My little angels


There I was sleeping soundly and peacfully I might add in my chair when the damn phone rang again.
"God damn phone!" I muttered to myself as I picked up the receiver. "What?!"
"Mr. Petrosky?" A female voice said over the phone.
"Yeah and who are you?" I said still irritated I'd woken up for this.
"Sorry to disturb you but your daughter Mary and her husband were in a car accident. Their children survived the crash but their parents didn't. Since you are the last known living relative we are required to first turn custody over to you. " She said sounding like a government robot.
This was convenient. I hadn't seen Mary in almost 20 years and now she's trying to pawn her brats off on me. To say the least I wasn't happy. I was an old man and I wasn't used to having people around let alone kids. Even if I wasn't old I wouldn't take the brats. I'd loved Mary with all my heart and I'd shown her in everyway a man could. She told me she loved me too, hell she wanted to give me another baby like her mother hadn't been able to do, but when she got pregnant she aborted the twins and ran off with some good for nothing slub who'd convinced her I was evil.

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   To say the least, I've never forgiven her.
"Mr. Petrosky?" the woman on the phone said.
"Yeah I'm still here. " I said unphased by the situation.
"Are you willing to take the kids?" She asked a little too sweetly.
"I don't know. Boys and girls always fight. " I was searching for an excuse.
"Well if it helps they only had a set of identical twin daughters. They're 18 and extremely well behaved. Their parents kept them very sheltered to avoid outside influences. " I knew she was trying to sell me on the idea and it was working. I'd always wondered what our twins would have looked like.
"All right.

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   I'll take them but on a 3-month trial basis. If I can't stand them after that then you'll have to find somewhere else for them to go. " I said defeated.
"That is very kind of you sir. I'll be there to drop them off in 30 minutes. " She hung up immediately.
Well that little minx I thought to myself. She had already brought them here from California and assumed I'd take them. It was almost laughable at what would have happened had I said no.
30-minutes later on the dot my door bell rang. When I opened the door I damn near had a heart attack. Standing before me were two blue eyed, curly blonde haired, porcelain skinned angels with blooming busts. They were the spitting image of their mother. My cock stirred from its long sleep at the sight of them. I had to get this woman out of here quickly before my cock came completely back to life.

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"Hello Mr. Petrosky. This is Amelia and Evelyn. There parents have left them a very large trust and you have complete access to it for anything the girls might need. If you have a question there is a list of phone numbers on the front page. " She handed me a folder that apparently contained all the information I'd need. "Girls you be on your best behavior and remember to do whatever your grandfather tells you. " I smiled at her last comment. My cock and I had great plans for these little angels.
"Hello grandfather. " they said in unison.
I ushered them inside and decided to lay down the ground rules but first I had to know how far I could push them.
"Girls grandfather has some questions to ask you and I need you to be honest with me. I promise no matter what you say I will not be mad or punish you. " They just nodded and smiled at me.

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   "All right. First of all do you know what sex is?" They looked at me puzzled. This is wonderful I thought to myself. Virgins.
"Ok. Then we need to have a talk. " I sat the down next to me. "Sex is what happens when you really love someone. "
"Like you grandfather?" One of the twins asked.
"Yes sweetheart. Like me but you can only really love one person. Once you love this person you are together forever. " They looked at me with those innocent eyes and I decided to push further. "I really love you my angels. It breaks grandpas heart that your mother never let me see you.

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   She was jealous of the love I had for you. " I pulled them in closer to me my cock jumping to attention. "See girls," I said montioning to my lap, "that's what happens when a man loves a woman. It makes me want to show my love for you and it hurts very bad when it can't love. " I said grimacing my face for effects.
"We love you grandfather!" They said in unison.
"But you don't really love me. You don't want to be only with me forever. You'll leave me like your mother did. " I said looking broken hearted.
"But we do grandfather. We will love only your forever. We won't ever leave you. " One of the twins said. "Won't we Amelia.

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  " Amelia nodded her head at Evelyn.
"How do we show you we love you?" Evelyn asked.
"Well I can only show one of you at a time.  Since you asked Evelyn, you can be shown first and Amelia can watch. Before we begin have either of you started your period?" To my delight they both shook their head yes. "Good then you are of proper age for us to consumate our love. " They looked at each other giddly as I lead them to my bedroom.
"Evelyn get naked and lay on your back on the bed. Amelia sit next to her so you can watch and help. This was just too easy. Oh well, no time to think about it, I thought to myself as I stripped.
I watched as Evelyn stripped all of her clothes off. She was about 5'3 with the most stunning body for her age. Her breasts were almost a B-cup and her little pink nipples were instinctively hard already. I picked her lithe body up and placed her gently on the bed.

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"Grandpa your thingy is pointing at us!", Amelia giggled. I was surprise when I felt her little hand grasp my 7 inch member. "Wow! It's so big and hard. " She said astonished. Her hand started pumping up and down. I hadn't felt another persons hand on my cock since her mother had left. If she didn't stop soon I was going to come. "Hey Evelyn watch me! It's pulsing!" Her mouth was so close to me I could just push forward into it.
"Stop!" I screamed as I was about to blow my load all over her porcelian face. She recoiled away from me and her lower lip quivered. I pulled her in close to me and gently rubbed her clit through her pants to calm her down.  "No baby. It's ok.  I didn't mean to scream at you. It's just that grampy can only manage to make love juice so often and I don't want to waste it.


   It has to go in your sister so she can become a woman. Later I'll do the same for you. "
She returned to her place at her sisters head and I joined them on the bed. Her sister was laid on her back with her knees bent and her legs spread wide for grandaddy. She must be a natural slut like her mother, I thought to myself.
"All right Amelia I want you to come over by grandpa and grab his lovepole. " She hurried over to me eager to wrap her hand around it again. "Now baby girl hold  it steady and help me guide it into Evelyn's love hole. " I parted her sisters pussy lips and started pushing forward. I didn't really need Amelia's help but I wanted to make it appear like a learning experience. I felt Evelyn's tightness clamp around me and then the warm and wetness of her virginal pussy.
"Grandpa, you're inside her! We did it! Evie you're going to be a woman! Look Grandpa is inside you!" Amelia squealed delightly to her sister as I removed her hand.
"That's right I'm in you. Now you'll feel nothing but pleasure. " I was of course lying but she'd forgive.

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I pushed in further as I watched Evelyn's face start to clence in pain. As I continued pushing in her trying to work past her tightness she began squirming and her blue eyes started forming tears in them.
"Grandpa stop! Stop! Please Stop! It hurts!" She had full blown tears rolling down her crimson cheeks.
It was too late. I couldn't stop now. I needed to pop her cherry and force my seed into her womb. This would be my retributation for her mother's betrayals. I ignored her pleas. I heard Amelia whisper something in her ear that made her quiet but I couldn't make it out.  I finally found it, her barrier. She winced slightly as I pressed against testing its durability. Pulling out quickly I heard her gasp. Just as quickly I pushed all the way into her breaking through the last shred of her girlhood. I heard a scream but I was lost in my work. Her pussy was gripping my cock and her warmth was so welcoming.


   In and out I went.
"Oh that feels good grandpa! Do it harder and faster!" I tried my best to fill her slutty little request. "That's it! I feel funny down there but keep doing it. It feels nice! Oh, Amelia this is amazing!" Her eyes rolled back in ecstasy as I neared my climax.
"Oh baby girl! Granddads gonna put his love juice in you just like he did for your mother when she was your age. " I fastened my pace stirred on by thoughts of the first time I'd taken her mother. Her juices were really flowing now. I could feel a wet spot just under her. Her sex was so hot and dripping moisture. She was fertile. I could just tell.
"Baby tell granddad when you feel really good. It's called cumming. " Her pussy was culvising now as my throbbing memmer penetrated her trying to reach further into her each time. Finally I felt her legs wrap around me and pull me into her.


"Oh I feel good!! I thiiinnnkkk I'mmm. . . . . Oh!. . . IIII'mmmm cccuuummmiiinngg grandaaaddyy!" She screamed as she pressed her nails into my back drawing blood.
"Oh god! Here cuummsss granddaddyy!" Amelia quickly watched intently as I slammed into her sister one last time. I could feel the hot, stick rope of cumm spurt out of my dick and into her unprotected womb. Her walls milked my cock for every last drop of sperm. I lay on top of her until I went soft. As I pulled out of her Amelia pulled a not out of her pocket and handed it to me.
"Mom wanted you to have this.

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   Go read it in the other room and I'll take care of Evelyn. " I looked at her dumbfounded. "Don't worry I'll prop her hips up and make sure the sperm doesn't escape. "
I was speechless as I walked naked into the living room. I carefully opened the envelope and unfolded the paper withing. Sure enough it was from their mother. I recognized that handwriting anywhere. I was even more shocked as I read her letter:
Dear daddy,
If you're reading this it means something has happened to me that makes me unable to care for my children. First of all, thank you for taking them in. I know it must have been hard seeing as the girls look just like me. Secondly, I want to apologize for what I did to you and to our babies. I have regretted it ever since. I should never have left you. When I found out I was pregnant again with twins I knew it was  meant to be. I have told the girls of our love and of their siblings who were tragically killed because I listened to a prejudiced man who couldn't understand our love.

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   I'm sure by now they've done their classic innocent act on you but innocent they are not. They have been instructed on how to please their grandfather if anything should ever happen to me. I am  sorry you were not able to be there for them growing up but their father wanted nothing to do with you. I love you dad and for goodness sakes don't give yourself a heartattack!
Your eternal sex slave
I couldn't believe it. Those little minxes had tricked me!
This is my second story. I have no intentions of making a second part. I just wanted to try something different. I always welcome feedback. It is what helps me to improve my writing. If you like it, or disliked it, leave a review and tell me what you think.