My life with uncle-part 6


Topic: Memories - part 6: Bending the rulesI am 23 now but this story began almost 18 years ago. It is a love story and one that continues today. My uncle (though I barely think of him as uncle now) reads all that I write, helps with editting when his memory is better than mine.
One reader has commented on my choice of naughty terms. When uncle and I began our relationship I did not know many of these terms, uncle taught me some, others I learned at school and from other sources. I have tried to remember what words we used at the time and limit my usage to these in my writing. Even know I do not like the word "fuck" particularly though uncle uses it from time to time, I always prefer that we make love rather than fuck. To Keith who made the comment: Sorry but I do not think uncle or I have ever used the term 'sperm' as a substitue for came round and I got changed when I got home from school. Uncle had told me that although he really loved me wearing the little skirts I did for him that I should not do so always as it might make mum start to wonder. So for a change I wore a pair of jeans and eagerly waited for uncles’ arrival.  
That Friday night began like many before and after sis, uncle and I had finished playing our customary game, uncle suggested we both get ready for bed. I got changed into uncles favorite little nightie and soon sis and I were either side of uncle on the sofa. This time I did not pester sis and before too long she was ready for bed. Once uncle had settled sis into bed, he returned to sit on the sofa and I immediately jumped on his lap facing him, I liked it best this way.

Uncle slipped his arms round me and kissed me, saying how long he had been waiting to be able to kiss me again. I wriggled in as close to him as I could, wanting my vagina up against his bulge.

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   I think uncle knew what I was trying to do and moved his hand to my bottom to pull me in closer. This time though his hand went under my nightie and sat on my panties covering my bottom. So I wriggled against him and could feel between my legs that he was already very big and hard. Uncle said “Sarah, what am I going to do with you? You are so pretty and excite me so easily. ” I told uncle that I liked to excite him, that I liked to make him big. As I said this I put my hand down onto his bulge and felt it through his pants. Uncle spoke again “Sarah, we must remember rule two. I want so much to do more with you tonight but we can’t here, it is too dangerous. ” I was disappointed and uncle saw it in my face. I was still fondling him through his pants though and he did not tell me to take my hand away. He kissed me some more then moaned “Sarah baby, you are driving me crazy. If you don’t stop that I might cum in my pants. ” I wished I could see his penis again, I had thought of little else since the Tuesday just gone. For now I just continued to feel it as best I could and rub my vagina against it.  
Finally uncle sighed and said this is crazy but his hands moved between us.

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   He was wearing pants with an elastic waistband, he hooked his thumbs into the front and pulled forward. I slipped my hand in and felt it again, big and hard and wet. I grabbed it and began to stroke it as I had the other day. “Sarah, we must listen out for any sound of sis getting up or your parents getting home and you must jump off me immediately if you hear anything. ” I said ok as I continued to stroke him. His penis was like rock, I could not stroke all the way down because it was confined in his pants still but his moans told me I was doing it right anyway. Uncle managed to hold his pants open with one hand and his other slipped back round to my bottom, again under my nightie. He positioned his hand such that one finger was pressed right on my bumhole and I felt it pressing gently in time with my hands movements on his big penis.
    Like last time uncles hips began moving against my hand pushing up and his breathing was growing louder. He wanted me to kiss him while I stroked him and tell him that I wanted him to cum for me. He told me to call his penis a cock. I had heard that word before but never used it with him until now. So I stroked and sometimes kissed him, sometimes just watched the head of his penis in my hand and sometimes said the words to him that he liked me to say. “Uncle I want you to cum for me. I love your big cock and want it to shoot cum on me.

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       Uncle, cum for me, cum for me uncle. ” Uncle took longer this time and I had to change hands when I got tired, but my left hand was not as strong so in the end I came back to my right hand and uncle became more animated saying how beautiful my little hand made him feel and not to stop, over and over, don’t stop, don’t stop. I kissed him, talked to him and then it happened. His finger pushed harder on my bumhole, his hips pushed up hard, I looked down and saw the first shot erupt upwards to land high on my arm, then another and another. This time I remembered to slow down when he started cumming and uncles’ moans told me I was doing it right. He kept moaning “oh baby, oh baby, oh baby” as his cum continued to pour forth covering my hand. When he calmed somewhat he asked me to kiss him and told me how good I was at doing that, how wonderful his cum was from my little hand. He asked if I wanted to taste again and I put my hand to my mouth and licked. Uncle asked to have some too and so back and forth my hand went as we licked it all off. I then placed my hand back round his cock which was still very hard and hot. Uncle let go of his pants so my hand was trapped inside and hugged me close, kissing me and telling me how wonderful I was. I held his penis for a long time until I had felt it soften. Uncle was hugging and kissing me all this time. His hand was back on my bottom, I knew that uncle really liked that part of me.  
    In time I had to go to bed and uncle came in for a kiss sometime later.

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       I had been waiting for him to come and do this. It had become something I always looked forward to. Again it was not until after I heard his car leave that I was able to sleep.
    To be continued . . . . . .  


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