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………. I watched Shirley’s ass shake ever so as she entered my apartment. She kind of glanced over her shoulder as she went in and gave a wicked little smirk with the corner of her mouth.

I just walked in behind her. Her curves were very well displayed from the back. I felt my cock starting to pulse as it pressed the fabric of my pants.

Now I am not the largest man in the world. The one thing I have is thickness. My cock is your average seven inch, but I am two and a half inches in diameter. I had a girlfriend many years prior, who was into “ brazilian “ style genitalia and I never quit after we did. Therefore, I am clean-shaven balls and all. I am your typical middle-aged man. Brown hair and eyes, slight belly, slightly athletic looking. Just starting to do minor workouts to get back into shape for my health. Hoping to see sixty.

I turned to secure the door.

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   As I turned back into the room, I tossed the jackets onto the chair, just as Shirley leapt into me locking her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck, while vacuuming my mouth with hers. She knocked me back against the wall. My arms instinctively wrapped around her and squeezed.

I pushed those full 36c tits into my chest as our tongues were trying to pin the other down. I swear I could feel her nipples tighten as I mashed her into me. Soft moans came from back in her throat as I moved one hand down to her ass. There was that slight gap when you do a squat motion. That gap that always gives you the “plumber’s cleavage” look. I slid my hand down through the gap and over her right cheek.

The skin was as smooth as glass. I felt my cock push a good inch against my pants. I squeezed hard and dug my fingers deep into her flesh. The firmness caused another push from my cock.

She broke the kiss and lifted her head up and back. Loudly moaning and groaning as I kissed her neck.

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   Her hips were starting to gyrate on my denim tent. My hand was abusing her ass. Slipping my finger in her hole as I slid around the cheeks and thong. Loving the squeal she let out as I pushed in her puckered love canal. As I started to pull my hand from her pants, she leapt off as fast as she had on.

I just stood there against the wall as she stepped back two steps and started to slide the sweater up off her stomach. You immediately notice the ivory smooth skin as she pulls the sides up struggling to get them over her shoulders. As her chin pops free and her hair falls back down. Those enchanting green eyes run deep spearing your heart and soul. As you are forced to gaze at two perfect orbs nestled snuggly within the confines of a gorgeous lowcut lace bra. Nipples busting the fabric as they tighten from excitement of anticipation.

I am frozen staring intently at her beautiful tits. Automatically licking my lips in anticipation of gobbling those two melons. As my trance is shattered by her words; ’ You need to get out of your clothes too you know. ‘ as she flipped the sweater to the chair with the jackets.

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She was working on her pants as I fumbled with the buttons on my shirt. My eyes were locked militarily on the treasure that awaited me sight. She popped the button free and pulled the zipper down. It was almost as if she couldn’t go fast enough as her hands were pushing and tugging those jeans off her hips and on the floor. My eyes absorbed the matching thong and bald pussy beneath it. The gap in her legs was simply beautiful. You could see the thong pushing up into her pussy causing the lips to separate slightly and wrap around the fabric. The fabric was very moist. You could see slight moisture traces on her thighs.

As she kicked the jeans toward the chair, she reached up and set her lovely orbs free to breath and rejoice in the air of the world. I swear they didn’t even drop a half inch. They were firm and solid. Her areolas were the size of half dollars and a deep reddish pink. Her nipples were the size of nickels and half an inch tall. All my brain was saying was ‘ suck, suck, SUCK, SUCK ‘ the thoughts of being the baby who gets to feast on those mommas.

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   Then I noticed a slight moisture on the nipples. I couldn’t believe it but she was still lactating from the pregnancy or she was one of those women who just lactate. Who knows, who cares.

She saw my mouth drop open as I riveted my gaze upon those majestic mounds of flesh. Flexing up and down as her breathing was getting a little more rapid. I was sliding my shirt of my shoulders as she moved for her thong. Quickly she flipped it with the jeans and bra near the chair. She reached up and grabbed hold of her tits and squeezed them while pinching her nipples and squirting milk in my direction.

I had reached down to undo my pants as the stream hit me. My head jerked back up as I was hit by another in my face. The warm sensation of her milk slapping my face and running down my cheeks and chin onto my chest and belly.

John Henry was screaming at the top of his lungs, ‘set me free, oh set me free’
I glanced back down to make sure I didn’t zip ol’ john henry on my way down. A blast hit my open mouth and I gasped and coughed as I slid my pants down. Shirley was giggling and chuckling at the milk shower she was giving me.

Suddenly her sounds stopped as I heard a slight gasp.

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   I looked up to she her staring with her mouth wide open. She fixed upon my cock as a bit of drool slid from the corner of her lip.

She lifted her head up to look me in the eyes. There was a smile on her face that I swear was tied behind her head. The glassy eyed look that was now over her, as she dropped her fingers from her nipples and started for the floor in front of me.

Without a single word spoken, she dropped and had my cock in her mouth faster than a shark. She began to inhale as much as she could. I looked down as I watched her cheeks push out wide as she bobbed in and out. I reached down and grabbed a good portion of her lovely thick hair. I reached and grabbed a second with my other hand. I began to take her head and push it deeper. She looked up with those eyes, tears welling up, as I pushed it deeper and deeper.

Her gag reflex started to kick in so I eased up a little. She had one hand massaging my balls as the other stroked my base. Her hair felt fantastic in my hands.

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   So soft, so thick. I love thick hair. Just something about it, makes a woman look super sexy. It is also great to pull as you go bareback.

Her mouth was stretching and getting a workout from my shaft. She was sliding her tongue up and down my shaft, circling my head and ridge, popping it in and out of her mouth. Gazing up at just the right times with those eyes.

It was one of those times she was sliding up to my head along the main vein with her magical little tongue. Suddenly I blew a monstrous blast of cum that slammed cum up her nostrils. The balance was blasted across her face and in her mouth. She fought to get her mouth over my head. It wasn’t until the fifth blast went did she get a lock on my head. She gulped the remaining cum from my cock. She vacuumed it dry. Now for the drippings all over her face, neck, hair, eyes, tits, just everywhere.

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   She started to scoop it into her one hand. As it got full she dumped it in her mouth and swallowed.

I dropped down and started to suck and lick her tits dry. Her moans started getting loud again. I bit her nipples slightly. She let out a squeal as her hand grabbed my head and pushed me into her tit hard. I grabbed the nipple again and pulled hard like a vacuum as she quivered and shook. She was cumming and it didn’t take much.

She started to get limp and I reached around and grabbed hold of her locking my arms around her. I staggered to my feet pulling Shirley with me. She was now beginning to settle down from her orgasm. She dragged her feet slightly trying to get her legs back from the orgasm, as I led her to my bedroom. I had one arm holding her arm up over my shoulder as the other was wrapped around her waist hold her close to me as I began to wonder who was the prey here…………………………….

Any questions, comments or inquiries write tolilgrrlperv@yahoo. com

Have a wonderful day.

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