My life with uncle-pt 12


Topic: Memories - part 12: The showerI am 23 now but this story began almost 18 years ago. It is a love story and one that continues today. My uncle (though I barely think of him as uncle now) reads all that I write, helps with editting when his memory is better than mine. Part 18 is written and awoke slowly after a wonderful sleep. I lay half dreaming before my brain kicked into gear and I realized what day it was. As I leapt out of bed I could hear sis from the kitchen complaining about something but when I arrived I could see uncle wasn’t there. I went looking for him and found him in the bathroom shaving. He saw me through the mirror and smiled at me, asking how my sleep was and saying how he thought I might like it better if he was nicely shaven. I watched uncle finish shaving then he put his arm round me and walked me to the kitchen to have some breakfast. Uncle sorted out sis’s and my breakfast and announced he was off to get dressed. As I tried to eat I began to get a bit nervous about the day again and didn’t end up eating much at all. When uncle returned he spent most of his time cleaning up after us and getting sis ready to go to her friends. I said that I would go shower but uncle said to wait until sis had been picked up. That surprised me as I was thinking about getting ready for uncles and my time together but I said ok and just sat about nervous and waiting for sis to go. Uncle got sis to pack a bag with all he needed and I could hear them laughing as uncle checked, adjusted and commented on what she had chosen to take. With sis ready to go we all sat in the lounge and chatted while we waited for sis’s friends’ mother to arrive to pick her up.

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   Sis asked uncle what he and I were going to do for the weekend but uncle just said that whatever it was it would not be as exciting as dancing and birthday parties. He looked at me and smiled when he said this. Sis’s ride arrived and uncle spent a few minutes talking to the mother before we waved goodbye to sis and went inside. In the house uncle closed and locked the door before turning to me. Uncle picked me up and held me to him. My arms and legs wrapped round him and I held him tight. Uncle kissed me before speaking “Well baby, sorry I have been ignoring you this morning but I wanted to get sis away with no problems. Are you ok princess?” I said that I was but my heart was beating so fast. I had wanted this moment for so long but now that it was here I was almost afraid. Uncle sensed this I think and just held me a long time, telling me that this day was my day and that we could do whatever I wanted and not do anything I didn’t want. After many minutes of uncles’ hugs, kisses and words I began to relax a little and uncle felt this too. Uncle suggested that we both get dressed up very nice for each other today and treat the day like a proper date. I got a bit excited at this and agreed. Uncle suggested I take my shower now as he carried to the bathroom. Putting me down he left me, I supposed to go and get changed.

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   I began to get ready for my shower but noticed that mum had taken her deodorant. I called out to uncle in dismay and told him this when he arrived. Uncle just smiled, gave me a kiss and told me not to worry about it; that I didn’t need it. I was frustrated with this as uncle left me again but turned on the shower, undressed and climbed in anyway. I had only just got in for a moment when I heard the bathroom door open and close and then the shower door open. There was uncle naked stepping into the shower. I could see and then feel that his cock was half hard as he drew me to him. He hugged me under the water and said that he thought I might like to shower together, asking if I wanted to. I said yes and he hugged me tight again before bending to give me a kiss. Uncle dropped to his knees so that we were a bit nearer to the same height and handed me the soap. “Ok, my princess, how about you clean me everywhere and I mean everywhere. But leave my cock until last ok?” As I said ok, he was turning his back to me. And so I soaped and rubbed uncle from head to toe. I know he liked when I washed his bottom. When I had finished his back he turned around and I could see that he was very hard.

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   So I washed his front leaving his cock until last. Finally I lathered up his hardness and began stroking it like I know he liked. Uncle moaned and let me do this for a few moments before stopping me, saying my hands felt so good but he was afraid he would cum if I continued. I was a bit sad as it was so good to hold uncle this way and I knew he was very excited. Uncle got me to rinse him off properly before grabbing the soap and turning me around. Uncle lathered up every part of my body and it felt really nice to have him touch me so softly this way. Uncle took a little longer on my bottom, I just knew he would, before he turned me around to do my front asking me if I had decided what I wanted to wear for my date. When uncle had finished he got up saying that he would leave me now to finish my shower. He said that he had something for me called a dildo and that it would be better than mums deodorant. As he stepped out of the shower he picked up from the floor and handed me the dildo. I was amazed, it was the first one I had ever seen. It looked like uncles cock and even had balls but as I held it I realized that it was not as big as uncle. Uncle leaned in and kissed me and said that I should try that and see how it went. Then maybe I would be ready for the real thing if I still wanted it. I said that I did.

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   Uncle lightly touched my pussy and said “but not here though, ok? Promise me now. ”Everything had happened so quickly that I hadn’t even thought of trying it on my pussy but I was still a bit sad to promise not to try it. Uncle left me and went through my daily routine on my bottom with my fingers before sitting down on the dildo, taking it as far as I could, which I know was not far enough to take all of uncle. But I felt a bit happier that my practice might have paid off, that I could relax to accept the dildo with no real pain just a full feeling. Finishing my shower I returned to my bedroom to get dressed. I had remembered uncle commenting about a little white dress with coloured spots that I had worn once before we even became boy and girlfriend. I remembered that he had said I looked very pretty that day and knew he would like it again. While I fretted over which panties looked the best in my drawer uncle walked past my closed room calling out that he would wait for his girl in the lounge. Finally I chose my panties, threw on my dress and a pair of pixie boots I now uncle liked then I sat to make sure my hair looked right. It was while sitting here that I began to get nervous again. I could feel a little heat from my bottom from when I had used the dildo and suddenly I worried if uncle would love me. Would I be able to make uncle happy? Would uncle be too big for me and I let him down?To be continued . . . .

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  . . .