My little Princess: The Brothel


(Readers: This is a follow up to "My little Princess" I suggest you read it, or at least hope you read it first. I will warn you now, this story changes point of view, which I outlined as "Daughters p. o. v". Hope you enjoy this entry, and I will be posting another, a final entry of this father and daughter. Also, sorry about the typos).

1st story: http://www. sexstoriespost. com/stories/story/242196/

My daughter and I had just finished a grand fucking session the week before, everything that lead up to then had been spilled this evening, a confession if you will. She admitted between the course specials at her favorite diner, that everything she had been doing; the late evenings out with her friends, the long nights in the wash tub, the skimpy clothing and one of my personal favorites, lingerie shopping. Had all lead up to the night I fucked my little daughter in front of our refrigerator and then later in the shower, on my bed and then her bed shortly after sunrise.

Her mothers mischievous smirk pulling at the corner of her luscious, plump lips. The greys of her eyes lit by the diner light causing a glisten as she had her head turned to one side, most likely her good side I suppose; she looked rapturously beautiful. Even with her soft brown hair hair falling in tangled waves from the silver and black satin scarf wrapped around her head, a fashion she mentions as "Vintage hipster. " She slips on those large sun glasses, the ones that nearly cover her face, and some how she still manages to take my breath away. A Flawless beauty.

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She wears a silver filmy fabric blouse, loose, hanging off both of her shoulders and basically hanging off the edge of her tits. The bra she wore, although she hadn't called it a bra at all, a bustier, she says and just because it's embedded with jewels and what fabric they use resembles the shirt hanging off her shoulders. I still call it a bloody bra, which can be seen right through this fabric, as well as the soft rose pink of her nipples. A man would have to stare extra long to realize it's not the print of the fabric and they have been.

I try and imagine this next half as an innocent revealing confession, but the anger in my pulse, stretching at my white collar nearly suffocates me. She tells me that at Maxine's they have been hosting brothel's, yes, you know? Where both genders show up, put themselves together in a large group under one roof and fuck themselves senseless all night. Maybe even all day, no, she wouldn't be there. Suddenly I remember all those days she had ran off to Maxine's, why she wanted to be there on her birthday, and why it had been so important for me not to meet her family.

The rest of my meal had no longer pleased my appetite. A very long weekend had played out in silence as I imagined my daughter being ravished, diced, and even plucked in that disgusting house hold. I had the radical notion she wouldn't be pleased if I told her she'd no longer be able to attend those parties, and she would sneak off in the middle of nights. I wouldn't have that, so you see? I didn't bother speaking with her. Do you know what she did? She gave me her diary, a fuck diary if you will, and as I grudgingly flipped through the pages I soon noticed that she'd attended these meetings because she wanted to please me on our first time.

A particular paragraph stands out "My daddy keeps me up in the middle of the night as I finger myself rapidly, hearing them go at it, he's hard and fast. He loves tits, I hear him tell girlfriend all the time as he buries his face between them.

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   I can't make myself come the way he makes her come, she moans loudly, muffled by what I picture as my dads hand, and I want that. No matter how many fingers I shove up my pussy, it will never be as satisfactory as my fathers cock will be. "

I try and think of it as differently as possible, but I cannot, especially when I come across Tommy's dad. He was the first cock that'd ever been inside my daughter, he apparently didn't know what to do with a virgin, my daughter had written "He kept stopping and patting the top of my head like I was some sort of puppy, I hated every move he made, and the more he wiggles about the more I begin to fear my father may be the same way. When he finally brought himself to a climax, Tommy's dad reminded me of a fish flapping on a solid surface. The expression on his face, maybe a constant expression of surprise, shock, and even a state of innocence before one eye rolled shut as his upper lip stiffens. I hope my dad doesn't make that face. " I had to chuckle, cause we both could have been making faces.

So many people were mentioned in this book and to find out Maxine wasn't even real and a code name for the fucking brothel being hosted by Tommy's dad. Well, I guess you can imagine the immense amount of scotch it took to lighten the load of reality the night she said she'd going to Maxine's costume party. She comes out wearing that green plunging robe like gown, the one that pop singer wore to the Grammy's that year. Her hair held up high and a dark black choker around her neck. I tried not to notice her but she was just too fucking hot. I try stopping her by guiding her against the wall and pressing my crotch against hers, rubbing her body.

"Daddy, I'm going to this party, I've been waiting for it.

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"Can't it wait fifteen more minutes, doll?"
"Dad, I'm going. "

That stern look, the one her mother gives, the one that means 'Fuck off, already. '

I let her go.

~~~~~~Daughter's p. o. v~~~~~~

I arrived fashionably late at Maxine's costume party, everyone had been getting hot and heavy, including my father's ex-girlfriend. I told her she'd be able to bring me back home and tell my father where she'd found me. She hated the idea of me knowing more about sex than she, so some how my little plan was working, and I'd be able to see my father's final look of resentment so I know where to draw the lines.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I lied.

Girlfriend was never at the brothel sucking off Maxine's grandfather.

Girlfriend hadn't even heard of the brothel.

My father. . . broke up with this thieving cunt. 

  . . for no reason. . .

I wanted my father all to myself and because of this gaping cunt-bitch, I wasn't able to seduce my father the way I wanted. She had to be out of the picture. So I did as I pleased and broke them up. Fucked my father repeatedly after their break up and if God had ever lay his finger upon man. I'd known the true feeling of love the night I'd first come for my father. I'd never squirted once in my life of fucking. Just climaxed, climaxes and fake orgasms in this brothel.

I'm here tonight to drive my father insane, I want him to do things he'd never done to another woman, I want him to remind me the reason I'm his daughter. So he needs to be skull fucking drunk. I remember when he'd first caught girlfriend flirting with that post man.

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   He was raging and violent. He even slapped her. She had a bruise on her face for weeks.

I crawl up onto one of the beds in Tommy's dads house, of coarse he was the first to join me and rub his grimy hands over my body but it was my dads girlfriend who unfastened the knob of the gown and opened it. I hadn't expected her to join, but she tongued herself down to my aching twat and licked up my pussy lips with a generous mouthful of saliva wetting the slit of my fuck hole. Because Tommy's dad was watching and rubbing his hands over my tits nervously I arched my back pretending my father was Tommy's dad.

"Can I call you daddy?" I asked Tommy's dad.
"You always want to. "
"Pleeese?" I coo.
Silence and he grunts as he nods.

"Oh, daddy, rub my clit. "
Girlfriend's tongue lapping away at my pussy had started to feel really good, she started shaking her head, and I actually moaned for real as Tommy's dad started rubbing my clit. Girlfriend started in.

"YEE," her English accent heavier in the sack I suppose, "rub that cleet daddy. " The rest of her words muffled by my pussy.

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   It was kind of hard picturing my father now, her voice had been ruining it, maybe I shouldn't have said anything. So I kept arching my back, rubbing my hands over my body pretending that everything that she and Tommy's dad were doing had been mind blowing. I had only reached a climax by the time girlfriend and Tommy's dad came. Panting he suggest we move to the living room so he could get himself hard by watching me fuck some other old men.

I walked down the hall with my gown flowing behind me, my tits and stomach glazed in sweat while my pink nipples stand hard. I saw a man in a ski mask slamming my friend, she was losing her mind, I could tell by that lost gaze in her eyes. I went over and sat on her face, several of the couples cheered us on. She knew how to make me feel good, that's what friends are for. She buried her face into my pussy, pulling me by the ass down harder onto her mouth. Her breathing rapid with each thrust the skiman gave.

I think I was about to have my first orgasm in this household, the way my friends tongue began to twirl and slither around made me shudder. I had to hold onto the skimans shoulders, but suddenly she stopped, I tried grinding my hips to find her mouth again but she was moaning and shaking all over the place. I backed off her face, and watched her shudder. She looked like she was going into convulsions. Her eyes shut tight and I heard what sounded like pissing on the floor.

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   The whole room roared in cheers, I jumped, my body ached, and the skiman knelt back. Breathless, he looked at me.

. . . I could tell those eyes anywhere.

Before anyone could have a go at him, I nearly trampled my friend while jumping into my dads arms. He planted a deep passionate kiss, and again the room cheered. I had even heard one man say that my father was unstoppable. He slipped his thick hard cock into my pussy.

"Already wet?" He asked and for show, I replied "Can I call you daddy?"

The smile that spread across his lips caused everyone else in the room to chuckle.

"S'pose that means you can call him whatever you want, love. " Girlfriend shouted and the moaning of the crowd began.

I started humping my father, long I'd dreamt of fucking my father and feared that people found out. This way, in the mask, and in the middle of the living room with everyone watching.

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   Some how heightened my excitement. Some how? I guess you already know how it happened. The glaze of his eyes suggested he'd been drunk. So Lord only knows how long I have before he crashes. He'd disguised his voice best as possible, somewhat exaggerated like Batman. A low growl.

"Mmph, I love you daddy. "
"I love you too Princess. "
"Oh your cock feels so good. "
"Lay back, sweet heart. "

I'd done as he commanded and he lay atop me, arms on either side of my head and several of the men had begun chanting "Fuck her daddy, fuck her, fuck her daddy. " He moved in erythema of the chants and I rolled my eyes shut. Some of the men astounded by the hard thrusts.

"Look at her titties all about, oh yeah, he's fucking her good. "

I spread my legs wide and felt hands on both ankles, who ever's they were pulled my legs far apart.

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   Others grabbed my hands to their cocks and I started stroking fast. Someone grabbed a bean bag and shoved it under me before shoving his cock into my mouth and down my throat. My dad's hands gripped both ass cheeks hard before spanking me. when he had started spanking me, it was soft and light but as I choked on this cock in my throat he spanked hard and as the cocks in my hands jizzed and were replaced by others he spanked harder.

I felt the cock in my mouth release and his cum oozed down my throat, he was going to be replaced by another when my father glared at the man in line.

"Spit that cum out, baby. "

He growled and choked me by shoving his finger down my throat. I gagged hard and he moaned cause his big dick had still been up my pussy. He shoved his fingers down my throat again and I let go of the cocks in my hands and gagged some more. He moaned softly and shoved his fingers into my throat again but this time the jizz had come sputtering out. He slapped my face hard.

"Getting these men to fuck you! Slut! Admit it! You're a whore!"

He slapped me again and then once more back handed and I shouted.

"Daddy I'm sorry, I'll be a good girl, I promise. "

In my peripheral vision I saw a few men melt while watching us. I'd ached to be punished this way, and this way should have been the way our first time should've been.

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   Someone tried to stop daddy from choking me, gripping his hands around my throat while he chopped away fast at my pussy. He shoved the man away and I nodded towards that man with a smile. My eyes shut, I think they rolled shut, cause I remember seeing my dads shoulder pulsating over my face. I think I was saying something, not quite sure, but in my mind I was thinking of Daddies dick going up my bare pussy. When I came to, my dad stared at me through the mask with concerned eyes.

"You all right, Princess?"

I nodded.

"Ok, you like it this way?

I nodded and whimpered as he slowly pulled his cock out and slowly put it back in, all eyes were on us, men jerking their wads and even girlfriend had started fingering herself. Finally, the tables had turned, can you taste the irony in that? I wrapped my arms around daddy and hugged him while he started pumping slowly into my pussy. It felt so fucking good with all those eyes on us, they didn't know that he was my real daddy, and the pleasure to freely call him just that. Amazing.

"mMMMmm Daddy, am I being a good girl. "
"That's it baby, move your hips for daddy. "
"It keeps popping-oOohh, keeps popping out daddy. "
"Means your pussy is wet, sweetheart. "
"Feels so good.


    "Right it does, Princess. Make daddy proud and fuck me. "

    I pushed him back onto the floor and sat up so everyone could get a good view of my tits as I arched my back. I used my dads knees for support and started circling my hips as fast as I could. I had a moaning with each breath I held and released. My dad held my shoulders and stopped me.

    "No-no-no, hush, shh, Princess. Slowly. Move, slow-that's-it! OH! Oh yeeuhff, fucking tight pussy! Your fucking tight pussy! Oh, Princess, it feels so good. "

    "Oh daddyy, I want it faast," I whined, and tried to start rotating my hips but he grabbed them and guided them slowly. I moaned and leaned forward shoving my tits into his face, I could feel his smile as he started Mr. Gobblehead. I giggled and hugged his head while he started to push them around and mush the plump of my tits hard against his face. My pussy began to ache, "Pleeeeeeease daddy, I promise I'll be a good girl. " He shook his head and kept moving slowly into my pussy and slowly out.

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       In frustration I clamped my pussy hard and started grinding slowly as he promised. He moaned and growled. I held my breath and got my pussy as tight as I could while grinding slow.

    He made a noise I thought girls could only make. I sat up, and put all my weight onto his hard fuck-pole and squeezed my tightest. His voice was high soft while he shudders. He stays still while I grind slowly. His nails may be short, but still dug into my ass while I moved. He started a low growl and lifted me by the ass off his cock, till the head of his dick had been the only thing inside me. I caught his gaze and it was evil, his glare, he slammed me back onto him hard and I cried out in a sob while I shudder and collapse onto him.

    He cradled me in his arms and hushed me while I rocked slowly and moaned uncontrollably into his shoulder.

    "Alright Princess, give it to me, fuck me as you please. "

    He patted my bottom and I sat up. Moving so fast my tits were bouncing all over the place, my ass even met daddies balls a few times between beats so I could grind up and down his cock. Daddies dick felt so good and went so deep.

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       I had been panting now and the room was quiet, aside from everyone jerking or fingering themselves. I felt him meeting me half way, and smiled down at him briefly before getting lost in this bliss.

    "Oh daddy! DaddEEE! Oh-yeah-oh-yeah! Fuck your little girl! Fuck me good!"

    I started screaming while grunting, my fast pace became hard as I dropped onto Daddies dick. My voice had been chopped and gravel replaced the soft girlyness of it. I didn't see her, but girlfriend moved to where my knee was resting and started grinding her clit up and down my thigh. Her tits were rather large, more than a handful, I watched them jiggling around. Daddy grabbed my hand and placed it over one of her tits, she moaned and I started playing with them. I did as Daddy had done and pressed them up high and let them drop. They jiggled around and I told her.

    "Shimmy for me, mummy. "

    I smirked at her and she beamed back while she stuck her chest out as I kept dropping my wet slippery pussy onto my daddies cock. She shimmied and those 38C tits flapped against each other and she added a little bounce as well.

    "Just like Daddy, you like tits huh?"

    She started panting and she spit on my leg so she could slip her clit up and down my thigh faster. Her tits kept hitting the side of my arm and I had to admit, I did enjoy the feeling. I started dropping onto daddy in a way that got a few of these men jerking faster and raising up off their asses.

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       One of daddies hand unclamped my ass cheek and his thumb met my clit. I grabbed his wrist to stop him, but he was already circling his thumb around my clit.

    "Oh, daddyy! MMM" I actually squeaked and grabbed a hold of girlfriends tit with one hand. The roundness filling the palm of my hands excited me even more as she started humping my leg fast, the three of us moving together now. Men had started moaning and I had a brain fart as girlfriend shudders into a chain of orgasms and dropping onto the floor. I looked at Daddy and asked as best as I could cause I couldn't form my mouth into words anymore.

    "Let them all cum on me daddy. "

    He glared and shoved his cock into my pussy so hard I almost started crying cause I thought he was going to stop.

    "Please, let them cum on meeee!" I whined.
    "No. "

    I had to lean over and whisper between my panting.

    "I. . . I-I-I PR-Pr-rr-rromiss," I stopped to moan "Neverrr!" I had to moan a few more times before being able to whisper again. 

       "Never to come here again. " I panted out really fast. He pushed me up by the shoulders still fucking me, he looked into my eyes, and saw that I'd meant it. Our heads were knocking together before he finally nodded. I sat up and saw that Some of the men had scooted across the livingroom with their dicks held out. All of them, at least twelve men, all shapes and sizes in my face now while I bounced up and down daddies dick.


    He was planting his feet so he had to stop a little, and soon his cock was driving into me so fast that my voice had been in ripples of moaning. My eyes shut and my head bounced back onto one of the mens tummy. I loved it when daddy moved this fast inside me. The sound of all these cocks around me had excited me so much that I couldn't help but suck one of the men's cock who immediately shot his load which had been a chain reaction. All this jizz shooting at me from all directions, soon I'd started feeling dizzy, daddies hands both cupped my tits, and now he moved fast that by the time the men finished coming I was shaking all over the place.

    My tits were jiggling now and men were still trying to squeeze out their cum on me, but no success. They were slowly dropping at our sides and watching. My head bounced around now and so daddy withdrew his cock and lifted me onto my knees over girlfriends shoulder. I'm sure he was aiming for the sofa, but girlfriend got in the way, but that didn't stop him from shoving his thick fucking monster cock back into my pussy.

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       ex-girlfriends legs spread mine wide and she started tonguing my tits and massaging them.

    Suddenly with each thrust daddy gave felt a million times better, he was making me tingle with each thrust, shudder with each thrust and soon I began convulsing. I heard him growl like an animal and I had started coming. His cock was trapped inside me for awhile, I shudder over girlfriends shoulder and she is now pinned between the sofa and my hips. When daddies cock came out of my pussy I started squirting uncontrollably. Which sent me into a blackness of utter and pure beauty. My whole body was shaking and when I came to I had seen that I squirted my pussy juices all over my dad's ex.

    I wanted to say something but the lust in her eyes when she looked at my dad, she wanted him bad, and so I slapped her. Slapped her really hard. Then to wipe the look of stupidity off her face, I back-handed her as well.

    "He's mine. "

    Defiantly, she replies, "Fine you fucking whore, take him home to Daddy then, know what? I'll even tell him I saw you here. We'll see if I ever see your face again. "

    I wanted to tell her, so badly I wanted to rip that mask of daddies face and show her. But daddy grabbed me by the waistline and carried me out the door.

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       Into the front seat of his car, which luckily no one saw us drive away in. Daddy told me to take four baths that night to make sure all that cum was out of my hair and off my body. .


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