My Little sister and I (Part 1)


It all began when my little sister and I were at my uncle’s house playing in the lake in the back of his house. She was only 18 and I was 18 at the time. She already had a gorgeous body and was wearing a small bikini. Her blond hair seemed to cover most of her upper chest and it would seem she wasn’t even wearing a bikini. At the end of the evening when my uncle and aunt went back inside we jumped on a blow up raft and drifted to a small boat house. The wind was beginning to pick up so we would hang in the water in the middle of the boat house to get cover from the wind. We were boar sitting on the raft facing each other with one leg hanging on each side of the raft into the water. Because the raft was weaker in the middle we started slowly moving closer to each other while we were talking.

Eventually her pussy and my cock were touching with only our bathing suits between us. I started to get a hard one and it was very difficult to hide. We lay back on our backs with her pussy and my dick still touching, when all of a sudden I felt her grinding her hips. I placed my hand slowly onto her swimsuit and started messaging her pussy. It did not take very long before she started grunting, so I moved the little piece of cloth cover her pussy and introduced my fingers. She was so very thigh and so very wet. That’s why t did not surprise me when a few minutes later she started cumming and the sounds that came out of her mouth would stay with me for the rest of my life. After she could breathe normally again she slipped my cock out of my swimsuit and started stroking it.

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   She did not know exactly what she was doing but it felt so good. I could not take it anymore and grabbed her feet out of the water and moved them over my legs, now she was sitting on my lap facing me.
    I grabbed her ass and picked her up while she was still holding my dick and positioned it under her. I slowly lowered her down and I could hear her gasp in my ear. When she finally was completely lowered onto my dick she had dug her teeth into my neck. This seemed to make me go made because I grabbed her by the ass and started moving her up and down onto my shaft. Every time she had an orgasm it seemed to get even tighter inside her pussy. However she was so wet my cock was slipping in and out without any problem. Finally I was ready and I could feel my balls contracting. I told her I feel I’m going to cum. Se grabbed my shoulders and slammed even harder onto m dick. This made me go over board and blow my entire load into her virgin pussy. She could feel the cum entering her body and the warmth spreading throughout the belly. This made her cum even harder trapping my dick in her now very thigh pussy. We kept sitting like that with my dick inside her pussy and out hands wrapped around each other.

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       After a couple of minutes we cover ourselves and swam back to shore. This was the first but definitely not the last encounter we will have.