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I wish to start with the fact that this will be an on-going saga of my life. I am nearing the end of my days and will write as much as I can before father time calls me up.

Now some of the things I shall write about will have girls of a younger age than this site actually allows, but those can be obtained for your personal viewing at the end of the story with the information provided. Although I have seen several stories that do not follow their standards or guidelines, I shall do my best to give as many as I can for all of you to enjoy.

Please remember, if you are offended or do not agree with the sexual exploits of prepubescent children then simple do not read the story. Do not complain or bitch about it after you read it, because you have been warned beforehand.

Now a little about me before we begin with our first tale.

As a child, I was an adventurous sort of lad. Always taking the bet or challenge and not really heeding to advice or warning. This gave me a bit of a rebel label by friends, family, neighbors and associates. I was raised in the Roman Catholic religion, rather strictly in my youth. I am very intelligent, above average good looks and athletic abilities. I maintained a 4. 0 GPA throughout my school years, both public and catholic. Played baseball, basketball, football and hockey in my younger days. Was popular in school and had many a girl chasing me.

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   I was always the shortest person in class until my sophomore year at which time I sprouted to my current height of 5’ 10”. I have brown hair and eyes, dark, rich brown as was told to me. Athletic build, when young hot and muscular, currently I look as if I am 4 months pregnant. Not an imposing belly, but could be smaller if I tried. Most importantly my name; you will call me H. D. Jones.

In the stories that will proceed, I shall try to the best of my ability; relate a life that many will consider quite appalling and even evil. Others shall view it as the natural course of life in general. Which ever fits your taste and/or desires, I hope you enjoy and please keep an opened mind.

First Installment:

Life is and always will be a guessing game. You never know what might have been if you would have turned left, instead of right or visa versa. I guess my life was forged in the direction I headed on that day I remember as if it were yesterday.

I was only five and really had no idea what was happening. I had been out playing with my ‘girlfriend’, the proverbial next-door neighbor, her name was Theresa.

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   She and I had been an item since I was four. She was a year older than I was. We were out back playing in the farmer’s field, running through the corn and just having simple kid fun.

Well I had decided I needed to go home and get something to eat and drink. Theresa agreed and headed for her house. We popped from the field and hopped over the creek that ran across the backyards. Actually, we more like waded through the swallow spot.

As I approached the house from the back, I headed for the sliding doors in the basement. It was actually a tri-level house. In the basement was the bar, pool table and family room. I was going in the basement because the wading had gotten my shoes and pants wet and dirty. I knew if I had gone up the back steps and into the kitchen, my ass would be in trouble for bringing in the dirt and getting the floor all messy.

As I got closer, I noticed the sliding door was slightly ajar. Not really thinking anything of it, I started hearing some strange noises the closer I got.

Me, being the inquisitive little bastard I am, started to sneak up slowly not knowing what to expect, but hoping to get something on my older siblings for blackmail purposes.

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   Even at this age, I was trying to get the upper hand. I was hoping that maybe it was one or both of my brothers doing something they shouldn’t be. Maybe hitting dad’s liquor or such.

As I started down the stairs towards the doors, it became clear that the noises were from a person. Actually, it was more then one, because of the different tones I could hear.

Trying to be like a church mouse, I got to the fifth and final step and peeked into the basement. What I saw I could not understand. There was Lucy, my older sister on her knees with Ronnie, my oldest brother, slamming his cock deep into her mouth. He had his hands on the sides of her head and was fucking her face viciously. She was gurgling and mumbling as he kept slamming his cock deeper and deeper.

“That’s it baby, suck that cock!” he said loud and clear. “That’s what I love about all you catholic girls. You all learn to suck so well!”

She mumbled some more words, but you could not make out what she was saying. Watching her lips, stretch wide over his meat was quite a sight. He must have been at least 8”, if not longer.

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   It was as thick as a hotdog bun. The saliva was squirting from her lips as his balls hit her chin. He moved the one hand, grabbed a bunch of hair from the back of her head, and pushed her faster. His other hand went to the small of his back just above his ass as he bent backwards. Sis was grabbing hold of his thighs holding on for life.

“You better hurry on down here, I’m about finished. ” he yelled toward the stairs.

From the living room, “I’m on my way!”

Suddenly my brother let out a roar, slammed his cock in, and held her head still for about a minute. There was cum seeping from the corners of Lucy’s mouth and running down her chin to her throat. My brother just stood there holding her head as his body quivered. Her eyes were tearing as she looked up at him.

“That’s a good girl. ” he said with a smirk on his face. “You’re getting better every time. I think that maybe you’re beginning to enjoy this.

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Just as Ronnie was pulling his cock from her mouth, Jimmy, my other brother appeared. Sis tried to wipe her chin and throat as best she could.

“Well she is all prepped for you bro. ”

I was just amazed to what I was witnessing. I had never seen such a thing or knew it was possible. As my other brother approached, Lucy spoke, “Please I can’t take it right now. Can we wait some?”

Jimmy started to remove his pants and drawers. Lucy started to snivel. Suddenly I saw why she sniveled. Jimmy had a bigger cock. Limp this monster was at least 8” long and as thick as a can of hairspray. It flopped free from his drawers and smacked sis on the nose as it dropped.

“I need to rest a bit before I get on that. ” she pleaded. “My mouth is sore and aching already.

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“I’ll tell you what, I’ll move over to the couch and sit down so you can put a cushion under your knees, okay?”

“Really I need to wait. It is too big for me. ” she begged.

“Look goddamn it, mom and dad will be home soon and I am not going to have to stop because they get here! Now either you start sucking now or we move to the couch and start there. ”

She got up, moved toward the couch, and threw a cushion down on the floor. Bro moved and sat down in front of her. She grabbed hold of his monster and gently started to stroke it. Her fingers barely made it halfway around this bat. As she stroked it began the magical transformation. My eyes were big as a child on Christmas morning. I was wondering if it was going to ever stop.

Lucy leaned forward and slowly slid the head into her lips. She could not get it in so she took her tongue and slid it around his massive plum and along the ridge. Her spit and saliva drooling all over his head and sliding down over her hand as she continued to stroke.

He grabbed her ears, moved her lips over the top, and pushed ever so.

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   Her mouth stretched far. The farthest I have ever seen anybody open their mouth. As he popped the head in, her cheeks popped like a squirrel packed with nuts. She tried to mumble something, but he just gave her a “SSHHSSHHSSHH. ”

Slowly he pushed a little more in, quarter inch by quarter inch. The spit was pouring from her mouth. It was running down his cock like a waterfall. He would lift her head and push down again. Lift up and push down, lift up and push down. He was not as violent as Ronnie was and she just kept stroking the rest with her hand.

She moved her other hand up to assist the first. Her hands were sliding with ease as the saliva kept coming.

Suddenly from the stairs came Ronnie with something in his hand.

“How’s it going?” he muttered.

“She is trying her best.

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   I think next time I go first so she can function a little better. ”

As he approached, I could see the jar of Vaseline in his hand. He popped the top off and placed it on the table.
    He then lifted my sister’s skirt to reveal her big white panty covered ass. She tried to lift her head, but it was held firmly in place. I could see her eyes getting massively huge like Peter Lorie’s. Ronnie also had a hard-on as he proceeded to pull my Lucy’s panties down to her knees. I could hear her garbled sounds as he scooped out some Vaseline on his fingers and smeared it all around her asshole.

    Her mouth popped free of the bat she was sucking and started to scream.


    Jimmy slapped her across the face and told her to shut up. She began to cry.

    “Get back on my dick, before I slap you again. ”

    The tears were pouring from her eyes. They were mixing with everything else on her chin and then down to the cock. She moved her mouth back to position for the head.

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       She pushed down as Ronnie put a finger up her asshole and wiggled it around.

    I could hear my sister with a muffled “MMmmMMmmMMmmMM. ”

    He went back, got some more Vaseline, and moved back to her asshole. This time he put two fingers in and her sounds seemed a little different. Her head was bobbing on my brother’s cock a little easier. I did not know if it was the tears that made it so or if she was getting use to his size. He had put his one hand behind her head and used that to push her down. This time it was going in by the half inch. Suddenly her back arched and she choked and gagged. My brother pushed her head down hard. His cock went the deepest I had seen it go. At least 8” was in her and she was changing colors.

    Suddenly he lifted her head up and she came off his cock with a loud popping sound. She was gasping and reaching for all the air she could muster. While she was panting and gasping, I could hear her moaning.

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       Ronnie was pushing four fingers into her ass and she was enjoying it.

    Jimmy now jumped off the couch and moved the coffee table as he positioned himself behind her. Ronnie had removed his fingers and was fondling her tits, while pinching and pulling her nipples. The sounds from Lucy had changed completely. Not only were they louder, but they had a tone of joy to them. I think she actually liked what was happening to her.

    Jimmy moved up to her ass, grabbed the cheeks, and spread them. His monster was poised and ready for action.

    Out of nowhere I hear my sister, “FUCK MY ASS, PLEASE!!! I NEED YOUR COCK IN ME NOW!!!”

    With that, Jimmy took his bat and slid it into Lucy’s ass with the least amount of resistance imaginable. He only pushed about four inches in and then pulled back. Then forward with another inch and back. Then again and again. Before you knew it, his whole log was buried deep within her ass and she loved it.

    Her hips were moving back to try to push it deeper. Her moans and groans were changing to screams of “FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARDER YOU PRICK”

    Suddenly she turned her head and scream to Ronnie, “Give me that cock.


       I want it now!!!”

    Ronnie moved over toward the couch and releasing her nipples and tits plopped down so she could suck him.

    She inhaled his cock without any assistance. She was deepthroating him unlike earlier where she resisted. He just leaned his head back on the cushion, eyes closed and enjoyed.

    Meanwhile Jimmy was pounding Lucy’s ass with brute force. He was ramming so hard her head would shift a couple of inches as she swallowed Ronnie’s cock. Her pleas were sounds of contentment and coos. She actually enjoyed having her ass abused.
    Suddenly Jimmy bellowed a loud grunt. Lucy was shaking and trembling. Ronnie also let out a familiar roar. All three were having an orgasm, simultaneously. I did not know that fact at the time, but that was what happened.

    There was cum oozing from Lucy’s ass, like a broken pipe leaks water. She was quivering as she tried to suck Ronnie’s ball through his cock.

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       Jimmy just fell forward over her back and moved his hands to her tits and began playing.

    “I hate you both…You know I hate it when you two gang up on me…I wish you would be nicer about it. ” sis muttered between breaths. “Jimmy I love that monster ripping my asshole apart. You have no idea how great it feels having that log tear me open. ”

    “You have no idea how nice your tight ass feels on my dick, sis. I love you. ”

    Ronnie just looked down at them both as he smiled. “The two of you should be thanking me. If it wasn’t for me, neither of you two would love shit. ”

    I do not know what went on after that as I snuck back up the stairs and went to go sit on the swing set. I sat there trying to figure out what I had just seen and what it all meant. What were sis, Ronnie and Jimmy all doing? Did they do this all the time or was it just now and then. All these questions ripping through my young mind not knowing any answers or understanding the questions. I just sat on the swing trying to know what I just saw, when I was awoken by a sound………………………………

    Any questions, comments or inquiries please write …lilgrrlperv@yahoo.

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    Have a wonderful day !!!!!.



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