my litte cousin Dana, part 2


It had now been about 3 years since we last went to visit our cousins. I bought a car online and needed to go pick it up. luckily for me it was in the same city dana lives in. My mom went with me to go get the car and when we got to it. The dman thing didnt work. So i took back my deposit and counted the trip as a waste. The good thing was we got to stay 2 nights at danas house. After it being so long since dana and i first played i didnt know how to continue or even if she would still be ok with it. Since we arrived she had been very shady towards me, not talking, not even saying hi. Well later that night i decided to go farther. we all had to sleep in one room. its a small 2 bedroom apartment they live in. so my mom and danas sister were on one bed. Dana was on another, and i was on the floor. i lay awake pondering whether or not i could do anything with her. so finally after about 2 hours of laying there.

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   i was sure everyone was asleep. i reached up and started to fondle dana a little bit. i squeezed her breast and got no response.  (let me take this time to describe her for you, shes hispanic, 18 at the time, budding breast with small areolas, a cute little ass that will make someone very happy some day. perfect body, not fat but not anorexic. long brown hair and beautiful full lips)as i lay there touching on my sleeping cousin, i coudnt beleive i was doing this while 2 other girls were in the room. this was such a turn on for me that i started to carress danas little ass. with this she finally stirred and told me to stop. so i did, and said i wanna talk to you. so we talked about why she was acting wierd around me and she said because i didnt say hi. i laughed at this and kissed her and said is that what you meant? she just turned around and pretended to go back to sleep. i went back to rubbing her cute ass through her little cheer leader shorts she was wearing. i worked my way around and started rubbing her pussy. at first she was hesitant but the more i did it the more she liked it. she started to spread her legs for me a little bit.

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   once i saw she was enjoing it. i made her come off the bed and join me on the floor. she came down and laid there just waiting. i once again started to rub her sweet little cunt and she was really getting into it. I started to pull on her shorts to get better access, and she tried to stop me but she kept giving in, she raised her ass so i could pull them all the way off. So i went ahead and took off her panties too. there i was, in a small bed room, my face inches from my cousins now naked pussy, my mom and my other cousin asleep not even 5 feet from us. and i stuck out my tongue and tasted dana for the first time.
    she shook with the tingling of it. i immidiatly loved her taste, she was young, fresh, and was letting me do whatever i wanted to her. i ate her pussy out as though it was the last in the world. and at this rate i didnt mind if it was. she was enjoying it soo much that here and there she let out a moan. i was terrified. imagine my mom waking up to seeing me eating my cousins pussy.

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      i licked her lips, and played with her clit for a while, then she started shaking and what i would guess to be cumming. my mouth was covered with her juices and i went to kiss her but she denied me the pleasure. she put her undies back on and got into her bed and went to sleep without saying a word to me. Feeling satisfied at the thought of being the first man to make my hot little cousin cum, i went to the bathroom and finished the job myself. then went to sleep. part 3 coming soon. it continues this trip, and i get to unknowingly fuck her ass. .