My life with uncle-pt 11


Topic: Memories - part 11: The holiday beginsI am 23 now but this story began almost 18 years ago. It is a love story and one that continues today. My uncle (though I barely think of him as uncle now) reads all that I write, helps with editting when his memory is better than mine.
Two parts for you this week seeing as I am still quite a few ahead of got an added little bonus; mum and dad’s flight was early in the morning on the Friday. Uncle came round the night before and slept on the sofa so that he could take them to the airport. I was so excited and frustrated to have uncle at home but not be able to really be with him for that night. When sis and I went to bed we both gave uncle, mum and dad a hug before heading off. In bed there was no way I could sleep and my ears were tuned to every noise in the house.  
Eventually I heard the sounds that I was waiting for; of mum and dad going to bed. They had said earlier that they wanted an early night for their trip tomorrow. I wanted to wait for long enough for them both to be asleep but I was fidgety and the minutes just seemed to take forever to pass. Finally I could not wait any longer and slipped as quietly as I could out of my bed. I was thinking that if I got caught I would just say that I needed a drink. Leaving my room I could see that the lounge light was still on and quietly moved toward it.  
Uncle was laying on the couch with a blanket over him reading. He looked up as I entered and his face jumped from a look of shock, to a smile and then to concern in the space of a moment.

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   He dropped his book and jumped off the couch quickly throwing his pants on; he was going to sleep in his underwear it seemed.  
Uncle moved over to me and whispered urgently “what are you doing up Sarah?” This was not how I had pictured our little nighttime meeting. In my mind he was meant to take me in his arms, to hug and kiss me. Without thinking I whispered back that I needed a drink. Uncle seemed to soften then and whispered “Ok then sweetie. Let’s get you a drink. ” Uncle stood with me in the kitchen while I got a glass and poured myself a small drink. While uncle waited for me to finish he whispered that he was sorry if he startled me, that he thought I had got up to see him and that if I had, that was extremely risky and not a good idea. I told uncle that I had wanted to see him too which he smiled at me and lightly touched my cheek. “Too risky baby. It was a nice thought but you must wait for tomorrow when mum and dad are gone. ” 
I was sad but knew that uncle was right. When I had finished my drink, uncle walked with me back toward my room. He stopped though at the entrance to the hallway and took my arm. He paused a moment making sure that there was no sound in the house then ducked back from the doorway pulling me to him and giving me a gentle kiss on the mouth.

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   “Sleep well my princess, the next few days will be special days for us. Be patient and get your sleep darling. ” He kissed me again before patting me lightly on the bum. “Now off to bed with you. Good night. ” 
Back in bed I was still very excited, thinking of uncle kisses and our upcoming weekend but the next thing I knew it was morning and mum was calling to me to wake and get up. The house was a hive of activity as mum and dad ran around barking orders and arguing over what they had forgotten to pack. Uncle was up looking after sis and helping moving suitcases when required. Eventually we were all loaded in the uncles’ car and on the way to the airport. Uncle was now getting all mums last minute instructions and he was laughing, just saying “not to worry, that he would cope. ” 
Finally uncle, sis and I were standing in the airport and waving mum and dad off. I had butterflies in my stomach, I was so happy and excited. When mum and dad had gone, uncle announced that now we could have fun and said “for starters, let’s have breakfast here. ” Sis was excited with our unusual breakfast but all I could think of through the meal was how to get rid of sis.  
After breakfast, we headed back home.

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   It was school day so we needed to change and get ready for that. Sis and I fought over who would sit in the front seat until uncle announced that we would take turns. Much to my annoyance he let sis have first turn in the front beside him, I wanted to be there.  
Back home uncle sent us off to our rooms to ready for school. He sneaked into my room to give me a quick kiss and to remind me to be patient and not do anything silly that would make sis suspicious. When we were finally ready at the door, uncle asked if we both had been to the toilet. Sis hadn’t and rushed off to do so. Uncle held me and kissed me the whole time until we heard the toilet flush. I wanted sis to stay in there forever but was still happy that we had had those few moments together.  
This time I was in the front when we headed to school. When we arrived and uncle sad goodbye to us, he gave me a nice smile and squeezed my hand as I went to get out of the car. School dragged on forever and I was too excited to even think about it. When the bell finally rang I literally ran out to see if uncle was waiting at the gate. He smiled at me as I approached and I gave him a big hug. He didn’t seem to like this and was quick to disengage me.

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   We chatted about normal things while we waited for sis to arrive, though uncle also whispered not to hug him so obviously when people were around. I knew uncle wanted to hug and kiss me but couldn’t, life seemed so unfair at that moment.  
Sis got to ride home in the front and was all excited. She virtually never left uncle alone from then until she went to bed. I know she enjoyed having uncle around and I was being selfish but I wanted him all to myself. I was counting down the minutes in my mind until sis went to bed; nothing else seemed to matter but that.  
We did get one chance to be together before then though. Uncle insisted that we both take a shower, reminding us that we should shower each day.
    He looked at me when he said that and I know what he meant. So while sis showered uncle and I hugged and kissed the whole time. We were standing so he picked me up and my arms and legs wrapped round him. He whispered such nice things to me and reminded me “not long now baby, then we can be alone. ” When we heard the shower turn off and uncle put me down, it was very obvious that uncle had grown hard and he had to adjust himself so that sis might not see. I always look to see if he has grown and feel very happy when he has; I know then that he wants me.  
    With our showers out of the way and us changed into nighties, uncle announced that he was going to shower and left the room.

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       When he returned he had on a bathrobe. I looked to see if he was hard but he seemed not to be and all I could think of was how he would be naked underneath. Uncle sat between sis and me with an arm round each of us as usual and we watched some television for a time before uncle suggested to sis that she head to bed, as she had a big day with her dancing tomorrow. Sis wasn’t too happy but eventually she agreed and headed off to clean her teeth. I wanted uncle to kiss me then but he said to wait until sis was settled.  
    Uncle got up to go see to sis and a few moments later I could hear her laughing. I knew uncle was teasing her about something as he often did. Having made sure sis was tucked in uncle returned to the couch. He wrapped his arm round me and pulled me tight to him, giving me a kiss on the top of my head. He told me to wait a few minutes until sis was asleep. Uncle was holding me close and holding my hand with one hand while his other hand lightly stroked my hip, tracing the line of my panties through my nightie. I felt very happy to be in uncles arms like this and I wondered what we might do when sis fell asleep. I also thought that I saw a lump in uncles lap and wondered if he was getting hard.  
    My suspicion was confirmed when uncle stood up to go check on sis; the front of his robe definitely was pointing outward. Uncle adjusted his robe, tightened the belt and left the room returning a minute or so later and closing the door behind him.

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       This time when uncle sat and drew me to him he kissed me fully on the mouth, his arms around me tight. On breaking the kiss uncle scooped me up and put me down sideways on his lap before kissing me again. Uncle told me how excited and happy he was that we were together but that we shouldn’t do too much tonight, just save it for tomorrow. The top of uncles’ robe was open and I rested my head against his chest while he held me to him. We sat this way a long time. I could feel that uncle was hard against my hip but we never touched each other in that way; just sat cuddling. I don’t know if I had ever felt as happy as I did right then though I was also a bit nervous but excited about what we would do together the next day.  
    Eventually I fell asleep in uncles’ arms and was awakened to feel him carrying me to bed. Uncle lay me down on my bed, drew the covers up and kissed me lightly. “Sleep well my princess, tomorrow is our day. ” With another kiss he left the room. I felt warm and safe and must have been exhausted from my lack of sleep the previous night for I drifted quickly off to sleep.
    To be continued . . .

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      . . .