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Tom is a Horny 18 year old who enjoys watching porn whenever he has time to. He is 5'8 175lbs Black Hair and Light Brown Eyes with a lightly tanned skin-tone. He has a little sister named Melanie who is a 18 year old cheerleader in High School. She is a 5'5 Slim, Black Hair, Black Eyed, Creamy white skin, attractive young lady. Tom and Melanie gets along just fine, they dont mind keeping eachother company when needed. Although devoloping an intimate relationship with his sister was not even concidered, Tom's sexual desire changed all night, Tom and Melanie were left home alone. Their parents went to Los Angeles to visit some friends. Tom and Melanie did the usual thing: Talking on the Phone, Watching TV, Playing Videogames and so on. As Tom was watching TV in the living room, he noticed that Melanie has walked out of her room and into the restroom. Tom heard the sound of water from the shower open. Thinking about his sister showering excites Tom, the thought of that curvy creamy white body of Melanie getting all wet forces Tom's 7 incher to erect in full length. Several minutes have past and Melanie walks out of the shower. Tom watches his younger sister walk out wrapped around in a white towel. She looked so sexy, those legs of hers arent bad at all either. Tom's mind automatically imagined how she would look without the towel and so one thing pops in his head. He Decides to Barge in and act like he didnt know she just walked out of the shower.

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  As Tom got off the couch and walked right in front of Melanie's room, he firmly places his hand on the door knob, he pauses for several seconds and opens the door. "Oh My GOd! TOM!"Tom just stood there as he he stared at her sister's petite body. Her nipples were erect and to his amazement, she shaves!"Oh! ummm. . . . I need. . . . paper for Homework. . . . " Tom says as he exagerates.

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  "Tom! we're on Vacation! there is NO school for a month!" Melanie screams at him as she trys to cover herself up. Oh crap, looks like Tom is in big trouble. His mind was trying to think of something better to say. . . . "can we have sex!?"Stupid Tom! THINK before you TALK!"Excuse Me?!" Melanie replys in amazement. "I Said. . . . can we have sex. . . ?"Tom's whole body quivers as he thinks about how stupid he really is.

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  Melanie's face turns from confused to a warm smile. "Well. . . i guess. . . . I have been in a horny mood all day anyway. . . . "After hearing those words. . .

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  . . TOM's excitement took over as his penis shapeshifts into a rock hard snake monster. "Can you lay down for me, please?" Tom Nervously asks. Melanie agrees as her still-wet body crawls ontop of the bed, exposing her nice round ass to Tom's eyes. She didnt lay down at all, but she stayed on all fours, then all of a sudden, she spreads her legs apart, exposing her young pussy to her older brother. "what are you waiting for? come get me. . . ?" Melanie says in a taunting voice. . . Tom undresses revealing that rock-hrad snake monster of his and stood right behind Melanie.
    Melanie moved her whole body torwards Tom so that her ass is "real" close to the head of his dick. Tom could feel the warmth of his younger sister's pussy radiating with his dick.

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      Without hesitation, Tom grabbed Melanie's hips and pulled her closer towards him as he gets closer to her too. The head of his dick is already within his sister's pussy. "Hurry the hell up, Tom! your so god damn slow. . . " Melanie screams with impatiently. "Awright then. . . hold your horses!" Tom replied back. Tom slides his whole dick into Melanie's warm, n wet pussy. He caint believe it! she is not a virgin! but the feeling of it sent a rush of plessure and excitement throughout his body, So as a reaction, he started pumping his younger sister slowly. He could hear his little sister making soft sounds with her voice as she clutches the bed spread. Malanie, enjoying the sex with her brother, arches her back making her ass cheechs spread apart some how. Her older brother notices her asshole was exposed, that tight little pink hole that he would "Love" to fuck.

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      He ignores it, and continues fuckin his sister doggy style. Tom started pumping his dick into her alot faster as his sister begins to make louder moans, clutching her own B Cup breast, trying to hold them still from swinging back and forth. "Fuck me harder! Brother!"Tom feels that his seeds are about to spill. He slides his dick out of his sister's wet pussy and begins sliding it into her tight asshole. Slowly it goes in, his sister screams in pain as this happens. So with one hard push, Tom's dick went all the way in. Melanie screams louder in pain and plessure. Tom begins pumping her tight hole as hard as he can, his sister enjoying every bit of it. Melanie reaches down with one hand so that she could rub that sweet clit of hers as her bro continues to fuck her pooper. Tom's plessure begins to climax and is about to blow his load into his sister's young ass. To Be Continued, im tired of writing this story, ill continue tommorow. . . maybe. .

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