my little Izzy


Isabelle was awakened by a sudden noise. Her eyes popped open to see her brother rummaging through her panty drawer. He was shuffling her panties all around. He quickly glanced back at her to see if she had heard him. She closed her eyes without him seeing them open or so she thought. He continued until he grabbed a pair and pulled them from the drawer. He held them to his nose and inhaled deeply.
 There really was no smell other than the smell of fresh washed panties. He was just dreaming of his sister’s scent and aroma from the pairs he use to take from the dirty clothes bin. Quickly he dropped his boxers and placed his sister’s panties on.  This seemed to shock Isabelle a bit. But did the sight of him putting her panties on or the size of his erect penis shock her. She was not sure, but she knew she was starting to get moist. She could feel the juices begin to dribble from her pussy to her thighs.  Her brother, Henry, began to slowly stroke his cock through her panties. Rubbing the material that was cover his cock with his hand up and down the shaft.

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   She could see the enormous size of his penis and was beginning to rub her own clit without knowing. Her juices were beginning to pour in a steady stream from her pussy and she was now sliding a finger into her hole as her brother started to play a little more with the head of his cock.  She could hear him moan slightly as his strokes increased in tempo. She also realized that her strokes were increasing also. She began rubbing harder on her now engorged clit. It was protruding from its hood with pride and sensitivity. As she continued so did her brother. Suddenly Henry let out a loud, “ OH YES Izzy! “ Just then Isabelle let out a moan as her body tighten and stiffened.  Henry turned to see Izzy quivering from her powerful orgasm as his cum was spraying all over the dresser, his hands and her panties. He was steadying himself on the dresser with his other hand as the cum poured forth from his cock. Isabelle was unaware of his gaze upon her as she was in a new world of her own.  Finally Henry stopped cumming and proceeded toward Izzy’s bed. His cock, still protruding from her panties was not shrinking much. Her panties looked so tiny wrapped on his body and trying to retain that mass of meat. Henry’s cock did not deflate much from his orgasm as thoughts were now on taking his sister.

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    Isabelle was just starting to come down from her euphoric high, when she realized Henry was gazing down upon her young, voluptuous body. He had pulled what covers were left on her body off and stared intently at her damp, bald pussy. Izzy still had her finger wedged inside her lips as Henry pulled her cum covered panties from his body. She just stared in amazement at the size of his cock.  Henry dropped onto the bed and Izzy pulled away and toward the other side.  “ Don’t be afraid Izzy. Why didn’t you say something while you were watching me? How long were you watching me? “ Isabelle was moving to the edge when Henry grabbed her arm and pulled her back. She had a slight look of terror in her eyes, but could not remove her gaze from his cock as she was turned to look in his direction.  “ So you seem to be very interested in my cock I see. Would you like to try it on for size? “ Izzy now looked, briefly into Henry’s eyes and then back down to his cock.  “ I have never seen a cock like that. It scares me. “ She spoke with a slight quiver in her voice. She was now removing her finger from her pussy. Henry grabbed her hand, as she did and moved it toward his now hard cock.

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   She instinctively grabbed the shaft and tried to wrap her fingers around it. It was huge compared to her tiny, little hand. Her fingers could only get halfway around his meaty shaft. As her hand latched on Henry released a nice soft moan. Izzy just stared as her gentle began to move up and down the shaft.  “ Would you like to try some of this? “ asked Henry.  Isabelle, having never had this experience before, just gave a quick look up to him.  “ I know that this is new to you Izzy and I will be as gentle as I can. “ Isabelle was starting to relax a little and getting a grip on the situation. Henry then stood up and moved closer to the head of the bed and placed his hand on the back of Izzy’s head and pulled it toward his cock.  Izzy tried to stop him, placing her hands on his pelvis and pushing back. Alas Henry was much stronger and he moved her close to his cock.  “ Don’t fight Izzy. It will only make matters worse. “ “ I don’t know what to do Henry.

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   It is too big for me. “ “ No baby girl, you will be amazed at what you can do if you try and listen to me. “ “ I’m scared Henry. I have only seen one porno and the man was making the girl cry from the size of his cock going in and out of her. He was putting it in her mouth, pussy and ass. “ “ I will do the same to you, but I will be gentle with you. ” With those words he pushed his head toward her mouth and forced her lips to part. His mushroomed head was large. Her lips could barely get around it. He could hear her muffled cries of protest as he pushed his meat inward. Once his head was in it seemed as if her lips were locked in place and she could not get them off.  The rim on his head had taken her lips and forced them to stay rapped around his head. She attempted to remove her lips, but couldn’t get them back over the ridge. Her eyes began to well up with tears as the massive size of his cock was stretching her mouth and jaw to new extremes.  Henry smiled as he looked down on his sister trying to unlatch herself from his cock.

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   He pushed in a little deeper and Izzy gasped, coughed and choked. A little spit sprayed from the sides of her mouth as she coughed and gagged from his intrusion. Henry pushed once more sliding about three inches into her mouth as she convulsed in the normal method of a protein expulsion. Henry popped his cock from her mouth as she gasped for air.  Tears were flowing down her cheeks and dripping from her chin onto her newly budding breasts. She was coughing and gasping, as Henry took his cock in hand and began tracing it around her face. Rubbing it up and down each cheek, around her mouth and then slapping her on both cheeks with it.  “ You said you wouldn’t hurt me!” As Izzy tried to wipe the tears from her face, Henry reached down and grabbed her legs and spread them wide.  “ NO DON’T!!!!!”Henry pulled Izzy toward the edge of the bed. Her sloppy, wet pussy glistened from the dim light coming through the window. He could see droplets dripping from her lips. She may protest, but she is turned on and wanting thought Henry.  With this he took his cock and began rubbing it up and down Izzy’s slit. The cum and juices were covering his head and Izzy’s sniffles and cries were turning into moans and groans. She would flinch every time his massive head rubbed her clit.


   She could not believe how sensitive it was. She had never had such a sensation.  Suddenly without any kind of warning, Henry pushed the head of his cock into her slit. A loud “OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH” could be heard coming from her.  The velvety smoothness of her pussy was just amazing on Henry’s cock. The force at which her pussy wrapped itself around his meat was something he had never experienced before. Henry had fucked many a woman/girl before, but none had ever felt like this.  Isabelle was just amazed at how much pain was coming from her pussy. The thing was though that it was not a bad pain. Her juices went into overdrive just from the insertion of Henry’s head. She could feel her pussy trying to grab his cock to bring it in further. What was going on, she had never wanted this before.  Henry pushed a couple more inches in as he came to her hymen. It tickled his head. He could feel the precum dripping out.

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   He pulled back the two inches and pushed in again, ever so slowly.  “ Izzy, I am going to pop your cherry and it will be extremely painful for a little while. I will hold you and wait for you to get accustomed to it before I continue. ” As Henry pulled back and lunged forward, making short work of the popping part, he pushed his mouth over Izzy’s to stop the scream that had tried to escape from her. He pushed his tongue down her throat and she almost bit it. He tried to keep her going with his kissing. She had tears just running as rivers down her cheeks. She was finally responding to his kisses with little moans.  Without any kind of warning, Izzy pulled from his mouth and said, “ OH Henry, FUCK ME PLEASE!” Suddenly Henry started to pump his cock into her pussy. He began slowly and found only five inches would fit until he hit her womb. So for him it was almost like jacking off. He started to pick up the pace with his short strokes.  Isabelle started to squeal, as her orgasms were starting to coming in rapid succession. One after another she was cumming and cumming. The lubrication was making Henry quicker and quicker.

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   Suddenly Henry felt his cock pass the hole of life. He had plunged into her womb. Now his animal was taking over. He was now slamming eight inches into Izzy, who had finally passed out. He was firing on all cylinders as he pounded her pussy unmercifully. He had a hold of her ass cheeks and was trying to get more of his cock in, but couldn’t.  Suddenly his balls tightened and he exploded like an atomic bomb deep inside Izzy’ womb. He quickly filled her womb and was quickly filling her pussy. Cum was pouring from him like a hydrant. The force of the blast was like never before. He had lost count of the number of squirts when he finally pulled his cock from her pussy and began spraying all over her face and body. Henry was fighting his exploding cock like a fireman with a hose. His cum was covering little Izzy’s face and chest like a snowfall on a mountaintop.  Isabelle awoke from her semi comatose state to all the cum drenching her body. She found her eyes a little hard to open as the heavy gobs of cum laid upon them.

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   It was hard to breath through her nose as the nostrils were filled. As she opened her mouth, more gobs of cum dropped into her throat as she gagged while swallowing them and trying to get some air. She moved her hands over her eyes to clean them up. She looked and saw Henry finishing up his cumming. His head tilted back and his hand wrapped tightly around his cock as he proceeded to squeeze the last of the cum from his balls.  Isabelle moved up and began kissing Henry’s head. His eyes sprang open as he looked down to see Izzy licking the drops of cum oozing from his head. She looked up with her eyes as he looked down on her. She smiled at him as he did to her. His cock was jumping every time she flicked her tongue across his head.  “ You like that don’t you? “ Isabelle just nodded her head. She started to scoop the cum from her chest and belly putting it in her mouth and gobbling it up. She did the same to her face. She tried to get every drop she could. Henry took his hands and placed them near her mouth, where she proceeded to lick them clean.

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    After all the licking and cleaning, Henry climbed in next to Izzy. He wrapped his arm around her as they got into the spoon position. Isabelle could feel the massive cock pressed against her ass as they drifted off to sleep.   Any questions, comments and/or inquiries write to        lilgrrlperv@yahoo. com Have a wonderful day.



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