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…. . I had awoken from my dream, with the drool dripping from the corner of my mouth. My cock was it’s usual rock-hard morning woodie. I opened my eyes and realized I was locked in with my mother and my cock was still impaled within her pussy. It was squeezing tight around my morning erection as I tried to move slightly. Then my mother woke up and looked into my “ mmmmmMMMMMmmmmmMMMMM… mommy’s baby is ready to give her a wake-up call I see. With that she grabbed my ass and pushed me back down into her pussy, locking her legs in my lower back. “ Oh god you are so fucking huge !! “ she howled  “ Please be gentle with me as I am very sore from last night. I just looked down at her and gave her a devilish grin. I leaned forward and started sucking and biting on her already hard nipples. Her moans became screams as I bit hard onto those massive nipples. My hips started pumping in a slow rhythmic pulse. Her pussy pleaded to be free from this mass that was forcing it to be something it wasn’t. As I chewed on her nipples and massaged her breasts, she was screaming as my pace increased and my cock was bottoming out in her “ OH FUCK ME YOU BAD BOY! MAKE YOUR MOMMA CRY FOR MORE! With those words spoken I grabbed her tiny legs and pushed them up to her ears. I began a torrid assault on her fragile pussy as I started slamming her as hard as a jackhammer.

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   I was pounding her like a butcher tenderizes meat. I was pulling my cock to the rim of my head and slamming it back in has hard as I could, hitting what ever was stuck back there. She was screaming for me to stop, yet to fuck her harder. Her words would just burst out in bits and pieces has I mashed my cock deep in her Suddenly her eyes kind of rolled back in her head and she was twitching like never before. Her cum was lubing my cock for better movement and spraying from the confines of her pussy onto her legs, my stomach and legs. This only encouraged me to pump faster and harder. She was convulsing after every push and pull. She no longer could speak and was just babbling some sounds from her mouth. Her cum was spraying every time I pushed in, the squish, squish sound was all you heard mixed with her garbled I had lost count as too how many times she had cum and/or the number of orgasms, when I realized she had passed out from all the orgasms. This made me feel like an animal even more and I felt I could do anything I pleased. I let her legs go as they just fell away limp and unresponsive. I grabbed her ass and squeezed her cheeks hard, digging my nails deep into her flesh. I proceeded to push her ass up to meet my thrusts. Faster and faster I raised and lowered her limp body as I pleased, suddenly I felt my balls tighten and an explosion of atomic proportion blasted my cum deep within her womb, cervix, intestine and filled her pussy gushing forth with her cum and juices spraying all over her, me, the rug, table and furniture. I swear some must have even hit the ceiling as the force was nothing like I had ever seen As my cock slowly started to dwindle in size, not much but enough, I pulled myself free from her pussy with a sound only heard on the fourth of July.

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   It sounded like a firecracker going off as a tremendous popping sound occurred as the head freed itself from it’s confines. There must have been a vacuum seal with her tight cunt wrapped around me so I left her lying there on the couch, in whatever world she was in and went to go clean up and take a When I got back to the livingroom, she was just lying there gently rubbing her pussy and clit. Taking her fingers and licking the combination of all the fluids and greedily sucking her fingers “ Oh baby you don’t know how mommy feels right now. She has never, NEVER, EVER had a fucking like her baby has given her. I am yours forever to do as you wish. “ I am glad you understand your position in this relationship now. You are now my little sex slave and when I want or ask you will deliver whatever I request. “ Now don’t try and get cocky with me young man. I am still your mother and you will treat me as such. “ Think what you wish, but you belong to me and will obey my commands. “ Fuck you little boy, you won’t be telling me what to do. With that I move toward her and grabbed her hair. I pulled her up off the couch by it and grabbed her body. I clenched her close to me with my one arm wrapped around her waist holding her in place as I drove my tongue deep into her mouth and throat. She struggled to get free, but was no match for my force.

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   I pulled her hair so her head bent back and I started kissing her neck and nibbling on her ear “ Oh you are a wicked boy !! “ I told you, you are mine and you will obey me. With that I turned her around and bent her over the couch. Her gorgeous ass was there staring at me. I pulled on a handful of hair and asked, “ Would you like me to fuck your ass now or after breakfast ? “ Don’t you dare !! I moved forward and let my cock push slightly at the tiny opening that was her “ STOP YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE. I SAID NO !!!!! “ You are in no position to tell me anything. I slid my cock down toward her pussy and she squirmed as the head rolled over her clit and lips. That soft gentle moan of approval murmured from her lips. I slid my cock back up to her ass, drawing some of the juices with, repeating the procedure again and again. After about the tenth time of moving back and forth from hole to hole I took my cock and slapped her pussy hard. A loud smack and squish could be heard and she moaned loudly. “ Oh you are so cruel to me. “ You know you want me to do it so why must you fight it ? “ Okay baby, mommy is your toy, but please be careful. I am so, so, so tiny. “ Don’t worry mom I will treat you better than you have ever been treated before. Now get up and make us some breakfast.

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   I let go of her hair and backed away. She turned and looked at me, at first with disappointment and want, then with the look of you fucking bastard. She got up, with my help and went to the bathroom to clean and wash up. She was walking rather gingerly with a slight bow in her legs. I just watched as she went down the hall and disappeared into the bathroom. Watching that ass I knew what my next conquest was soon to be. My cock had sprung back up to full staff, but I knew his time would come soon enough and a new world for both my mother and I was soon to begin………  Any questions, comments or inquiries write…. .                      lilgrrlperv@yahoo. com.



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