My little princess’ first time


This is a story about my little princess, Amy. Now my 19 years old Amy, how would I describe her? Well she’s my daughter, My little princess Never looked at her in that light before. Until she was 13, then she had nothing on my wife, but now I’m not sure who‘s sexier. Now there’s a looker my wife, Melissa she’s 36 I’m 33 (I love the fact she’s older than me : )) my wife has sex way too much if she’s not fucking me she’s out shagging her lovers. It doesn’t bother me, she told me about them once when she was drunk, I wasn’t mad but she thought I was going to leave her so she let’s me fuck her sister or random women, and believe me I have a lot of them. We came to an understanding. If she fucked around I would, but once one of us stopped the other had too. Anyway back to the story , I’m Dave. 33 years old, I fish and surf I also run a lot so I’m in great condition and at my sexual peak.
Now the story:
I lay there with my hand down my pants holding my 7 inch cock, however it was completely soft. I was watching mid-day television. Being on the dole sucked. I waited for my daughter to come home from school so I could cook. I was drifting off to sleep and I didn’t hear the door go.
“dad,” said Amy falling on the chair with a thud looking really upset “you were asleep again”
“sorry princess, oh what’s the matter?” I asked taking my hand from my trousers. “bad day at work?” I asked
“well yeah,” she said going red “we were in sex ed…” now I had gone red “and the girls all made fun of me”
“what? Why?” I said with a nervousness in my voice.

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   I had a vague idea of the next comment
“well… you see… I have never kissed a boy” she said shying away “let alone seen a …. . ” she mumbled something I knew what she had said but I asked anyway “seen a what princess?”
“a penis” she said looking away from me
“away princess… come here hug your daddy” she came over we hugged “that’s a good thing”
“no it’s not in my sex ed class I’m the only girl who’s never seen one” she said now tight between my arms “and the whole class laughed when I claimed that boys and girls have the same things”
“I’m sure you saw a few drawings of it” I asked
“yeah but I want to see one…” she took a massive breath and said in one go “dad, you’re a man and you have you know a penis is it okay if I look at it?” she didn’t move her head too look at me and without thinking I replied
“of course mammy isn’t home till 18 tonight she’s over her friends house” Which meant she was fucking some dude. Amy looked at me and smiled she got on her tip toes and kissed me on her lips and sat on her chair with her eyes wide open. I looked at the window and saw no one was there. So I undid my zip and pulled down my trousers, then my tight white boxers. I stood there with my soft cock. must have been about 5 inches. I left it out for a while and then put it by hoping no one saw.
“what do you think then?” I asked shyly . Amy sat there with her mouth open.
“I want to see more of it daddy… and this time I would like to touch it” I was shocked at her response. And again with out thinking I said “okay” I thought about the window.
“princess, we have to go up stairs though” she shrugged and got up. I now saw my daughter in such a different light.

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   As she stood up she threw her hair back. Wow she was beautiful how had I not see her like this I asked myself
Her long blonde hair and her bright blue eyes just made me hard looking at her. Her skin so smooth. As I eyed her up I was her school uniform made her now irresistible. The school blouse, was undone to slightly and un-tucked from her grey skirt her pert tits just pointed out you could see black bra though it. Her grey skirt wasn’t too long nor too short to make her a slut. Just right. Her black shoes and her knee high socks made her look like a Asian school girl. She turned around and walked out of the living room I turned off the television and walked out after her. She started to move upstairs and I could see right up her skirt. There was no underwear there. I was shocked
“princess why have you got not panties on?” I asked
She stopped and looked shocked as she turned around “are you looking at me daddy?” she teased “well I like to feel free, and the boys like it, but they still wont kiss me” she turned and carried on up stairs. Now I was horny. My little princess could be a slut. I had an evil idea.


   I was going to fuck her now. And I didn’t care what she was going to say.
We entered my bedroom and she sat down on the bed.
“this time,” I said locking the door behind me “if you want to see it again you have to strip”
She shrugged and started to dance moving her hips and body. Arms up in the air and then down over her body, slowly stopping at her tits, she grabbed them and then undid a button to show her black bra. She could see I was enjoying. She completely took off her top and her bra was there. She was like every 18 year old girl, a little bit of excess weight but so darn sexy. She went to take off her bra a shook my head. She turned around and undone her skirt she slowly bent down taking her skirt. Her legs completely straight putting her wet pussy on show. It looked as beautiful as her face. I was going to fuck that in a bit.
She stood up slowly and went behind her and grabbed her waste I kissed her neck.
“what are you doing daddy?” she asked, with a hint of enjoyment in her voice.

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   “Well I need to make my penis hard for you so you can play with it”
“do what you want with me” she moaned
She lent her head back on my shoulder and we engaged in the most passionate kiss I have ever had. It was amazing. She broke the kiss smiled and said “what are we going to do then daddy” I kissed her quickly.
“well first your going to teach me what you know then I will teach you what I know” I smiled, my little princess smiled back at me.
“right” I said “what do you call these” I grabbed her tits “I call the breasts daddy, that’s what the sex ed teacher called them” I smiled “okay, princess around your daddy your going to call them tit’s or boob’s it’s sexier for daddy see”
“okay, Tit’s daddy, your holding my tit’s”
“good girl” I said kissing her again “and what do you call this” I grabbed her arse which was still facing me “bum” she said “I like that, I also want you to say arse,” I claimed
“arse, I like my daddy’s hands on my arse” she smiled and then she kissed me
I looked at her bare naked pussy and smiled to myself, I ran my hands around my waist and then my right hand down the centre on her body over her bald pussy and then pulling my finger through her clit. “what do you call this area?” I asked her, Amy’s eyes were now closed
“I call it my…. flower daddy, mammy always calls it that” she said trying to keep awake from me rubbing my finger back and fourth
“I like that, I also like pussy or cunt” I said to her “all these words I’m telling you is called dirty talk”
“daddy’s finger is in my cunt, and I like it” she moaned
“I love my princess talking dirty, I want you to say fuck me” I demanded
“fuck me daddy, fuck me” she said not even knowing what it means. My left hand undid her bra, her tits’ were fluffy and sweet, I wanted to suck on them I stopped rubbing her and turned her around. I started to lick and tweak her nipples.
“daddy isn’t it my turn?” she asked biting her lip I looked at her and smiled.
“if you get on your knees yes it is. ” she was now completely naked except for her knee high socks. She was on her knees and her eager eyes looked up at me. Wow was this intense I undone my zip and my button. I let my trousers fall to the floor.

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   Amy couldn’t wait to see my cock again so she pulled down my boxers and my cock slapped her in her face. She laughed at looked at my cock. Without taking her eyes off my cock she asked “what you want me too call your penis daddy?” as I took my top off to make me completely naked I said “I like…. ”she put her right hand on my hard 7 inch cock. “I like. . The sound of cock”
“cock” she said
“and prick” I carried on
“prick” she replied now moving her hand up and down
“dick” I sighed her hand feeling so cold to the heat of my rock hard prick
“dick” she said. “daddy your dick is so nice, what am I doing to you daddy?” she asked
“your jacking me off, or wanking my cock…. God that’s so good” I moaned if I didn’t move I know I was going to cum. I stepped back
“awww dad, I was enjoying that. ” she smiled evilly at me
“I’m going to teach you how to suck cock!” I said trying to relax so I didn’t cum just yet
“is that the same thing as a blowjob” she asked “’cos that’s what the girls go on about doing to their boyfriends”
“wow 18 year old girls sucking cock,” I nearly came thinking about it “yes it’s the same thing. Fist princess I am going to tell you what to do then your going to try your best to do it then, I’m going to return the favour” we both smiled “what your going to do princess is first lick my prick, then your going to slide it in your mouth and suck, each time taking more and more in. and while your doing that I want you to play with my balls, when I cum I’m going to cum on your face but then your going to take it all off with your finger and suck your finger clean. ” I smiled the biggest smile
“daddy I can’t take all that in” she said with a hint of fear in her voice
“don’t worry honey I don’t expect you too” I smiled
“okay thank you daddy,” I moved forward as she smiled at me now eyeing my cock.
She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out, and licked the head of my prick, and as if she was licking something hot she retracted her tongue really quickly, then she smiled.

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   She put her long lush tongue to the base of my now very, hard and swollen prick and licked all the way up. She moaned with enjoyment and like a hungry kid she stuck the whole thing in her mouth, all 7 inches of it. She sucked as she moved her head back and fourth, she was a pro, back and fourth slurping and sucking gagging and moaning all this excitement was too much I pulled my cock out of her overly wet mouth and came on the side of her face. She giggled like the school girl she is. She ran her finger over her face and got all the cum off she then proceeded to suck her finger clean.
“what’s next daddy” she asked
“well my little sex crazed princess” I said stepping out of my boxers and trousers “I’m going to return the favour, and teach you how to get your self off, so you can do it for daddy one day” I smiled “right lay on the bed princess and open your legs, right now get your right hand and put it on your pussy, now rub in circles” as I said this she was doing it “good girl my little princess, now your left hand grab one of your tits. . That’s it and play with those pretty nipples of yours… awesome” I began stroking my prick until it became hard again “good girl tell daddy what your thinking about”
“your cock in my mouth again” she moaned it in several breaths
“good girl now daddy’s going to eat you out and finger fuck you” I said
“I like the sound of that daddy” she said as she removed her hands.
Her pussy was shinning with the pussy juices’ gagging for a cock to enter it. I spread her lips before I began I said “honey I want you to moan and tell daddy if you like it or not” she nodded.
I started to lick at her clit she moaned in a low voice. I began to rub my fingers up and down to see what she liked. She moaned to that as well, I was dieing to fuck her so I just dived in really unprofessionally. I started to lick and nibble her clit and at the same time I moved one finger in and out
“aww daddy that’s soo good……………. DADDDDD……….

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   OH MY GOD …. YES DADDY THIS IS SOO GOOD !!!!!!!!!!” she was now screaming
I changed from one finger to two fingers and started to go at it… I moved it in and out in and out faster and faster licking and biting her clit. Her moaning became aggressive it was so arousing I began to stroke my cock with my free hand. Her legs on my shoulders crossed as she pulled me closer. She moaned more and more then all of a sudden she screamed. Yes I had just brought my daughter to her first orgasm. And it felt good.
“dad that was amazing” she said out of breath and sweat dripping all over her
“it isn’t over yet I have to have sexual intercourse. I want you to call it fucking or screwing. I want you to talk dirty and I want you to tell me how you want it. . If it be hard or faster or slower tell daddy okay princess”
She nodded still out of breath. I stood up and placed my cock on her pussy I moved it up and down her slit then I forced it in inch by inch. She moaned hard and loud after each inch was in. once I hand all 7 inch’s in I pulled it out and saw all the blood.

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   Amy looked scared. “it’s Normal princess. This is your real flower and your daddy has taken it” she smiled and laid back down. Her legs over the side of the bed still with the shoes and knee high white socks on. I grabbed Amy’s shirt and wiped my cock clean. And then I tried to take all the blood off her wet pussy.
I aimed my cock once more and then, this time with one deep thrust I was all in
“FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCK!” she was in pain and pleasure at the same time
As I pumped slowly she moaned and cried “ouch daddy it hurt’s but I enjoy it” she was in tears. Yet so pretty I didn’t care I was fucking my little princess and that’s all that mattered. Damn I was so hot
I started to pick up the speed and then Amy stopped crying and she just moaned
“yes, daddy…. . More daddy…. Give it to me daddy… fuck your little slut of a daughter… pump my pussy” damn my princess is a whore I was thinking. This made me go faster I pumped her again and again. Her pussy was so tight, I was about to cum the moaning of her and my grunting filled the room the slapping of my body into hers.
“honey I….

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   I …. I’m … going to cum…. . Where do you want it……” I asked
“I don’t…. . URGH FUCK YEAH HARDER DADDY …I don’t get you” she replied out of breath
“never… mind” at that I came inside my daughter. It was better than any other shag I’ve had in my life. My daughters pussy got tighter as I came in her. I pulled myself out of my daughter and lay next to her.
“Did you enjoy?” I asked out of breath
“yes daddy very much” we got on top of me and we engaged in a very passionate kiss. This got me hard again. As I went to lower her to my prick she broke the kiss.
“if we do it again tonight daddy,” she said looking into my eyes as she moved one of her hands to my cock, “I want to do everything again, but in my bedroom”
I nodded she got up and went to get dressed “don’t bother getting dressed” I said “it will only take more time to get undressed. ” she smiled picked her clothes up she turned to walk out damn what a sight I though “honey” I said after her “on your thigh, swallow it” I said. There was a long line of my cum down her thigh.

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   She licked it off and smiled. She went out side and into her bedroom. I smiled and followed her.
That is a different story :- )
Hopefully you enjoyed email me with comments. Hopefully I get good feedback. There will be more stories of Amy and her father Dave :- ) I know you will all like them ^_^ enjoy



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