My Little Sister and Me


Our mother being a devorced  real estate saleswomen. . my sister Tina and I were home alone a lot! Almost everynight we had to make our own dinner and clean up the house. Since mom was at open houses and sales meetings all the time it felt like it was just Tina and me. I was 18 years old and Tina was 18 We were just normal brother and sister. She would piss me off and I would piss her off more. We would fight over who would cook, who would clean, who would walk the dog and on and on and on. Sometimes I would think we would kill each other with the fights she started!
We would get along too. We played video games, watched T. V. and just talked about school and stuff sometimes.
After begging our mom for months for HBO and Showtime on the cable box she finally caved in. After all, she would say, you guys help me alot. After a few days of watching our new movies at home we found ourselves up past our bedtime. Mom had gone out on a date after work and as usual we hung out at home.
Tina and I were on the couch and a movie called Midnight Delights started.

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   It looked stupid at first but holy smoke did things change. . . Young girls having sex with guys my dads age were all over the screen. Since Tina had her head on my lap laying down I knew I was in trouble as I started to get hard. I mean how could I not? If seeing hot sex on T. V. wasn't enough I had a "girl", yea my sister, but still she was a girl on my lap.
At that moment I noticed for the first time how pretty she was. Big brown eyes, pretty blondish brown hair and a great smile. Weird as it seemed at the time. . . for 18 years old the rest of her made me excited too!
Tine being as brash as usual picked her head up off my lap and looked down at my crotch. I was not only trying not to look in her eyes I was trying to get the remote to at least pretend like I should turn the show off.

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   She would shift her stare from me face to my growing hard on. Geeesh. . . Does it get any more embarrassing then that??? YES! It does.
I turned off the T. V. and finally looked down at Tina. She knew that what I had seen made get a hard on and she didn't pass up the chance to try and get me pissed.
She asked me if I had ever seen stuff like that on T. V. before. I told her no. I really hadn't. .

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  . Not even a playboy.
I told her that we shouldn't say anything to mom about that show because she would have the cable turned off if she knew we were seeing that kind of stuff.
She said she wouldn't but wanted to know if I was embarrassed about getting excited. I turned red and really didn't answer.
Tina asked me if my "dick" she called it, looked like the one on the show. I said not really. That it wasn't that big and I didn't have much hair there. She said what I was thinking. . . what I was hoping. . . "Joey.

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  . . can I see it? Just once"? I looked at her wanting to rip my shorts down. . . but before I could she kept on. . . "I swear I would never tell anyone"! "Pleeeeeeese"!!!
I said yes, of course, and we both went into the family room down stairs.
I pulled my shorts and underwear down kind of facing away from her. . . I was still red faced but way too excited to care! I knew Tina could see my butt. . but it was better than having my hard on jump out of my underwear right in her face.

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   Tina looked like it was a Christmas present or something. . . bobbing up and down on her feet her hands clasp together. . . I turned and talk about a deer in the head lights. . .
While she continued to looked I was thinking about how this was going to play out. I told her that I would be more comfortable about this if she would take off her night pants and panties too. You would think she would have put up a fight the way she is but without taking her eyes off my hard on she flipped her pajama bottoms and panties on the floor with out much effort.
I had to finish this I thought to myself no matter if she was my sister. . .

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   So what I kept telling myself. I figured this must happen with other sisters and brothers too. Right? All I had to do is get her to do what I saw the girl on the T. V. do. It looked easy!
I reached out and pulled her t-shirt off. She looked up at me and said "wow Joey"! It's bigger than I thought it would be. I couldn't stop it from throbing and jumping up and down. I took Tina over to the big pillows we had on the floor and I layed her down. She seemed to know what I was thinking and I figured she wanted to know what it was like too.  Both our heads were swirling. How did we end up like this. . . I kept thinking.

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   I didn't care! All I knew is that she wanted me to get on top of her and put my dick inside of her.  I moved on top of her she moved to a flat position on the pillows and moved her legs apart like the girl did in the movie.
"Like this"? Tine said. . . Yes Tina I think so I told her. She looked so calm. I was full of butterflies and knew I had the same feelings that I would when I rubbed myself at night.
I kissed her when I leaned down and she made that eewww face.
I thought thats what I was supposed to do but Tina didn't agree. As I touched her legs with mine and my hard on touched her inner thigh I lost it. I started to shoot off on her leg, thigh and pussy.
Tina looked up when she felt it hit her but she never moved away. She just watched it. She heard me grunting and jerking with each squirt.

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   After I stopped. . . She layed back down. She looked at me and said "Do you do it to me now"?  I got my shirt and wiped off her leg. Since I never went soft. . I got between her legs and rubbed the tip of my dick on her pussy. I could feel the slippery cum I accidentally shot there and that seemed to make it easy to slide in. As I went in her I couldn't believe that it would fit. I'm not very big. . I mean I'm 14! But when her skin moved and I saw where my dick was going it looked like a tiny hole. Tina was looking at me with a half smile half scared look. She put her arms around my neck and closed her eyes.

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   I knew she wanted me to keep going. I pushed harder and harder. . . It finally slipped past the tip and went in. Her whole body flinched! I Stopped! "NO"! Tina said. . . "Go Ahead"!  Thinking about the movie and what the older guy did. . . I pushed it in as far as it would go. She kept making a kind of a pained face. But. .

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  . I kept going! I pulled it back in a pumping fashion. Her hole was so small but I noticed she was getting more and more slippery inside. She pulled her legs a little closer together and looking at her eyes. . . I went for it!
I got on my hands and I went as fast and as far as I could! In and out, in and out! Faster and harder as we both kept grunting and making noises like we never had! All Tina did was grunt! Louder and louder. . . Everytime I would push it in hard she would grunt! When I pulled out her hole made a squish sound!
I was pumping so fast and hard I didn't realize I was getting ready to shoot off again! Tina was breathing hard and we were both really sweaty! Then it happened!
I felt the throbing like I had when I shoot off! I pushed it in as far as I could and Stopped! Tina looked up and almost stopped breathing. . She felt it! I was shooting off inside her. She started to move her hips back and forth. I couldn't do anything but contiune to squirt inside my little sister. In the middle of it all she hugged me very tight! I contiuned to shoot off and we just held each other until it stopped!
We didn't move.


   I don't think that either of us knew what to do or say now that we had done this. My dick got soft and kinda made a plop noise as it slipped out. I started to giggle at that and then so did Tina. We both looked down at ourselves and I know we both thought to ourselves. . . YUCK! What a mess! I stood up and I helped Tina up. We started to go to the downstairs bathroom to get a couple of towels when she squeeked! I looked down and saw the cum ploping on her foot and the floor. . "eeeeeewwwww"! Thats all she could say. All I could do is try not to laugh. . She really would have killed me!



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