My life with uncle-pt 13


Topic: Memories - part 13: Uncle and I make love am 23 now but this story began almost 18 years ago. It is a love story and one that continues today. My uncle (though I barely think of him as uncle now) reads all that I write, helps with editting when his memory is better than must have been daydreaming like this for a long time because uncle knocked on the door and called out asking if I was all right. I jumped at the knock but quickly replied that I was. Uncle called again “Ok baby. Don’t take all day now then. I’m waiting for my lady. ” I stood up and checked myself again in the mirror, turning left and right to check if my dress sat nicely. My heart was thumping and the butterflies were back big time. Mustering my courage I turned and walked out of my room. Walking down the hall to the living area a million things went through my mind but none of them stick today. But fear was there, I know it was. I stepped into the lounge and saw uncle sitting waiting.  
All my worries virtually evaporated in that moment. Uncle looked up at me and his jaw almost visibly dropped. I saw in his eyes that my fears were unwarranted; I saw love.

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   Uncle was dressed in his best shirt, pants and shoes. He rose and came to me saying “Darling, you are so beautiful” before holding me against him. I felt tears come to my eyes. Uncle drew me to the couch to sit beside him and he held me to him. He kissed my face, kissing the tears away and lightly stroked my hair. “Baby, are you ok?” he whispered and I could just nod is reply. He held me and kissed me in silence for some time until my moment had passed. Then he spoke “Sarah darling, thank you for looking so beautiful for me. You make me very proud to be your boyfriend and very happy. ” He kissed me again before continuing. “It is your day today sweetie. Anything you want we can do. What do you want to do?” I looked up at uncle and said “I want to make love. ” 
Uncle asked if I was sure but I knew he didn’t want me to say no. He stood and took my hand and said “ok then, if that is what my lady wants then come with me to the bedroom.

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  ” I saw the bulge in uncles’ pants and a moment of anxiety took me but I rose and uncle led me to the bedroom.  
Uncle was sleeping in mum and dads room and I saw that he had made the bed. Drawing me into the room he turned and embraced me again, kissing me softly. He whispered to me “Sarah, I want to make love to you. Do you want me to?” I replied “Yes. ” Uncle picked me up and lay me down in the centre of the bed. He looked down at me and smiled and began to unbutton his shirt. His eyes never left me as his shirt, shoes socks and pants were removed. I had seen uncle undressed many time now but this time seemed different. I just lay there like a statue, hands at my sides, legs pressed together and watched uncle watching me. My eyes darted a quick glance when he pushed his underwear down, his cock stood straight up; huge.  
Uncle moved onto the end of the bed and bent to kiss my shins, kissing his way up until he got close to the hem of my skirt. He then moved up to kiss my mouth softly. “You want this Sarah?” “Yes” I whispered back. He kissed me again and I felt him reach up to grab some pillows.

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   He grabbed a towel to cover them then slid his hand under my lower back, lifting me to slide the pillows underneath. His hand then slid up my thigh and under my dress. I felt my panties being pulled down. He reared back to remove them completely then bent again to kiss me. My legs were parted and I willingly spread them so he could slip between. My legs now rested over his thighs and I knew his hard cock was mere inches now from my pussy and bum.  
Uncle rose again and slipped his hands in behind my knees pushing my legs upward until they touched my chest. With the help of the pillows my pussy and bum were now pointing straight up. I looked downward and saw beyond my pussy the head and half of uncles cock towering above it; he was as hard as I had ever seen. Uncles’ eyes never left mine as I watched him bend and his tongue touch my asshole. He licked and kissed me there a long time, eyes never leaving me, just occasionally whispering for me to relax. I could see that my pussy was spread open and occasionally uncles’ tongue would run up its length but his main focus was on my butt.  
I was trying to relax but it wasn’t easy, so many things were going through my mind but the main thing was uncles’ cock; how big it had looked and how I was going to receive it. Finally uncle moved over me again to kiss my mouth. My boots were nearly beside my ears lodged against uncles’ chest.

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   “Are you ready baby?” he asked and I replied “yes”. Uncle moved again and for the first time I felt the heat and the hardness of his cock against my skin. “Hold my cock baby. I want you to position it at your hole. ” I reached between us and took it. It felt so hot and hard and as I moved it I felt the wetness from its tip against my skin. Uncle had adjusted his position so that the tip only just touched my butt. “Move it around a little bit, baby. Get my wetness all over your little hole. ” I moved it in circles. Uncle was very wet and soon my butt was slippery. Uncle took my other hand and moved between us so that it rested on his hip.  
“Keep moving my cock baby. That’s it. Darling any time you want me to stop, you just say stop.

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   Ok?” I whispered “ok” Uncle went on “Your hand on my hip will tell me when to go forward or back. Pull me to you if you want me to go in, push away if you want me back. Still ok baby?” Again I whispered “ok. ” “When I get close to cumming honey, your hand will probably not work, so you will have to tell me to stop if it is too much. Now when you are ready baby, line me up and pull me to show you want me. I love you Sarah, please don’t let me hurt you. ” Our eyes were locked on each others I whispered “I love you too uncle” as I pulled uncle to me. I felt pressure, pressure, pressure then my hole gave and began to open. This I had experienced many times in the shower so I expected it but then it stopped, the tip of uncle cock just inside me and no more. I pulled again on his hip; pressure then pain. I cried out as the head of uncles’ cock opened me further than I had ever experienced. Uncle froze, asking if I was ok. I did not answer, just took a moment and pulled again. I promised to myself not to cry out again, that uncle would stop and I did not want him to. At first uncle resisted my urging against his hip then he relented and I felt the pressure again.

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   I felt the flange of his cock head slip inside me, I had all of uncle cock head in me. Then he stopped, rested a moment watching me closely. He felt me relax a little inside then began to pull back. “No” I called to him. Uncle kissed me and whispered “Its ok baby, I need to go back to go forward. ” 
So uncle began slow retreats followed by a rest then slowly forward to another rest. Each time it seemed he got a little bit more inside me and each time it hurt when he went that little bit further. But I gritted my teeth and would not call out. But the next time forward I was at my limit and a little cry escaped me. Uncle stopped and kissed me “baby I know you are being very brave, this is as far as I will go. ” I began to cry “uncle I want us to make love. ” Uncle kissed me softly “we will baby, we will. Your little ass is gripping me so tightly that I will not be able to hold out too long. Now I will fuck you, make love like this. Do you want me to cum baby?” “Oh yes uncle, I want you to cum.

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  ” “Then hold me baby, wrap your arms around me and I will make you my woman. ” 
I loved hearing that and wrapped my arms tightly round uncle. Uncle began to move inside me again, this time without the rests. My legs slipped off his chest and spread wide, still bent at the knees. Uncle hunched up so that his face could get closer to mine but he was still well above me. I could hear his breath though getting louder and rougher as it always did as his excitement grew. Once uncle pulled right out and I had to grab him again and aim him. This time he did not stop when I cried out as he entered me but it didn’t hurt as bad as before. What was hurting was every time uncle drove in, he was hitting the back and that hurt. I was trying not to cry out but little cries would escape me every time he went a little deep. Tears were rolling down my cheeks from the pain but I just hung on tight to uncle. Uncle was also grunting and talking me, sometimes nice things; “You’re so beautiful to make love to baby, you feel so nice”, sometimes not so nice; “I love fucking your tight arse. ” But I loved hearing it all, I loved uncle wanting me like this.  
Uncle became rougher and rougher, his gasps louder and faster. I knew he was close to cumming.

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   “I’m getting close baby, tell me to cum in you. ” Through tears and cries I began calling to him over and over again “cum in me uncle, cum in me. ” This just made uncle wilder and faster until he drove very hard one last time. Uncle roared, the pain was terrible as he held his cock deeper in me then ever before but through it all I heard his groans of orgasm and felt his cock flexing, spasming as his cum was pumped out of him and into me. I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth through it, holding uncle tight as his orgasm slowly came down. He pulled back slightly at one point which was a relief, taking the edge off the continuous aching pain and so I got about as close as I had to relaxing through the whole ordeal as uncle lay on me. My legs were still wide and knees near my chest, I remained like this while uncle let the last of his orgasm out into me.  
As uncles breathing came back down and he began to kiss the top of my head and talk to me again, he still felt very hard. Uncle gently slipped out of me, I pulled him, trying to stop him but he was too strong. My ass felt like it was on fire as uncle gently slipped the pillows from under me, leaving the towel, before lying beside me and holding me to him. Uncle kissed and touched me very tenderly and warned me just to relax and not to fart, that there was a lot of cum in me. That made me giggle, I couldn’t help myself. I could feel that uncle was still very hard and asked him about it. He explained that I was so tight that even though he had a full orgasm his erection was very slow to dissipate. Uncle was insistent I just relax with him even when I said that I thought I was leaking.

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   He just adjusted my skirt and the towel to catch any and lay back beside me. I’m not sure which one of us fell asleep first but it was into the afternoon before we awoke again.
To be continued . . . . . .


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