my little sister


As i lay there thinking about aubri, her soft skin and sexual complextion, i started to unzip my pants. i thought to the amazing evening we had at the late. her skin glowing with the moonlight in her hair. her cloths sliping off her beautiful body. i started to pul my dick out and decided to just undress. no one was home. i could remiess over the sex last night by myself.
aubri was a girl that i had wanted for ever. now that i was leaving after graduation. i think she decided i couldnt hurt to have in her. we had spent the night down at the lake. it started as a swim. the skinny dipping. the the next 3 or so hours of amazing sex. god she knew what she was doing.
as i thought about all this i finished stripping down.

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   i laid in my bed and started to rub myself. thinking of the things auri had done to my body the night b4. it had been sooo amazing.
i started really getting into my self pleasure and evidently didnt hear the door to my room open. i was breathing hard and all of the sudden i heard someone elses breathing. my eyes shot open. and there stood my little sister. stairing at my hard cock in  my hand. the i looked doen and saw her hand in her pants "what the hell!?" i screamed at her. she was supposed to be with the rest of the family on a 5 day trip to canada, i opted not to go at the last minute,seeing as i was leaving next week for school.
my sisters eyes were wide open now that she knew that i caught her. "i. . i. .

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  . i. . . . i decided not to go so i could spend ime with you. i came back in to suprise you. and you were. . . . . . "
still shocked i looked at her hand in her pants and noticed how wet she was down there.
"listen zoe.

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   i need a minute to my self. why dont you go hop in the shower and clean up okay? i need to get dressed and then we can talk about what you just saw. "
"okay jack im sorry. "
"its okay" i told her and watched her take her dripping hand from her pants and walk out of my room to the bathroom across the hall. she closed the door, but not all the way and was able to see her get undressed and could see her loving young ass and when she turned around her hairles pussy and little mounds on her chest. my cock jumped a little when i saw this and suddenly got an idea. still butt naked i hoped out of bed and walked into the bathroom "jack" my sister yelled "what r u doing??"
"you saw me now i want to see you" i said.
she looked ashamed
 good i thought
"jack, no i dont want to. im sorry i saw you now lets forget about it. please. "
"no" i said. primal sexual rage starting to flow through my veins. my dick grew harder by the second.
"you saw me jacking off. i could tell mom and dad.

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   they would be so mad and probably send you away for it it would tare them apart" i told her
i could see tears start swelling up in her eyes. i walked closer the tip of my dick now less then and inch from herchest. im going to love this i thot to myself.
"jack no please dont tell please please please. i'll do anything. "
"anything? well. get on your knees you little bitch and grab my dick and start rubbin"
"jack no please not that i didnt mean that"
she dropped to her knees tears streaming down her face her naked body glissening from the steam the shower was causing in the room
"do it you little whore do it". she grabbed my dick and it jumped. her little hands her soooooo warm and made my dick look bigger then ever. now lick it i said, she slowly put her head toward it and licked the tip ever to lightly jumping back when her toung made contact with my now almost purple member. that did it, grabbed her head and thrust my cock in her mouth, she tried to pullback but i had her now. she gagged as it went all the way in and i almost exploded when i felt the tight back of her throat. im going to have so much fun the week i thought to my self. i fucked my little sisters mouth for a few minutes. tears freely falling from her face as i thrust in and out.

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   her toung trying to push my cock out only enhansed the pleaseure. i picked her up now and walked her back to my room, still with her mouth around my dick. i threw her on my bed and sread her out . "shut up and stay qiuet" i told her and spread her legs. looking at her little virgin pussy i went to reach for a rubber in my nightstand then thought again
"have you had a period" 
"what?" she muffled between her sobs
"a period you little bitch. have you bleed out your hole.
"no" she sobbed.
 this is good. oh so very good i thought to my self. i jumped up on her and started to aim my dick into her . the tip touched the lips and she jumped back on the bed. i grabbed her and slapped her across the face. you move again and it'll be worse i told her.
she was "sobbing now please please please please please no jack. im sorry.

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    i grabbed her and aimed again. the tip touched and i ramed it in all the way. fealing the tightness around my cock and feeing the hymen break she screamed oh so loud then. i knew it hurt her. alot.
    "think twise b4 moving now wont you?" i started to thrust in and out in and out she sobbed and sobbed and sobbed. this is so much better then aubri i thought oh so much better. i felt myballs tingle and knew i was about to cum. not wanting to do it in her this first time, i pulled out and slid her down so my knees were on her shoulders. her arms were flailing around thring to hit my.  unsuccefuly. i grabbed the back of her head and slammed it up to my dick. her mouth stade shut. i grabbed her jaw with my other hand and pulled it down and jammed my cock into her. thrusting twice i felt myself going.

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       squirt after squirt flew out of me in to her mouth. my hot cum started to leak out of her mouth and her eyes closed. i pulled out and one last squirt flew fom the tip and hit her left eye. it was amazing. i jumped up and grabbed her now almost limp body she had no strength to fight my anymore. all she could to was cry i walked her in to the bahroom and laid her down in the tub.  i hopped in with her an started to clean her body she cried and asking my why. i told her if she told anyone that mom and dad would die. she said she wouldnt tell. i said good. then were going to have a great 5 days then and left her in the tub.
    to be continued. . . .

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      . . .