My little Princess


 Her eyes soft like the light grey skies, petite at 5'2", 26C cups, and sandy brown hair with blonde streaks. She lay out on the beach reading, the straps of her white bikini curled beneath the fabric of the bikin, no tan lines. Boys all passing her stared with little pokers leading them the other direction, trying to grasp her attention with stupid comments and jackass things kids do. My daughter had class, her soft tanned little body was meant to tease, and cause jealous little twats her age to hate her.

At 18 going onto 18 this week, I couldn't help but notice her more, and good God, the more I noticed her the harder it was to look at her as my own daughter. She had a soft, plump little ass too. One night while my girlfriend was off at work, I jacked-off thinking of my daughters plump little ass bouncing against my hips. This isn't where I say she walks in hearing me moan her name or anything of the sort. The day it happened, the day I fucked my little girl, was the day my girlfriend left me for some old rich man.

Her birthday drops like a bomb, there in short black spandax shorts, and baby blue tank top she beamed at everyone hollaring surprise for her party. She ran towards me, her slender arms wrapping around me while she leaps up into my arms wrapping her legs around my hips. I try to keep myself from thinking of her crotch in line with mine but it's something sickly making me hard. She drops, sliding her body down mine and I draw her attention to the crowd.

Later that evening, I surprise my girlfriend by taking her from behind in the middle of the night with the lights off. She wriggles against my hard cock like most good girlfriends do, and thank God for those beautifully designed easy snap bra's. Never been good at the ones in the back, even when I'm looking directly at it with a flashlight.

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   I free her 38C breasts and roll her nipples around between my thumb and index while she pulls off her panties.

I pictured my daughters little body being held in my arms, her crotch against mine, wet, soft, and untouched. Sliding my dick into my girlfriends reasonably tight cunt and I bang her as I think of my daughter.


I muffled my girlfriends mouth with my hand, and as I continue fucking my girlfriend like crazy, my daughter doesn't wait for me to respond.

"I wanna go to Maxine's tonight. "
"It's too late. "
"Pleeeease, everyone else is going!" She whines.
"No. "

I kept control of my girlfriend until then, she freed herself and stopped me from humping her rump by digging her talons on each inner thigh. I had to hold that in, yeah, nails as long as my girlfriends digging into my thighs. It hurt and I couldn't hold the grunt in any longer.


My daughter rushed out of the room and outside where her friends had been waiting. Girlfriend and I got into an argument before I could hear the wheels spinning off, she was upset I was fucking her with my daughter in the door way and that it creeped her out or something.

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Yeah, can't blame her. Even I knew that was something low and uncontrolled. Oh and by the way, she didn't let me finish either, she left after things got heavy and name calling started. Name calling, hadn't done that since eighth grade.

Later that morning. 2AM, I sit in the livingroom trying to figure out what the fuck was wrong with me, I've been checking out my little girl, and jerking off while thinking her. A little scotch oughta take the edge off this heat. I get up, pour myself a glass, and before I can down that sucker the phone rings. Shit, I think to myself, probably the girlfriend begging for an apology.

"Daddy, can you come pick me up?" I heard my little girls heart breaking sobbing on the other line, I tried to ask what happened but she wouldn't answer. If cops didn't exist I would have sped all the way there, but fucking cops, don't realize my little girls world is shattered and I have to be there for her.

By the time I arrive, she's waiting on the door steps at her friends. Looked like some sort of party, I get out ready to throw punches at who ever hurt my baby. Then I realize she's angry, not hurt, she's glaring at me. What the fuck? Maybe she did hear me, or maybe her little twat friends heard me or saw me drooling over her one day.

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The ride home was silent, I feared her answer if I asked what was the matter, all of a sudden I'd been well aware of everything that surrounded me. Finally, before I park the car back in the garage, she starts crying again. Now stop being a jackass-father and ask her already! I told myself.

"Sweetie, what's going on?"

I put the car in park, and shut off the engine. She sobs harder so much her shoulders shudder, and now I'm worried I put the gloves away too soon. I should have went into her friends house and decked every son-of-a-bitch. I cradle her in my arms, and this goes on for a good twenty minutes before she's able to catch her breath.

"I saw your girlfriend sucking off Maxine's grandpa. " She murmurs into my neck.

The silence was deafening, and she continued "So I grabbed her by the hair and slammed her face on the floor. Everyone pulled me away before I could get a good swing at that fucking, gold-digging, bitches head. " The image stuck with me, my daughter, raging over my girlfriend (ex-girlfriend now) like that.

Later, after we got in, I downed the scotch and filled the glass, almost tempted to drink straight from the bottle. I'm fucked up. My daughter comes in with her little silk night gown, one I don't remember buying her at all.

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"Where'd you get that?"
"Tommy's dad bought it for me. "
"Tommy's dad?" Note to self: Knock Tommy's dad the fuck out.
"Yeah, he said it was supposed to be for his wife but it was too small. So he just gave it to me. "
"You wear this every night?"
"Well yeah, daddy, it's so hot these nights. I gotta. "
"Why don't you go put on some shorts. "
"They're wet, daddy. "

The world spun so fast I'm sure it tore me a new one.

"I was wearing them before I went to Maxine's. "
"Oh. . . "
"I. .

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  . "
"I could see what was going on when I was asking if I could go to Maxine's, daddy. Not everything, just, well, girlfriends tits bouncing around in what light I let in the room when I opened the door. "
"Don't bring that whore up again. "
"Sorry daddy. "
"Change into something else, then sweetie. "

She ignored my command, and saunters to the kitchen where I follow like a lost puppy. I could see her ass cheeks peeking out with each step she took, and God I have never gotten so hard, the moment I noticed the glistening on the bottom of one of her cheeks. I wanted to slam her into the nearest wall, lift up that little nightie and pound her harder than I ever could manage. But that's just my fucked up thinking.

It hadn't been until she knelt over the refridgerator, breaking off a stick of celary from the criper I rushed over and wrapped my arms around my little girls waste. Her body stifens, and she tries to wriggle away from me.

"Daddy! What are you doing?!"
"What does it feel like?"

She wriggled even more, planting her elbows on the bottom shelf of the fridge while her hips harden my cock even more. I use one hand to snap the straps of that slutty gown off each shoulder and yank the top down. I pressed her hips closer to the fridge and she dug out all the food on the bottom shelf trying to scurry away.

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"Daddy?! DADDYYYYY?!!!"

Her voice swallowed by the hollow of the cool fridge, and I pinned her down while cupping both her tits in my hand. Rolling her nipples gently between my fingers and pushing my body against her. I heard her sobbing, as I yanked off my belt and spanked her little ass with it playfully.


She sobbed with each little swat. I used one hand to pin her body on the shelf while sliding the round of my belt along the slit of her pussy, she knocked the shelf above her off it's hinges and I grabbed the shelf and tossed it away as well as the other ones. I yanked off my pants and boxers, my 8 3/4 inch cock bounced out from the rim brushing against her little ass.

"What is that?!"

She shouted, and I slid the head of my cock along the crease of her ass. She wriggled and softly sobbed. I'd say the moment to turn back had passed long ago, not that I intended to. My daughters hot, slutty, little body is right in front of me, wet and ready to be fucked. I slid my dick between the lips of her cunt and circled at her entrance. Her voice is muffled by her arms I think, and I start playing even more. Sliding my dick up and down her little pussy.

She's getting wet, so wet that when I went to circle at her fuck-hole again, I nearly slid inside her. She moaned softly.

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"You like this don't you? Daddy playing his dick on your wet little pussy, huh?"
"Mmph phew pho! MMMMMMHMMM. "

I shuddered hearing the pleasure in her tones, shit I damn near came at the sounds she made while grinding her little ass against my hips.

"Don't fucking mumble, baby girl, I wanna hear you. "
"It feels so good, I'm getting so wet, daddy. "

She said while lifting her face from her arms.

"Mmph, Daddy, do that thing again with your fingers on my titties. "
"Your bitty titties. "
"Ugh, daddy, your supposed to say they're big for my age. "

She complained, I tried to over look it but she lead on that she'd been planning this by saying that. Of coarse she wouldn't! My little girl? Seducing me? Uh, uh, she was 18 and a virgin! She wouldn't even think it. I'm the sick fuck who's been jerking off while thinking about her.

"I want your cock daddy, please, please, pleeeease put it in me already. "

I didn't have to be told twice, but as I slid inside her, she moaned, the pleasure sent ripples of excitement down my spine. Her tight little pussy, juicy enough for me to slide in without force. She moved her hips around my cock and pushed her ass against me. shemale germany rendez vous escort sweetest pussies escots ascort dubai shemale escorts 


"Now, where. Where'd, oh! Where'd you learn to do a thing like that?"

Bless those slutty singers on MTV for showing my daughter how to fuck me like this, I started moving with her.
    Keeping pace with her little wriggling body. I felt the tight walls of her pussy contract and release around my cock with each thrust. She pushed back so hard we fell back, my ass sitting in some veggies that rolled around from the shelves. She planted her legs open so wide I thought she'd slit in half. We sat in front of the fridge fucking like this, my daughters body rising and dropping on my dick so hard her voice jolts with each pound.

    "Oh-ho-oh-ugh-baby, what're you doing to me?"

    She was in a crouching position while she pulled my knees up and used them for support while bouncing up and down my cock. Her voice filled the whole house with her moaning, and so did the sounds of our bodies meeting. Clapping in a rythem, with the sounds of her wet pussy imprisoning my cock. The blonde of her hair ripples and fall amongst the brown so much it's like an ocean storm of blonde hair waves. She's practically screaming as she grunts.


    She stops and grinds her hips slowly and I spank her ass. She coos, and so I do it some more. Not even a thought going through my mind yet of how she learned all this.

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    She stops now, gets off me and turned around and for the first time, I saw the pink of her hard nipples. The fullness of her tits melted me. I bring her down by the shoulders and plant my face between either tit.

    "Remember Mr. Gobblehead?" She asks.

    She giggled while she shook, her tits slapping against the sides of my face. Mr. Gobblehead is a game we used to play, I'd gobble her tummy while she shook around giggling. I growled and gobbled up her tittes, licking and pushing them against my cheeks. I pushed them up and squeezed them before letting them drop and jiggle around. Doing this for awhile, she slides my dick inside her with a soft moan she starts grinding against me.

    She goes slow, letting me feast on her tits, and I was sure she was getting tired but just as I'd bit a little too hard on one nipple she started moving faster. I could see between our hips, her pussy being impaled each time she dropped on me. She moved up and pushed her tits into my face again, then wrapped her arms around my shoulders while she fucked me. Her voice hard and echoing through the house.

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    She started panting hard, and whispering a bunch of things that involved the words, daddy, pussy, hard, cock, and good girl. Well that's all I could make out because as she spoke, they were all chained together, how fast she was whispering and moaning. I could easily make out what she wanted next, she sat up, and pushed her hair back.

    "Fuck-me-fuck-me-fuck-me-fuck-me-fuck-me-fuck-me!" She demands in whispers.

    I planted my feet up so she could rest her elbows on my knees, I started lifting my hips against her hard and fast but before I could get a good rythem she leaned on one side screaming out daddy and an egg cracked open causing me to break rhythem and my legs slipped. I slid my foot around trying to get grip, but had to sit up and use the bottom shelf of the fridge for support. She used the shelf too and my feet for support while she crouched above me and I started pounding my meat into her cunt again.

    Her tits jiggled around as I pounded her, and she was making the cutest face while holding her breath. Each time my dick slid in and out from her twat she started to shudder. She couldn't hold her weight anymore, and she was in a state of bliss that drove me insane. Her head bobbled around while her eyes rolled shut, and she was rocking on me slowly. Her body spasmed but she wasn't coming yet. I spun around and lay her on the floor, and started to pound her pussy missionary style.

    The weight I pushed into her thumped through the floor boards. Her words weren't even words anymore, just moans, yelps, and occasional screaming.


       She lifted her legs up and split them on either side and started rocking her hips so fast I had to keep still. Her nub had been pressed against my body and so I sat on my knees and spat onto her clit, then rubbed it.

    "OhooHOhooo-mm-MM-MMHM-MmMm. "

    She eased her hips into a gentle rotation and I started pounding her pussy again.

    Her pussy tightened, trapping my cock deep inside her, it felt like a hand gripping my dikc. I shuddered and felt jolts of ecstacy flowing through out me. I squeezed both her tits while trying to hammer away, but soon I was shooting load after load inside her. The last thing I remember hearing was our voices bouncing off the walls and a soft splashing sound.

    I opened my eyes and saw my cum all over my baby girls trembling tummy and her arms flailing around while she squirted pussy juices all over the place. I started hushing her, and pushing her hair away from her beautiful face.

    "Shushh shh shhhh, sweetie it's ok, it's gonna be ok. "

    Tears rolled down the side of her eyes after she finished coming and she opened them, my, did she ever have her mothers glistening eyes. She brought her brows together and pouted as she widened her eyes.

    "You took it out, put your cock in me again, daddy. "

    Those Bambi eyes, how can any father resist Babmi eyes?

    "I had to baby, you were coming all over the place.

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    I said sliding my dick back inside her twitching pussy. She pulled me by the shoulders into the most sweetest and passionate kiss. We'd made out for a good few hours and then showered. . .

    well she wanted to shower, I ended up fucking her brains out again. I guess that's because I never made a girl squirt before, not once in my life, and my baby pleased me every time she squirted her pussy as she nearly went into convulsions each time she came.

    Guess you can say, other than saying it now, I'd already forgotten all about girlfriend. .


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