

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   I placed it on the dressing table underneath Mom"s jewelry box. I was pretty sure that she wouldn"t see it there and the dressing table was bang in the centre of the wall opposite the bed. The cable was the only problem. I draped it behind the dresser and managed to tuck it under the edges of the carpet around the room to the door. I did the same on the landing and threw it into my room, which was next door. The only part that was visible was across the threshold of Mom"s bedroom. But the cable was the same color as the wooden board and I was pretty certain that it wouldn"t be spotted. I plugged the other end of the camera cable into the back of my VCR and switched on the TV. Wow! I couldn"t believe my eyes. The resolution of the image was as good as a normal television channel and I could pan the camera so that it covered the whole room. I placed a blank cassette into the video and went downstairs. Mom came in just after five. Every day that week she had asked me if I was going out on Friday as I usually did. She asked me again and I confirmed that I wouldn"t be back till after eleven that night. Mom seemed jittery, but who could blame her?Around seven o"clock I said goodbye to Mom and left the house.

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   I walked around the corner to where I could see her bathroom window. When the light came on, I knew I had about five minutes to sneak back into the house and up to my room. I made not a sound as I tiptoed up the stairs and passed Mom"s room. I could still hear the shower on and knew that she wouldn"t hear me anyway. Once in my own room, I pulled the curtains and placed a towel at the bottom of the door to stop any light from the TV shining onto the landing. I was ready. At seven fifty five, I turned on the TV and put on the headphones that came with the equipment from college. Mom was walking around the room making sure everything was neat. She was wearing a knee length black robe and I could see that she had put on sheer black hold ups and four inch black patent pumps, as ordered. Suddenly she made for the door as the front door bell rang. As she left the room I took of my headphones so that I could hear her greet Grandad. Grandad was the first to speak as Mom opened the front door. "Hello Susan, I"ve brought a friend with me. I hope you don"t mind a little three way fun?" Mom asked Grandad and whoever was with him to come in. Grandad said he was keen to get on with things and ordered Mom upstairs just as I hoped he would.

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   As the three sets of footsteps came nearer, I heard Grandad tell Mom that he hoped she was not wearing anything else under that robe, for her sake. I put my headphones back on and took my spot in front of the tube. At last the bedroom door opened. Mom walked in and went to the far side of the room. I panned across back to the door just as Grandad walked in. I had seen photos of him but I hadn"t really expected him to look as old as he did now. But I guessed he must be pushing sixty five. The other man came out of the shadows on the landing into the room encouraged by Grandad. When I saw him, I realised just how much Grandad hated my Mom. He must have been about six two or three, skinny as a rake, wearing a tattered old overcoat and torn trousers with no socks and a pair of battered old jogging shoes and was so grimy that it was hard to tell the colour of his skin. Not that there was that much on show. He had a long, tangled dirty beard and moustache, yet was almost bald. "You"ll have to forgive the appearance of my friend here, Susan. You don"t get much chance to bathe living out on the streets. But he"ll make up for it with his keeness for you.

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   You see, he"s like me, he hasn"t had a woman for years either. " Grandad turned to the hobo and said, "Go git her boy, she"s all yours" The man stepped slowly towards Mom. I panned the camera to get them both in shot and made sure the tape was rolling. Mom moved back but eventually was blocked by the wall. As the dirty tramp got closer, he took off his overcoat and threw it on the floor. That was followed by his shirt, revealing a dirty, grime covered torso underneath. From out of shot I heard Grandad tell Mom that she should show her guest some more hospitality and ordered her to take off her robe. Mom had little choice but to obey. The vagrant stood still and licked his lips as Mom undid the tie that held her robe together. It parted at the front, and I saw the tramp start to rub the bulge in his soiled trousers. Then it was off, and Mom stood naked in front of them wearing only her hold ups and heels. The tramp"s mouth parted, revealing six or seven blackened, rotten teeth. He lunged at Mom. She cringed as his mouth found hers and with her head in a vice made from his hands, she twisted in vain to escape his fat, slobbering lips. My dick was hard as rock as I watched this human excrement ravish my own Mom.

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   He moved his hands all over her breasts, before picking her up and throwing her on the bed. He stood over her as she lay helpless, and undid the piece of string that he used as a belt. His trousers fell around his ankles revealing his long, thin erection. Mom closed her eyes as he took hold of her high heeled shoes and spread her legs wide. He positioned his dick at the entrance to her pussy and stabbed it into her. Mom gasped as his first thrust filled her up. The hobo fell on top of her and as he pumped furiously at Mom"s snatch, the contrast between her clean white skin and his sweaty, grimy body made me almost cum in my pants. His long fingernails dug into her boobs and he tweaked her nipples until she cried. Then he bent his head down to her face and began to slobber all over her again. His ass moved quickly up and down as his dick, piston like, continued its glistening travels in and out of my Mom"s love box. Suddenly, Grandad appeared in shot, with his dick also in a state of high arousal. He climbed on to the bed next to Mom"s face and told the vagrant to give him some room. Grandad lifted Mom"s head onto his knees and twisted it so that she faced him. "Suck me off, Daughter", he commanded. Mom opened her mouth and her Father slipped his meat inside.


   Keeping his body still, Grandad took hold of the sides of Mom"s head and moved it to and fro along his shaft. Her face was now turned away from the camera, but small things indicated to me that she was beginning to enjoy this; the way she began to clench the bed sheet with her fist, her hips moving to meet the vagrant"s incoming thrusts, and the soft groans that came from her throat as Grandad fucked her mouth, all gave her away. I couldn"t stand it any longer and I took my dick out and began to pull myself off. Mom was covered in a glistening sheen of perspiration now. And because of this, some of the grime had transferred itself from the hobo"s skin onto hers. She looked as filthy as he did. And I could see the dirt on Mom"s body wherever his hands had touched her. Eventually, the hobo"s face became contorted and I knew he was near to emptying his load. His nails had made runs in Mom"s hold ups as his body reached a climax. With a roar he pulled out of Mom and quickly moved up to straddle her breasts. He pulled quickly at his throbbing penis and at last he shot pints of hot, white muck over Mom"s face and hair. Her left hand went to the tramp"s balls and she gave them a good squeeze and I knew for certain that she was now enjoying her role as her Father"s sex slave. Seeing the hobo cum over Mom had the same effect on both my Grandad and me. But where he got to empty himself down Mom"s inviting throat, my load went over the table that the TV was resting upon. Both men stood up to get dressed, leaving Mom lying shagged out on the bed.

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   Grandad had made certain that any of the vagrant"s juices still covering Mom"s face was scooped up and put into her mouth. As he left, he assured Mom that in two weeks" time it would just be him and her, and that he would make sure that the hobo didn"t know where she lived by blindfolding him on the way back as he had done on the way in. I heard them close the front door and Mom dragged herself into her bathroom. That gave me the opportunity to get out of the house and to return after eleven as expected. Mom wasn"t up when I returned and the lights were out in her room so I assumed she had gone to sleep. I knew that I could retrieve the camera the next day and no one would be the wiser.