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There was a slight noise, which had awoken Henry. As he picked his head up slightly to get his bearings, he realized he had fallen asleep in Izzy’s room. The sound he heard was his mother and father getting ready to leave for work. As just a slight amount of panic entered his body, Henry realized that they were heading out the door and were gone as he heard the cars rev down the street.
It was now that he found his usual morning stiffy pressing it’s way through Izzy’s ass cheeks, thighs and rubbing against her slit. He found his hand automatically moving over her little nipple as it became hard under his fingertips. Izzy appeared to be still asleep and Henry was horny.
Oh the dilemma of what to do. Does he brutalize her ass she sleeps, does he wake her and brutalize her or does he just take her ass and break it in once and for all.
As his fingertips continued to pull on her nipples and his cock was now starting to twitch, his decision was made. Just as he had moved the covers off of them, Izzy awoke halfway and asked what he was doing.
“ I am going to fuck your ass Izzy. It is going to hurt, but you will soon love it. “ Oh how Henry could lie and to his little sister. He got up and went to his room and grabbed some of his lube. He always kept a tube because many of the women/girls he had required it to accommodate his cock.

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As he came back Izzy had taken the covers back up over her body and was trying to get back to sleep.
“ Oh no you don’t little sis ! “
Her head jerked around and she locked upon his massive manhood. There it was standing tall and proud. Izzy was just amazed at how huge Henry was. She could not believe that it had actually fit inside her, but then that was why she was so sore and ached ever so.
“ Oh Henry I don’t think I can take any more of that. “ as she pointed toward his monster.
“ Baby there is nothing to worry about. This will make it super easy and less painful. “ It was hard for him to hide his grin as he knew what was ahead.
“ But I am so sore Henry !!! “
“ Listen, this is the way it is going to be from now on. You enjoyed yourself last night, right ? “
Henry was a sly devil. He could always make it appear as if she was asking for it. He twisted things so she could not say no. Izzy remembered the sensation of herself on a continuous cumming binge.

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   The feeling of that alone made the pain bearable.
“ Besides all you have to do is lay on your stomach and I will take care of the rest. “
He painted a picture of simplicity. It all seemed so easy. Nothing complicated just lie on your stomach and enjoy. Isabelle seemed to think all was going to be really sweet and nice.
She took her aching body and moved so she was on her stomach near the edge of the bed. Henry just stared at her sweet little ass and smiled. He popped the cap off the lube and took a large squirt from it. He set the tube down and rubbed the lube in his hands trying to warm it up a bit. He then went and put a massive amount of lube all over Izzy’s hole and inside the rim. He then proceeded to take his log in his hands and spread what was left in his hands all up and down his throbbing monster.
It felt so nice as his hands slid so smoothly over his cock. He grabbed the lube and spread some more along the length of his cock. He took and rubbed it all over causing a bit of precum to emerge from his head.

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Oh he was getting too carried away and forgetting about his prize.
“ What are you waiting for ? “
Her voice snapped him back.
He moved up behind her and grabbed her cheek and pushed it toward the side. Her tiny hole was staring at him. Should he feel bad at what he was about to do to Izzy ? As he moved close behind her and placed his head near her hole. It was huge compared to her little orifice.
“ Remember baby this will hurt, but only for a little bit “ or so he hoped.
Izzy was petting her pussy, which was now dripping like a leaky faucet.
“ Are you going to do it ? “
“ HOLD ON IZZY !!!! “
With that Henry pushed his head into her asshole and stopped as it disappeared inside. He was silent and almost ready to blow his load as Izzy’s ass was locked around his head and wouldn’t or couldn’t let go.
Henry tried to move his cock, but it wouldn’t budge. Izzy had clenched down and nothing was moving any direction, anyway. It was like two dogs locked in the passion of sex as nature makes sure all his cum is deposited within the female.
“ Izzy you need to relax !!!!! I can’t do anything.

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   You have me locked in place. “
Izzy tried to relax as Henry tried to move. Blood had started to trickle down her crack. Henry again tried to push, then pull. Then he grabbed her hips and with a firm hold he pushed with all his might and his cock sank a good five inches and Izzy screamed as tears poured from her eyes.
Henry was lost in the sensation that now enveloped his cock. Last night it was her pussy and now he had the final treasure and it felt even better. He was oblivious to her screaming and yelling. Henry was just standing there holding Izzy’s hips tight and unyielding. His head was tilted back and his eyes were closed as he just relished in the feeling of this small virgin ass wrapped around his cock.
He was snapped back to reality as he felt Izzy’s hand trying to break his free of her body. Her screaming and yelling was now filling his ears.
“ Hey you said you wanted to, so don’t get pissy with me !!! “
“ If you would relax and quit screaming maybe then you would see the pain go away !!!!! “
She just kind of stopped screaming, but there were loud moans and groans coming from her throat. Henry took a hand off her hip and moved it toward her clit.

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   It was already standing tall and dripping from all the pussy juices and blood that had slid down to join it. He started to play with her clit, pinching, pulling and rubbing it. He was not as gentle as last night and was using some force. Izzy’s hips started to gyrate slightly as her orgasm was coming near. Henry’s cock was moving maybe a centimeter or two as her hips moved. The pain from his cock lodged in her ass and the pleasure of the orgasm coming on.
As Isabelle came and came hard, her ass pushed back causing Henry in a bit deeper. She relaxed slightly and Henry took advantage of the moment. His hand moved back to her hip and he started slowly pushing and pulling. At first they were very small movements. Just slight slides to and fro. The pressure on his cock was amazing.
Izzy was in her own little world of ecstasy from her orgasm. She was dripping puddles all over her bed. Cum, juices and blood all mixed and forming on the sheets soaking the mattress.

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Henry started to increase his strokes. They were now about an inch and Izzy’s screams were now more moans of pleasure. Henry took his hand around and went for her clit again. The moment he touched it her hips bucked back and his cocked pushed in another two inches. She didn’t care about the pain; her clit was so sensitive she couldn’t help herself. Henry grabbed her clit and went through the same motions as before. In less then one minute Izzy was cumming again twice as hard.
Henry sensing even more relaxation came back around and started to drive as far as he could. He was pulling back and forth a good seven inches. His balls were starting to tighten. Izzy was just begging for more. Henry gave her two more strokes and left himself buried as he blew his load in her ass. The cum was massive as in squeezed from her hole as he pulled out and sprayed the rest all over her back, some getting up into her hair. It was spraying around like a broken hose. Henry’s body was shaking like it had never shaken before.

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   Izzy just collapsed on the bed. Henry with his cock in hand got on the bed and moved toward Izzy’s face. He took the head and tried to push it in her mouth but Izzy was not cooperating. Henry just took it and rubbed it all over her cheeks and nose.
After the two of them laid there for about ten minutes, Izzy looked up at Henry and told him, “ I hate you for that. “
Henry just smiled his little smirk and said, “ Let’s go get cleaned up and get some breakfast. “
“ I don’t think I can move. I hurt so bad. “
“ Okay then I will bring you something, but you still need to clean up. “
With that Henry picked up Isabelle and carried her to the bathroom.
“ Do you want the tub ? “
“ Yes, could you please ? “
Henry started the water and then walked to the sink and grabbed a cloth to wipe himself. He gazed at his semi-limp cock and smiled at it. In less then twelve hours it had been to paradise twice. He knew things would never be the same, as he wiped the cum and blood from his cock. He finished and then placed Izzy in the tub.

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“ I’ll be back in a moment, “ as he smiled at her and headed for the kitchen.
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