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………. as I helped Sherl up off the sofa, I could see her legs were just a little wobbly. She had a little trouble getting her “ You have never cum this much before, even playing with yourself ? “ No, I can’t believe I’m still alive. You fuck me so hard and good. I want to do this all the time. As we approached the stairs, I let Sherl go first and kept a close eye on her as she started to go up. She was grasping the rail good trying to pull your weak legs up the stairs. I put my hand on her ass and gave a gentle push as I squeezed the firm, lovely Her ass was just starting to develop and it was going to be a beauty. The bubble was starting to form in her cheeks and I could tell her ass was going to make many a dick hard and happy. Her cheeks were so firm and hard, I imagine from her tomboy side and all the exercise she does running around. I was falling in love with it as I assisted her up the stairs. Just staring deep into her crack, which separated these two lovely cheeks and soon to be a traffic stopper in about two maybe three years, when the true fullness would be taking Suddenly she stumbled and fell back against my hand, chest and face. I was shocked and caught off-guard as she fell back into me. That’s what I get for getting lost in a sweet ass. I reach my arms around her and slipped them under her arms and lifted her back up and as I did I got both breasts and pulled ever so on her hard “ MMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… oh Mr. Gee that feels good.

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   I’m sorry I fell, but I want you to keep playing with my tits. So I moved more toward her side and put one arm around her and started playing with her nipples and breasts as we continued up stairs. Her moans were getting louder as we reached the top. Here she stopped and turned toward me so we were face to face. She dropped to her knees and started to lick and suck my cock, causing it to start an immediate rise to pure “ Sherl I love you sucking my cock, but I need to get you cleaned up and back to your house before your parents get home. “ Fuck them. I don’t want to go home. I want to stay here and fuck you all night. “ Sherl I told you at the beginning that this was not going to be the way it this will happen. I can’t afford to have someone know you and I are fucking each other. I would go away for so long and be killed eventually. “ But I love you Mr. Gee !!!!!!! “ Baby you just think you love me. You say that because I give you the pleasure you and all women dream of every night when you all pet and finger that pussy. As I lifted her up from my cock.

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   The saddest look came over her face. She had those fucking puppy eyes gaucking at me. THOSE FUCKING EYES !!!!!!!!!!! I assisted her toward the bathroom and was really hard watching that ass giggle as we moved. “ I’ll tell you what, I will join you in the shower and give you some more cock, but then you must leave and sneak back home so we can keep this going or it will be all over after tonight. “ OH Mr. Gee, that would be nice. I pulled the door open and turned the water on. I led her to the opening and told her to get in while I went to get some towels. As I opened the linen closet and grabbed two towels, I spied the tube of lube. Being the dirty bastard I am I grabbed it as “ Is the water okay baby ? “ OH Yes, please hurry. As I approached the shower I could see her playing feverishly with her pussy while pulling on her nipple. She was softly cooing. She saw me as I stepped into the shower and asked what the tube “ This my love is the cherry on the sundae, frosting on the cake, whip cream on the banana split. I am going to make you my complete little slut. I am going to fuck that pretty little ass and listen to you wail like a wolf.

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   With that I grabbed her and put a kiss on her long and hard as I drove my tongue deeper and deeper into her throat. She gagged slightly at first, but got situated and added to the pleasure as our tongues dance playfully in each others mouths. I pulled her back and began unscrewing the cap. She dropped and started sucking my cock. She was learning fast how to be a good little slut. I no longer had to tell her to get on my cock, it was automatic for her I squeezed out a generous amount of lube. I had her get up and move with her back to the water at the end of the shower. “ Bend over and grab the bench baby and hold on tight. As she did that my cock twitched watching that sweet, innocent ass bend and separate slightly. I took the lube and smeared ample amount on my cock. The water just beading on it. I squeezed another generous amount and started rubbing it all over her crack and cheeks. Then I lubed the hole opening and finally drove two fingers deep into her She screamed as I drove those two fingers in and moved them “ I’m going to love this more than you know Sherl. Unfortunately it is going to hurt you. With those words spoken I moved my engorged cock toward a trophy any man would die for.

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   I moved my head up and down her crack with a gently tease at the hole. She just moaned and started playing with her clit. She was rubbing her clit wildly now as I spread her cheeks and started the initial “ OOOWWW… OOOWWW… OOOWWW… THAT HURTS TO MUCH “ I told you it would, but you will learn to like it. With my spoken words I pushed my cock into this tiny little virgin hole and slapped my balls hard against her pussy, clit and “ NO NO NO!!!!!! PLEASE STOP!!!!! IT HURTS TOO MUCH!!!!! PLEASE STOP!!!!! She screamed and the tears started streaming from her eyes down her I just stayed there for a moment enjoying the tightness holding my cock so hard. The walls of her canal were squeezing my cock with such force I feared a quick cum. I began pulling back and moving forward about two inches to get her use to the mass ripping her ass apart. She continued screaming and crying to “ I thought you told me you wanted this ? What you want to quit forever ? If you don’t take this it is done and I will never see you again. “ It fucking hurts so bad. My ass feels like it is ripping apart. “ Don’t worry baby it will, but than it will be better the more we do it. With this I continued my pumping. After about five minutes of just the little pumps I began the full stroke. I was slamming my cock as deep as I could into this new heaven. I was slamming her so hard her head was smacking against the shower wall as my balls kept slapping her pussy and clit. She had to pull her fingers from her clit to try and hold herself from slamming into the wall.

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   The cum was just a continuous flow from her as her screams were getting more like wild moans. Her canal was squeezing my cock tight and I was about to explode. As I let my load blast from the barrel, it must have been the greatest single shot of cum I had ever had in my life. It flew with so much force, her head was pinned against the wall as I lunged forward ramming my cock as deep as it would go. The cum was so much and packed in such a tight space, at least a third sprayed out from around my cock and back on to my stomach. I let another and another fly. Sherl was just convulsing like a leaf in a hurricane. I continued pumping slowly as my head was so fucking sensitive. The walls pressed so tight on it I was twitching with each stroke. I kept pumping until it was soft enough to pull out. There it was all covered with blood and cum. I turned into the water and rinsed it off. Sherl just rested on the After a few minutes of rest, I lifted her up and moved her around so she was actually sitting on the bench facing the “ Are you alright Sherl ? “ I don’t know. My ass hurts so bad. I have never cum like this ever.

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   “ Your ass will be sore for about two weeks. That is how long I want it to be before I see you again. If you come over any earlier than two weeks I am going to fuck your ass several times. Now finish cleaning up so I can get you home. She just kind of put her head down and pouted. She continued cleaning up and washing herself. As she finished and was stepping from the shower I placed the towel around her shoulders and gave a little pat on her “ OW that hurts. I am very sensitive down there nad I don’t know if I will be able to I helped her dry off and then went downstairs with her and got her dressed. I snuck her out the back door and into her backyard. She was walking kinda bowlegged and rather slowly. She seemed like she didn’t want her ass cheeks As I was turning to go back home I heard her whisper loudly.            “ I love you Mr. Gee. “           As I glanced back at her she flashed me those eyes, THOSE FUCKING EYES !!!!!!!!…….   Any questions, comments or inquiries write me at     lilgrrlperv@yahoo.

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