My Little Girl pt 2


Topic: my little girl pt 2My Little Girl pt. 2
So we ate dinner in silence. Finally I broke the awkward ice. “Lacy, how do you feel about what we just did?” She says,” I don’t know daddy. I mean I loved the way u made me feel. It was awesome. I got really horny when u started to play with him.   I think  I want to go further. ”  

“Do you want to start tonight?”  I ask. She says” sure daddy. What will we do first?”

“Hmmm……….   How about ways to pleasure yourself without my help. Like when  im doing something for work. There are things that you can use that are just as good as a real live cock but better than ur finger. How does that sound?”

“sure daddy. That sounds like fun.

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   When can we start?”

“First you answer this. Do you want to learn with Kimmy?”
“ I can, just to save you the trouble of having to do it twice. I think so. ”

“Ok we will start tomorrow when your sister gets home. ”

So kimmy came home around noon the next day. Lacy and I decided to start after her sister had taken a shower to make sure she was nice and clean.

“Kim can you come here please?”

My other daughter appears.

“Yes daddy?”

“we need to discuss something. Youre not in trouble, but its something that needs to be said. ”

Taking a minute to think of what to say I say” While you were gone Lacy and I did some exploring. I went into the living room after ordering pizza and saw something very unexpected. ”

“What was it daddy?”

“Your sister was watching  a porn movie. ”\

I think I need to teach you guys some important stuff. Sex.

I decided we would have lessons.

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   How does that sound?

Ok daddy but couldn’t you get in trouble for that?

Yes I could, but not if we keep it quite.


So we can start with the easiest. Playing with your clitoris. That’s this part.

I pointed to her clit. I asked Lacy to show Kim what to do.

My little girl showed her sister . Kim was soon halfway to her very first climax.

She groaned “Oh yessssss. Yessssssss. Awwwwwwwwwww yeah!” she started bucking her hips into her hand. As she came down from the clouds, I asked her how she liked it and she said she loved it.

Kim was eager for more. She asked me what was next.

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“Toys!! Tomorrow we will go to this special erotic store. ”

So the next day we went to the mall.  Sent the girls to go look for some new underwear. We decided to meet in the food court.

Once I was done I headed that way and bought a couple pretzels and pepsi for us.

The girls finally emerged from the intament apparel with a small bag for each of them.

We sat and ate our lunch and headed for home.
On the way Lacy asked me what was in the bag.
I replied with a sly smile.

We arrived at the house and stripped naked. I asked the girls to show me what they got and then I would show them what I bought.

The girl each selected a thong to model.

Lacy had a purple and lacy (lol)  thong. It framed her ass perfectly.

Kim had a small black g-string with just a little triangle covering her tiny pussy.

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Instant boner…. . good thing I didn’t feel restrained by my jeans anymore.

“Your turn daddy!!!!”

Ok Ok Ok. I  pulled my bag of fun towards me. I grabbed the first thing my hand touched. It was a red strap on cock.

“Whoa!!! Whats that???”

It is a fake cock. Duh what did you think it was?

I dunno.



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