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Wendsday night, I had just finished my homework from school when Jen came in. I was sitting in the chair, watching TV, I think it was Highlander, when a thought popped into my head. Here I was getting older, having wet dreams, sixteen years old, and never had sex. Wasn't really taught about the "birds and the bees", so didn't know what was happening till I met a friend of mine. Now this guy, he was like a stud. He would have girls coming over, just to fuck. I learned how to have sex from watching his pornos while he was in the room fucking. Like I said earlier, we never fucked, just played around, basically since I didn't know what to do. Now, after watching the pornos, I need what to do. Whether I could do it good or not, I don't know, but I knew what to do. Hell, Jen had let me do other stuff to her, so why wouldn't she let me actually fuck her. I decided to give it a shot. I was sitting in the chair, and Jen was on the couch, watching TV with me. She really wasn't a bad looking girl either. She had long beautiful blonde hair, and her breasts were budding pretty good. I remembered licking on them a few years ago, but then they were just about only nipples.

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   I got up and went to the bathroom, came back in, and sat next to her on the couch. "Jen, you know how we used to mess around in Alabama?" I asked her. "Yea, that was fun, wasn't it," she replied. "You ever think about that stuff. ""Sure, I mean, I enjoyed it, it made me feel good. ""You wanna do it again"There came the look I was hoping I wouldn't get. The look of uncertainty. She just looked at me like she wasn't sure she should. "Jon, we've gotten older, and well, we probablys shouldn't do it. ""Just one more time, for old times sake. "As she sat there contimplating her decision, I decided to give her a little push into the positive, well, positive for me. I leaned over and gave her a light kiss on her lips. I felt her intake of breath since I surprised her, but she soon succumbed to the kiss, and started kissing me back. I decided to press my luck even further, I opened my lips, and pushed my tongue out. I licked my tongue around on her lips, just a little brush of the tongue.

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   She opened her mouth, and invited my tongue into hers. I started massaging her tongue with mine, at the same time, I took my hand, and put it on the side of her head. We kisssed this way for what felt like forever, but was actually just a couple of seconds. I broke the kiss, stood up, grabbed her hand, and pulled her up off the couch. I led her by the hand to the bedroom. When we got into the bedroom, I pulled her body against mine, and kissed her again. As we were kissing, I lowered her body onto the bed. I climbed on top of her, and got between her legs. I felt my cock grow until it was pressing against my pants. The pain of a hard on inside pants was just too much for me, so I broke the kiss and pulled off my pants. Jen, seeing what I was doing, sat up, and removed the little tank top she was wearing. There, in front of me, were her perfect little titts, just sticking out. I couldn't help myself, so I lowered my head to her breast and took the tip of it into my mouth. Her sharp intake of breath let me know that she was enjoying this as much as I. While I was lightly nibbling on her nipple, I took my and slid it down her stomach.

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   Jen had on shorts, so it was easy getting by the waisteband and to her pussy. I took my middle finger, and started to massage her clit. She was pushing her hips up against my hand to get me to grind her clit harder. She had one hand in my hair, and with the other, she reached down and started stroking my cock. She pulled my head away from her tit, and looked at me, breathing hard. "Jon, you remember how you licked me down there?""Yea, you want me to do it?""Please, that felt so good. "So, Jen climbed up on the bed further, and I grabbed her shorts, and pulled them down. Not wanting to waste anytime, I pulled her panties down with her shorts. I lowered my head down to her pussy, in just inhaled her aroma. I stuck my tongue out, and licked along her slit. She pushed her hips up to meet my tongue as I reached her clit. I licked circles around her clit, and took my index finger, and slowly pushed it into her wet pussy. She moaned, and started breathing even faster. I knew she was close. I started to attack her clit with even more gusto.

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   I sucked her clit in between my teeth, and lightly nibbled on it. That was it, that caused her orgasm, thus causing pussy juices to squirt out. I felt it on my fingers, and decided I wanted it in my mouth. I moved my finger, and replaced it with my tongue. She grabbed the bedsheets with her fingers so tight, her knuckles turned white, squirming from having my tongue inside her pussy. Her taste was just so intoxicating, I just lapped all of it up. After she caught her breath, I climbed ontop of her, and started rubbing her pussy with my cock. "Jon, what are you doing?" she asked. "Taking things a step further. Trust me, it'll be fun. "I placed my cock at the opening of her pussy, and slowly slid it in.
    She gasped, and jumped back. "It hurts, please, don't do that" she cryed. "It'll only hurt for a little while, I promise. "I pushed my cock back inside of her, and she inhaled loudly, and held her breath as I pushed in.

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       I got a couple of inches inside, and felt resistance. Now, I didn't know what it was, so I pulled out, and pushed myself inside her even harder. I felt the resistance, which I later learned was her virginity, and suddenly felt it gone. I felt an increase in wetness, and pushed my cock into her tight pussy. I couldn't get all the way in, but decided it was time to let her get used to having my cock inside her. She laid there for a couple of minutes with my cock inside her, then started slowly moving her hips. I took this as an incentive, so I started pumping my cock insider her pussy, feeling her tight pussy walls wrapped around my cock. Being as this was my first time, I quickly felt my cum rising inside me, ready to explode. Watching pornos, I learned a way to postpone is to stop, pull out, and switch positions. I pulled my cock out of her pussy, and noticed blood on it. "Jen, are you ok?" I asked her. "Yea, that felt good, why did you stop""I want you on top" I repliedI laid down on the bed, and Jen straddled me. I grabbed my cock, and pointed it up at her, and she slowly lowered herself onto my cock. I felt her pussy sliding over my cock, and looked at her face. A mixture of pain and pleasure was what I saw.

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       I had seen porno guys fucking a woman hard, so I decided I would do it. Hell, the women enjoyed it in the movies. After Jen had my cock all the way inside her, I pulled her down, and started kissing her. I pushed my cock all the way inside her I could get, and started ramming my cock in and out of her pussy fast and hard. Jen started crying out, in pleasure and pain, and I knew I couldn't last much longer. The tightness of her pussy and being my first time was too much for me, so I rolled her back underneath me, and started slamming my cock into her pussy. I was fucking her so hard that she was sliding across the bed. Finally, unable to hold out any longer, I pulled out and did what I had seen porno stars do, I went to her head, grabbed her hair, told her to open her mouth, and came all over her face, even got lucky to get some into her mouth. After I finished cumming, we just laid there for a few minutes, me rubbing her titts, her kissing my chest. Jen looked up at me, and asked "Jon, can we do this again?""Of course we can Jen," I replied. Damn straight, I thought, but didn't say. .