My life with uncle-pt 14


Topic: Memories - part 14: Sleeping togetherI am 23 now but this story began almost 18 years ago. It is a love story and one that continues today. My uncle (though I barely think of him as uncle now) reads all that I write, helps with editting when his memory is better than mine.   Two parts this time because I have been tardy in submitting them. But on a brighter note, part 20 is written. I think 2 more will do awoke hot and sweaty. I still lay on my back in my dress and boots. I was uncomfortable and wanted to move but uncle lay on his side beside me holding me so tightly that I was stuck there. I could feel myself leaking and imagined uncles cum slowly oozing out of me; I hoped it was just uncles cum. I lay and listened to uncles breathing as he slept. I could feel he was hard against my leg and wondered if he would want me again when he woke up. Though I was very sore, I still hoped he would want me. I let my hand reach out to hold his cock, as ever it was hot and firm.  
So I lay holding uncles cock while he slept, feeling all my aches. It seemed my entire body was aching and my bum was very sore, though at least the burning heat had gone. Uncle had called me his woman while we made love.

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   I don’t know why but this stayed with me and made me feel wonderful. I wanted to be more than just a girl to uncle.  
I had not realized uncle was awake until he kissed the top of my head. He talked to me for a few minutes, very tenderly, asking how I felt, if I was happy and the like. It felt wonderful to hear him call us lovers. Uncle realized I was very sweaty and rose to take off my boots. He then suggested I go to the toilet and then we should shower. I tried to squeeze tight as I rushed off to the toilet but a big bubble of cum popped out of me before I got there and ran down my leg. As I sat on the toilet wiping that off, I felt very embarrassed. I tried to relax and more came out but I knew there was still more inside. I wanted to pee but couldn’t and that worried me a little.  
Finally I finished, flushed and opened the door. Uncle was there waiting for me and drew me to him for a kiss, then walked me to the bathroom. Uncle helped me remove my dress and soon for the second time that day we were in the shower together. Uncle told me that the warm shower water would help ease my aches, that my muscles had done a lot of new work today and that it was like going for a long walk and feeling a bit sore the next day.

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   So after quickly washing himself and me, he left me, telling me to stay in the shower for as long as I liked. He also suggested that I could use a finger gently on myself if I liked but to take it very gently.  
At first I didn’t think I would, I thought it would be too sore. But after I was alone in the shower for a while I decided to try; I was curious about how I was down there now that uncle had been inside me. I squatted and tried to relax as best I could. The pain was sharp but over quickly as I pushed in and all I felt was a dull ache. Soon I had two fingers in and could feel that inside I was very slippery from uncles’ precum and cum. Satisfied that nothing untoward had changed I stood back up feeling the dull ache in my thighs as I did so. Basically the whole lower half of my body ached.  
After showering I changed into a skirt, panties and top, again taking time to pick items that I knew uncle liked and went out to see him. He was dressed and sitting in the lounge. He beckoned me to him and I sat beside him on the couch. Uncle held me gently and told me to just relax and rest. We sat this way for a long time and talked. Uncle said many nice things to me that day and wanted to know everything about how I had felt while we made love.

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   When he asked I told him I wanted to do it again but I was a bit sore now. Uncle laughed and said that he didn’t mean right then but later when I felt better. I loved hearing uncle say that he would want to make love to me every day if he could.  
The afternoon drew on and we both admitted to being hungry. Uncle asked if I wanted my boyfriend to take me out to dinner at a restaurant on a date. Part of me would have loved that but I was too sore and really didn’t want to go anywhere. So in the end uncle got me to lie down on the couch while he went to make something to eat in the kitchen. I lay there listening to uncle making dinner and daydreamed. I was sore but very happy to be uncles’ lover.  
I must have been ravenous and ate everything offered. Uncle just laughed and said that good sex is good for my appetite. Uncle cleaned up afterward and wouldn’t let me help, just saying that I should rest and that it was his fault that I was sore so he must do everything. Afterwards we watched a movie together. Uncle lay on the couch on his side with me in front of him spoon style. It felt nice to be close to uncle with his arm around me without having to worry about others seeing.

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After eating and with all the rest I had, I was starting to feel a bit better. At one stage in the movie I felt uncles pants touching me and knew that his cock was still quite big, if not fully hard. I began to think about when we went to bed together tonight and whether uncle would want me again. I was sore but hoped that he would, I wanted him to. I got my answer when the movie finished and uncle asked if I was tired and wanted to go to bed with him. I said ok and uncle asked if I wanted to shower first. I knew uncle was asking if I wanted to make sure I was ready to make love again. So for the first time in my life I had my third shower of the day. I was still sore and entry with my fingers gave that sharp instant of pain but it wasn’t too bad.  
I dressed in uncles’ favorite nightie and a pair of panties and returned to the lounge. Uncle had changed into his bathrobe and was sitting on the couch. He arose as I entered, flicked the television off and took my hand to lead me to bed. Uncle turned the lights off as we made our way to the bedroom. Uncle had made the bed again, turned down the covers and put one bedside light on dimly. He stood behind me in the doorway to the room with his hands on my shoulders as I looked into the bedroom.

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   Turning me to face him, he bent to softly kiss my lips before asking “Sarah my darling. I would very much love my girlfriend to sleep with me tonight. Do you want to sleep with me?” I always love how uncle talks to me like this. When I said yes, he smiled and led me to the bed. Once he had me in bed and the covers over me, he walked to the other, dropped his robe and got in too.  
Uncle moved to me and I turned on my side to face him. He was very hard against me as we cuddled and kissed. Uncle was trying to be very gentle but his erection was demanding attention and in the end he had to ask me if I wanted to make love or just go to sleep. I told him I wanted to make love. He asked me if I thought we could make love like before or just touch and kiss. I said “like before. ” 
Uncle didn’t speak again for some time. He kissed and held me and ran his hands all over me. My nightie was hiked up, taken off and tossed aside. My panties were drawn down and he used his foot to remove them completely.

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   I was in uncles’ arms naked, our bodies touching all the way down. His cock was huge and hot again. I was worried about the sex to come but loved that he wanted me so much.  
Uncle rolled onto his back with me clutched to him so that I lay on top of him. My legs spread to either side of him and his hand gently massaged my bottom. He was kissing me and watching me closely as his finger made contact with my bumhole. He scooped a bit of precum off himself and rubbed that lightly round my hole, telling me to say if it hurt too much. In my mind I again decided not to say anything.  
Uncle reached under the pillow and pulled out a tube of lubricant. He explained what it was as he opened it and began to apply it to me. Initially cold, it soon warmed up and my bum was very slippery. I winced as his finger entered me and assured uncle I was ok when he asked. It hurt like anything for a long time as he manipulated the lube into me with first one finger, then a second.
    Uncle was kissing me and calling me beautiful names all the time, telling me how much he loved me and how sexy and horny I made him feel. In the end he asked again if I was really ok to make love tonight.

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       When I said yes, uncle hunched up and I felt the big head of his cock touching my ass.  
    Uncle rubbed his head around my hole and on a number of occasions applied pressure to try and enter, but it would not work. In the end uncle asked me to squat over him and try like I do in the shower. So I stood over him and lowered myself down onto his big cock. I held it with my hand and aimed. Uncle wanted me to look into his eyes the whole time and to take it very slow.  
    The initial entry hurt incredibly but the lube had done its work and he slipped in much easier than before. I kept closing my eyes and uncle kept on asking to open them and look at him. I tried but my eyes just seemed to have a mind of their own. I rode uncle slowly like this trying to sit down further each time and take more of him in me. The aching pain was there but I tried to ignore it. I felt like I had more of uncle in me this way, over half of his cock inside me.  
    I was growing tired so uncle lifted me off him and got me on my hands and knees. He moved over me from behind. I like when he does this, somehow I feel trapped but safe and I like his weight pressing down on my back.

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       Uncle held me tight and positioned himself at my entrance again. I groaned as he entered and he held still a moment before starting to move in me. Riding me this way uncle was able to control the depth much better and did not push too far. It still hurt but not like before and so I able to concentrate more on listening to uncles breathe and hear his excitement growing.  
    My head lay on the pillow my bum up in the air and uncle wrapped entirely over me. His hips moved continuously as he thrust in and out of me. He had one arm wrapped round my midsection holding me tight to him. Most of the time my knees were not even touching the bed as uncle pulled me onto his cock. I just tried to relax as best I could and listening to his breathing and his words. His head was also on the pillow but above me and as before he was continually talking to me, telling me how wonderful and tight I felt and how much he loved being inside me.  
    Uncles’ movements began increasing in intensity and I knew he was getting closer. He breath was rasping, his thrusts erratic and beginning to go deeper. Uncle held me very tight and called out “Sarah, baby. I’m going to cum. ” I just had time to say “yes uncle, cum in me,” when I felt him thrust hard with a deep groan and hold, as he came.

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       I again felt his cock flexing in me, pulsing with each eruption of cum. His whole body trembled and his breath was a series of gasps as he pumped a second load of cum into me for the day. Although I still ached, it was not as bad this time and I got to feel more of what was happening.  
    Uncle had me held so tightly that I could not have moved if I had wanted to. I was pinned against him helpless, while his cock forced out every last drop of cum into me. I felt very happy that this time I had been braver and made uncle happy. I felt sad when uncles’ orgasm had passed and I felt his cock slowly softening and shrinking out of me. I tried to keep it in but in the end it fell out of me and rested against my pussy. My pussy felt hot and having uncles’ hotness against it too felt lovely. Uncle kissed me and asked if I liked being full of his babies. I said that I did. He kissed me again and called me the most wonderful girl any man could ever have.  
    I was smiling and happy as we lay that way for many minutes before uncle slipped off me and lay on his back by my side. I lay down half on him, my head on his shoulder, my leg across his belly. Uncle adjusted the blankets across us, held me gently and kissed me tenderly on the head.

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       We cuddled this way and talked a little before drifting off to sleep.
    To be continued . . . . . .