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…There was a knocking at my door, as the doorbell rang. As I moved toward the door, I thought “ who the hell could this be As I opened the door I was shocked to see Sherl standing there before me. She looked up with those eyes and smiled a big smile. Those eyes would kill if they could. “ Hello Mr. Gee. Can I come in ? “ What are you doing here and where are your parents ? “ I came by to see you and my mom and dad are out for the night. “ You could cause a lot of problems if someone sees you coming here at this time of night. “ “ Don’t worry, nobody knows and I really want to fuck again, please. Now it is very hard for me to say no, especially when it is offered to me in such an open and pleading manner. “ Where is the babysitter ? “ She is busy chatting on the phone thinking I am sleeping in my bed. “ What if she goes up looking for you ? “ I made it look like I’m sleeping there. “ “ When are your parents coming home ? “ Not for at least three hours. “ Then hurry up and get in here. With that she scampered into my house in her PJs. Actually it was a little nighty that just fell over her cute ass.

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   I could feel my cock starting to twitch. She ran and jumped on the couch. She turned to the tv and then to me with an inquisitive “ What is this on tv ? “ That is porno. That is what we call pictures and movies of people fucking and sucking. “ Can we make a movie ? Such an ambitious young “ If you would like we can do that. As I closed the door and moved toward her, her eyes dropped immediately to my crotch to see my cock bulging against the pants. Seeing this she started taking her nighty off. Seeing her tiny chest and nipples made my cock stretch the fabric some more. She then stood up and pulled her panties down. Standing there completely naked, I had to start undoing my “ Are you going to fuck me again ? “ I am going to do several things to you. You sure seem to like it ? “ Oh yes my pussy hasn’t stopped dripping all day. “ Aren’t you a little sore ? “ Yes I’m very sore, but I love the feeling you give me. I don’t ever want it to stop. I want to have that feeling all the time. “ Well you know we need to be very careful doing this.

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   You can never, and I mean NEVER let anybody know what goes on between us or you will never get to have this feeling again. You really shouldn’t have come over here. As I got closer to the couch she reached toward my trousers and tried to grab my “ Hold on a second sweetie. She pulled her hands down and give me that pouting look. I dropped my pants and drawers to the floor as my cock sprang out at full mast. Her eyes sparkled and a dirty little smile came over her face. She reached up and placed her hands on my cock and gently played with it. Massaging and squeezing it, as I pulled my shirt off. I reached over and grabbed her head and pulled it toward my She responded by opening her mouth as I placed the head into her opening. The lips and cheeks stretched to try and accept it. Her eyes started welling up with moisture. Her tiny hands and mouth doing their best to handle my meat. I gently pushed in and pulled back and pushed in slowly. Her mouth busting at the seams as I was getting harder feeling her saliva just oozing out all over my cock. Her little mouth was so warm and moist.

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   I swear my cock grew an extra I now grabbed her head hard and started to move quicker in and out of her mouth. She was gagging and choking as the tears started coming out the sides of her eyes. OH THOSE FUCKING EYES !!!!! her hands were doing nothing now, but pushing against my pelvis trying to slow down my thrusts. I was now putting five inches in her mouth as she just choked and gagged, trying to take Within three minutes I was dumping a load of cum deep in her throat and watching it spray out from every port of her mouth as she choked and vomited from me slamming my cock deep into her young, fragile Tears were pouring from her eyes, cum mixed with her little vomit was oozing down her chin and I was just finishing up with my cock as I slowly pulled it out and looked deep in her “ Do you really think you’re ready for this ? Gasping, panting and choking, she nodded her head “ I don’t know if I can do the, how you call it, ? blowjob ? “ Well if you can’t do that then we need go no further. It is very important you know how to do the blowjob or we can quit right now. I will give you all the practice I can. I went and got a towel for her to clean up and clear away all the crap flowing down her chin, chest and “ So what did you think of the taste of my cum ? “ I really didn’t taste it as I was throwing up and really couldn’t swallow it without that taste. “ Don’t worry you’ll get another chance for some more a little later. As she cleaned up and wiped herself dry I sat down next to her on the couch. I started fondling her chest and pinching her “ OW, that hurts. “ as I pinched them a little harder than “ Why do you want to hurt me ? “ I don’t want to hurt you Sherl, I just get carried away sometimes. It’s the animal in me. But I thought it made yo uwet and hot when I did that ? “ Yes but sometimes you go too far. “ Well just lay back so I can get to that sweet pussy. With that she flopped back and spread her legs.

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   I reached down and grabbed her legs and pulled her up to my face as I drove my tongue into her dripping little pussy. I moved up and nibbled on her firm little clit. She squealed and moaned as I move all around her clit nibbling and licking it ever so. When she started to cum with her pelvis bumping into my face, I thought I might get a broken “ OH MR. GEE,… DON’T STOP,… PLEASE STOP,… OH DON’T. She wasn’t sure what to say as she convulsed and flopped around cumming all over my face. Her cum so fucking sweet, like nectar from a flower. I couldn’t get enough as I drove my face deeper and farther into her tiny mound. Her cum was all over my chin and face as I tried to swallow all of it. Her body twitching with every little flicker of my tongue on her clit. Her moans and groans were music to my ears, as well as my cock as it started it’s ascent to an erect state Sherl was almost comatose. She really wasn’t aware of much as I lowered her legs down and moved my cock toward her pussy. She flopped as I brushed the engorged head against her slit and clit. This tiny little cunt was so wet it was much easier to get him started this time. He slid in smoothly and I could feel the walls stretching and ripping apart as I pushed deeper into my new little Her breathing was a gasping pant.

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   Slowly, but surely, I started to push deeper and deeper. Soon I was bottoming out in my new hole and she was screaming in pleasure as she felt me ripping her wide “ OH GOD MR. GEE, I love it. FUCK ME PLEASE !!!! I started driving faster and faster. I was pushing it as far as it would go and sometimes it would start to bend and hurt as it couldn’t go any further. I could feel her cumming and cumming as I was ripping her wide. She just kept screaming…” FUCK ME PLEASE, OH YES FUCK ME !!!!! I had moved my hands under her ass and grabbed her cheeks and squeezed as I lifted her up and further onto my cock. I could see the tiny traces of blood from me ripping her pussy open. This little girl was going to feel it in the morning. As I watched my cock trying to bury itself in this tiny hole I felt my balls start to With that I pulled out and grabbed her head and moved my cock toward her mouth. “ Open that mouth and swallow this load !!! “ I She looked for a moment then just in time opened her mouth as I blasted her face with a shot that sprayed far and wide. Glad I was holding her head or she may fly backward. It shot in her mouth, all over her face, up her nose, in her hair and eyes. OH THOSE FUCKING EYES !!!!! Another blast came even harder the second time performing the same act. Then a third, fourth, fifth, until I could spray no more.

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   She looked like she had taken three cocks of cum as her face was covered. Dripping down on to her chest and stomach. She had swallowed what she could, but it wasn’t much. Only stuff she got was what was shot to the back of her throat from the initial blast. Even with this she gagged and “ OH MR. GEE,… IT IS SO HOT… IS THIS HOW IT WILL BE ALL THE TIME ? “ I can only hope it will be like this Sherl. Do you like it ? “ I think it will be a while before I get the hang of this sex thing. “ Don’t worry baby I will make sure you get to understand all of it and love it as much as I do. Now I think you need to get ready to go home. Let me take you upstairs and get you a shower before you go so you don’t smell so bad and we can get those juices all off you. “           “ Can we just rest for a moment before we do that, please ? “

          How could I say no to those eyes. THOSE FUCKING EYES !!!!!. . . .

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