My Little Princess.


(This is NOT a true story. )

I’m sitting on the couch in the living room, relaxing after a long day at work, allowing any thoughts of business to slip out of my head, greatly aided by a large glass of red wine. I try to focus on the mediocre television drama on screen, but my thoughts keep wandering back to my daughter Rosie. She’s 118 lbs of perfection – a petite body, creamy skin, perky 32C’s (I’ve been buying her underwear since her mother abandoned us when Rosie was 11, so I’ve kept a close eye on her size), rounded off by a gorgeously firm bubble butt. We’ve always had a close relationship, but since her mother left us seven years ago we’ve become almost inseparable, and have no problems discussing any part of her life, personal or otherwise. I’m aware for instance, that despite having boys falling over themselves for her, she’s only slept with one, and she didn’t overly enjoy it. Not that you would think she’s done anything but kiss a boy, due to the perfectly innocent features of her pretty face.
After twenty minutes or so I hear the soft padding of feet coming down the stairs, and immediately know it’s my little girl; the smile is already spreading across my face as I see her enter the doorway. She comes into the room dressed for bed, wearing only a tight white tank top and little pink panties, an innocent smile on her pouty lips as she says softly, “I just wanted to say goodnight daddy”.
I continue smiling as I look up at her pretty face, her big green eyes sparkling as her bubble gum pink lips pout at me. “Why don’t you come and sit down with daddy for a little bit”, I say after a few seconds silence, “You don’t have to be in bed right this second, do you?”
My eyebrows rising slightly as I notice her firm little nipples pointing out through the thin material of her tank top. She shakes her head slowly,
“I guess not daddy”, her delicate fingers tucking a strand of silky blonde hair behind her ear as she comes and sits next to me on the couch, her slim body hardly making any indentation in the plush cushions. I bite down on my bottom lip gently, suppressing a groan as I feel her wriggling around to get comfortable, her petite figure pressing against my side.
I put a strong, reassuring arm around her, cuddling her warm little body against mine, smiling down at her, “I’ll just finish off this glass of wine, then come and tuck you up in bed. ” I grin, breathing in her sugary, sweet scent, “That okay, Princess?” I ask.
She nods, her pretty features tilted up towards mine as she snuggles closer, my fingers resting on the creamy skin of her hip as her tank rides up slightly, “Thanks daddy”.

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I plant a soft, affectionate kiss on her soft blonde hair, before gently brushing a few strands from her face, my eyes hungrily exploring her smooth, hairless teen body, “I can’t believe how fast you’ve grown up baby,” I say with a slight sigh, “seems like only yesterday I was giving you lifts to school…”
She smiles sweetly, and I’m sure she must be away of my eyes running over my perky curves as she replies, “I’m still your little girl though daddy”. I feel my heart jump slightly as her pink tongue darts out, briefly running over her soft lips, becoming distracted as images of her licking something else flood my mind…
Her tiny figure is such a contrast to my tall, built body; so soft and delicate beside me. Her voice sounds so innocent in comparison to this irresistible little Barbie doll body, “You’ll always be my little girl, baby. ” I smile, running my fingers down her smooth cheek, my thumb cautiously sliding against her moist bottom lip for a brief second, “Daddy’s little princess, right baby?” I grin, the pet name I’ve had for her since she was a baby suddenly taking on a whole new meaning. She giggles softly, nodding as she replies, “Yes daddy”. My thumb lingers near her pouty bottom lip, my strong arm holding her delicate little body close to mine. I almost stop breathing as she leans up and gives me a quick kiss on the cheek, the heavenly feeling of her perky chest pressing against mine, feeling her top riding up her flat tummy underneath my fingertips. A groan nearly escaping my mouth as she pulls away – my perfect blonde little angel, with the most innocent face I’ve ever seen tilted up towards mine, her creamy young body so tight and natural against me. We stay silent for a few seconds, watching each other, my eyes glued to my daughter’s irresistible mouth. “You want me to come and tuck you up in bed, Princess?” I smile, knowing that once we’re up there I won’t be able to resist her any longer.
“Yes please daddy” she immediately replies; I feel her get up from the sofa, taking hold of my hand and pulling me with her, leading me out of the living room, up the stairs and towards her bedroom. My legs feel weak as she gives me a perfect view of her smooth, firm bubble butt, her tiny pink panties, that are already too small, riding up between her tight little ass cheeks – her perfect bubble butt almost at face level with me as we walk up the stairs, and I can’t help but deeply inhale, attempting to get a sniff of her.
We enter her pink, girly room and I shut the door behind us, “Do you need to change for bed baby, or are you ready?” I smile down at her, unable to stop myself from brushing a strand of bright blonde hair from her innocent face. She briefly glances down over her petite body, before shaking her head, resting one hand on her slim hip, “No daddy, I’m ready”. She yawns slightly, exposing each of her perfect pearly white teeth, before giggling again.

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   “Time you get into bed baby, come on…” I say more firmly, reaching the pink duvet and pulling it back for her.
I can’t help but stare as she obediently slips into her bed, wriggling around to get comfortable. She yawns for a second time and stretches her arms above her head, causing the white material to ride further up her flat tummy, her tiny panties clinging to her smooth mound. I sit on the edge of the bed and watch her for a few moments, my heart pumping in my chest, mentally weighing up the pros and cons of what I’m considering doing. I look once more at her beautiful face and can no longer resist; I move a large hand onto the exposed skin of her tummy, a couple of fingers slowly running beneath her tight top as my thumb massages her ribs. “Me…and your mother…are so proud of you baby”, I smile, heart pounding as I touch this young goddess’ skin, “You’ve grown up to be such a little angel. ” I grin affectionately, the look in my eyes one of both lust and love.
Her lips curl into a playful smile as my hand moves further up, “Thanks daddy, I always try my hardest to make you proud of me”, she replies, before nibbling down gently on her soft bottom lip as she watches me.
“Oh you do baby, so proud” I smile, watching her pure white teeth teasingly press into her pouting pink cushion lips. My hand continues upwards in silence, along the side of her torso as I feel her back arch a little, her ribs pressing out slightly. I’m nearly at her meaty young breasts now, so close to her warm teen chest as my free hand lovingly twirls a strand of her soft hair between my fingers.
I daren’t breathe as my hand continues moving, almost with a mind of it’s own, until I hear a soft sigh escaping her soft lips. Her innocent sigh drives me wild, every little sound that escapes her moist young lips urging me on. Finally my hand runs up onto her breast, cupping it in my palm as her hard nipple presses into me. Her perky soft breasts are better than I imagined, so warm and firm to the touch, her fresh, un-spoilt body driving me wild as she stretches out on her pink sheets.

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   “You’re still daddy’s little girl aren’t you, Princess?” I ask softly.
Her eyebrows furrow softly as she replies, “Of course daddy, I’ll always be your little girl”, and I feel her back arching further, her breasts pushing against my palm more firmly.
I smile in satisfaction, “Good girl” I reply softly, leaning down and kissing her – her lips as soft, warm and sweet as I’d always dreamed they would be as I push mine against them, moving together as I playfully pinch her hardening young nipple, rubbing it between my fingers, my throbbing cock hardening against my jeans, becoming harder than her mother ever made it.
The buldge in my pants almost explodes as I feel her eagerly kiss me back, her tongue slipping into my mouth and running over mine as I tease her hard little nipples. I gasp against her mouth as her small hand wanders to my crotch, gently squeezing the tent in my jeans, and my cock twitches, responding to her soft touch.
My breathing becomes uneven, heart pumping in my chest as my hand leaves her perky chest, jumping between her legs – I run my fingers up her smooth inner thigh, before groping at her little pink panties. I push the material into her hairless squishy pussy, pulling away from her mouth and glancing down at the cameltoe now on display, smooth pussy lips almost poking out the side of her panties.
Our kiss becomes more intense and frantic as her tiny body squirms on the bed, her delicate fingers deftly undoing my fly, slipping inside my boxers, reaching for my meat. I pull aside her little panties and pinch her bald pussy lips together, the tightest pink hold glistening with moisture as I rub my fingers against it, conducting her sighs and moans with my strong fingers.
“Mmm daddy” I hear her whimper against my lips, her fingers peeling her boxers down, slim fingers wrapping around my thick shaft.
I groan, “Oh god, Princess…” as her small hand starts pumping up and down, flicking her thumb over my sensitive head every few strokes, getting wet from the pool of precum forming. Her every innocent whimper and moan fills me with an animal like hunger for her sweet young pussy, so I pull away from her lips and peel my shirt off, dropping it onto the floor. I lay down beside her, pulling down my jeans and boxers fully, giving her complete access to my pulsating shaft.
“You think your little pussy could deal with sitting on daddy’s cock, Princess?” I whisper against her cherry pink lips, planting a few hungry kisses on her young mouth.
“Of course daddy” she replies with a grin, obediently sitting up and positioning herself on my lap.

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   She begins to lower herself onto my thick cock, but I put my strong hands on her hips, halting her progress, wanting to admire her slender young body for a moment – my eyes move up her flat tummy, the subtle curve of her hips, over her firm perky breasts and come to rest on her perfect angelic face. I nod, with a smile, “Go on baby” and she immediately lowers herself onto me.
I throw my head back onto the bed as I feel my cock slip inside her, “Oh my fucking god baby…” I groan, eyes half shut as I squeeze her hips, fingers digging into her soft skin, feeling her tiny warm hole stretching around my thick throbbing cock, her delicate fingers clutching at my chest as she leans forward to balance herself. I see her wriggle around on my lap, arching her back as I thrust my hips upwards, filling her young pussy entirely. I grin in satisfaction, looking up at my baby as she starts bouncing up and down on my throbbing cock. Her body looks so small perched on top of me, and I watch her proudly push out her meaty tits for me, hard nipples pointing forward as they jiggle in the air, glistening with sweat.
“Oh Princess, you’re such a good girl”, I moan between heavy breaths, feeling her tight pussy stretch to accommodate me, her petite little body doing exactly what it was made for.
I groan loudly through clenched teeth as we continue to fuck, looking up at her, so eager to please daddy as she bounces, grinds and rides my thick meat, continuously thrusting inside her as I my hand move to her firm ass, clutching at her smooth young body. Her ribs push against her chest as she whimpers and moans, her little frame jumping in the air with each forceful movement of my hips.
I feel my hard cock twitching as I struggle for breath, getting nearer to filling her young pussy with cum as she grinds on my lap. “Oh baby, fuck!” I moan, “You’re going to make me cum baby…” I manage to muster as I give her tight ass a firm spank, and the moan I get in response encourages me to repeat the action.
“Mmm yes daddy, I want to make you cum” she replies, increasing her pace on my throbbing cock, her perky breasts jiggling and bouncing as we fuck, her pussy like a vice around my cock.
“Oh baby…fuck!” I shout out, my body twitching as my grip tightens on her ass, and I begin to shoot my first load of cum up into her warm little pussy, moaning and grunting as I continue to fuck my daughter, load after load of sticky cum shooting up inside her. She gasps and squirms on my lap as I fill up her eager pussy, feeling her hips continue to grind against me, milking my thick shaft.
“Oh god…” I sigh, thrusts slowly down as my desperate clutch on her tight body loosens, my muscular chest heaving as sweat runs over our bodies, both of us panting for air.

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She leans forward so her slender body is laying on top of mine, my cock still buried inside her, twitching slightly as I feel her perky breasts press into my chest. She places several quick kisses on my lips before I hear her whisper, “I wish you would put me to bed more often daddy…”

(I hope you enjoyed the story, any feedback would be great - r_newton@hotmail. co. uk).