My life with uncle-part 9


Topic: Memories - part 9: PreparationsI am 23 now but this story began almost 18 years ago. It is a love story and one that continues today. My uncle (though I barely think of him as uncle now) reads all that I write, helps with editting when his memory is better than mine.
Part 18 is finished and still much more to write. In fact I got so excited writing that part that uncle and I tried to relive it. You'll just have to wait a few more days for that. I want to stay well ahead in my came and uncle picked me up to go to ‘work’. I was so excited and was babbling on in the car to him about the trip and how we could be together for that week. Uncle was more reserved though and said that he was really looking forward to the week but was a bit worried about it too. He kept going on and on about how I should behave and not giving the game away both before the trip and during it when sis was about. In his room he began to talk about it again but soon gave up as I was sitting in his lap cuddling him, probably fidgety with excitement. Uncle just sighed, kissed me and let the matter drop for the moment, though I would hear about it many times before mum and dad left.  
It soon became evident that though uncle was worrying about other things, his penis had other ideas and had grown hard in his pants. I was now much more comfortable with touching him and so my hand squeezed him through his pants while we kissed. From those early days through to today I still love that I can have that affect on uncle and no matter what is happening he can respond so quickly to me. Uncle says that no else has ever made him feel this way, so quickly.

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Uncle kissed me deeply and said “Sarah, you are impossible to resist. While sis is away at her friends, do you want to sleep with me?” Of course I was quick to say yes. Uncle added “Good. I want us to spend the whole time she is away together but we will need to be careful to lock the doors and draw the blinds so that we do not get caught. ” Uncle kissed me some more, one hand on my bottom, the other on my back. I still had one hand squeezing him through his pants the other around his neck. We kissed softly, both seemingly deep in thought. I had been thinking a lot about uncles’ comment some months back of sex being possible in my bum. Every time he kissed me and licked me there it would come into my mind. Sometimes the tip of his tongue would go in me a little way and a couple of times one of his fingers had pushed in a bit. Inside I had decided that I wanted uncle to do this to me but my reservations and fears had stopped me from bringing the matter up before today.  
“Uncle, I want us to make proper love when we mum and dad are away. ” Uncle smiled and reminded me again of rule number one. But I continued “I mean in my bottom. I want us to be like we are married and make love.

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  ” Uncle was looking deeply into my eyes with a smile on his face while I said this to him. He did not respond immediately but just continued to look at me. In the end he spoke “Darling, that is a very special thing that you have just asked me. You make me feel very happy and excited. Yes, we shall be a married couple for those days and we will make love many times. And if you really want to, we can try to make love that way too. But it will not be easy and may not work. You know I am big and you are so tiny. There are some things you will need to do each day from now on so that you might be ready for this. ” Uncle then went on to explain what he wanted me to do to get ready for sex this way. He explained that I must learn to accept and relax my bum so that he might enter me. He wanted me to use my fingers in the shower each day, first one, then a second and third as I gradually got used to it. He told me that he enjoyed his bum being played with, which was something I had never known until then, and that this is what he had done to learn to accept bigger things. He also explained about cleanliness and how this could also be achieved in the shower. He told me that if I did this every day then I might be ready for our first night sleeping together.

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   I listened intently to all this, was a bit appalled with some of it but was still determined at the end to proceed. All I could think of was uncle lying on top of me, making love to me and I wanted that more than anything.  
Throughout this conversation my hand had remained on uncles’ bulge though I had stopped squeezing and rubbing. He felt huge and time was moving on, not long for us remaining. Uncle picked me up off his lap and stood up. He undid his pants and let them drop to his ankles and pulled his underwear down too. His underwear was soaking I noted. He then slipped his hands under my skirt and pulled my panties down, getting me to step out of them before sitting back down on the edge of the bed. He took my hand and pulled me up so I was straddling his lap and my free hand immediately took hold of his cock which was hot and hard as a rock. “Baby, this is probably how big I will be that night with you, are you sure you want to try this?” I looked down at his cock, the head swollen so big, jutting out from my hand and said “yes”. Uncle drew me to him and kissed me. He moved his hand to his cock and ran a finger over the tip scooping up some precum. I felt his hand slip round my bottom and under my skirt. His slippery finger honed in on my little hole and he began to make circles rubbing his precum across my hole. When he needed more his hand would return to his cock for more precum which he seemed to ooze continuously like a leaky tap.

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    I was only halfheartedly stroking him, my mind distracted by his kisses and his finger toying with my bum. Uncle was kissing me gently and telling me to relax over and over again. Sometimes he would let his finger run up over the length of my pussy but the main focus was on my bum that was now very wet and slippery. I must have been quite relaxed because eventually uncles’ finger stopped right at my entrance and he applied a little pressure. As he kissed me I felt myself open for him and his finger slid in to the first joint. This wasn’t the first time he had done this but this time it was different as I was so focused on it. Uncle reminded me about his cock and I realized I had stopped stroking him so I resumed. Uncle left his finger tip in me for a minute or so then withdrew it showing me and comparing its size to his cock. I thought maybe 18 fingers would be needed to get to the same size. Uncles hand returned to his cock for more precum and when his hand returned to my bum I felt two fingers at my entrance. He kissed me, reminded me to stroke him and to relax before applying a little pressure. Again I felt myself open for him and two fingers slid into me. This time he did not stop at the first joint but continued to apply pressure up to the second joint where they got wider still. It was not painful, just different and I felt a nice full feeling. Uncle was kissing me, saying “Good girl, that’s my baby” over and over.

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       He still applied a little pressure seeing if I would take them deeper but just gentle pressure. He then began encouraging me more to stroke him. He was still incredibly hard despite my inattention. His continual coaxing took my mind off his fingers somewhat and I did not realize for a few seconds that he was moving them back and forth from the first to second joint. “That’s it baby, stroke me darling while I fuck you with my fingers. Stroke me love. Imagine it is my cock in your bum and that we are fucking. Do you want my cock in you Sarah?” I was stroking him harder now saying “yes, yes uncle” every time he asked if I wanted him in me. Uncles fingers were moving faster and harder now and I knew that he was getting ready to cum. His fingers were going deeper now and beginning to hurt a little but I wanted him to cum so just made my stroking faster as he fingers got faster. “Oh baby, I’m going to cum in your ass baby. I’m going to cum. ” And with that uncle hunched up and erupted, his fingers stopped buried in me as shots of cum blew straight up before dribbling onto my hand. Uncle held me very tight through his orgasm and I felt his hot cum running down my hand to drip off.  
    Eventually uncle came down and slowly eased his fingers from me.

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       He kissed me much and told me how wonderful he thought I was. He told me again about practicing everyday if I really wanted to go through with this and then I could accept his cock like I had his fingers today. Mostly the day had been wonderful but his fingers had hurt a little bit. But this did not matter, I still had that image of uncle laying on me in my mind and I wanted it.  
    To be continued . . . . . .



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