My life with uncle-part 4


Topic: Memories - part 4: Uncles' quandryI am 23 now but this story began almost 18 years ago. It is a love story and one that continues today. My uncle (though I barely think of him as uncle now) reads all that I write, helps with editting when his memory is better than mine.
 Part 3 was perhaps a bit slow for some of you so here's part 4 hard on its next few days I asked mum about my breasts and maturing. I asked her so much that in the end she sat me down and explained about becoming a woman, sex and babies. Not of course, in the same way uncle had and I had to pretend that I did not know most of what she said. I was happy that what she and uncle had told me tied into together but what I was not happy about was mum confirming that the process of maturing would take so long. I wanted to be mature right there and then. I began inspecting my chest at each opportunity for signs of growth and looking around my vagina for hair. I remember mum having a hand mirror so sneaked it out of her room one time to inspect my vagina closely. It did look so tiny and I had a fair idea that uncle was a whole lot bigger. When I lay in bed at night I often touched it to see if it was warm, which I always imagined it was and if there was any slippery liquid. Each night I also thought of being naked with uncle.  
Uncle visited as he always did but a night of babysitting did not eventuate for some weeks. I began encouraging mum and dad to go out so uncle could look after us, claiming sis and I wanted to play some particular game with him. Mum said uncle might like to come round for tea and play if she asked him but I had to say it was more fun when she wasn’t there.

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   Mum just laughed. I even heard uncle remind mum that he was available to babysit almost any night a couple of times and knew that he wanted to be with me too. In my bed at nights I imagined uncle wanted to babysit us so he and I could be naked together.  
Finally the night came, it was mum and dad’s wedding anniversary. I was insistent that it be uncle that looked after us and he readily agreed. I was so excited. When I arrived home from school I spent a long time getting changed, inspecting my chest and vagina and putting on uncle’s favourite skirt and a pair of panties I knew he would like. Mum said it was too cold for a short skirt and she was right but I stood brave and said it was not cold at all. I was impatient for uncle to come and mum and dad to go out and the time leading up to that seemed to drag on forever. Mum even told uncle how keen I had been for him to look after them. Uncle told me off about that later, telling me to be a little less obvious in future. When sis, uncle and I sat on the floor playing, I sat opposite uncle and adjusted my skirt so he could see my panties throughout the whole game. Many times I saw him looking and could see when I looked at his pants that his penis was big.  
I was keen for sis to go to bed and tried to force the issue. She got angry and dogged and would not go.

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   Uncle had to calm the situation and while he cuddled sis and told her it was ok, she could stay up a bit longer, he looked at me as if to say “don’t bug sis. ” All three of us sat on the couch together, me sulking and uncle arms round both sis and I but giving more attention to sis. Finally after what seemed a lifetime sis began dozing off and uncle talked her into going to bed.  
While uncle and I waited for sis to sleep, uncle talked to me about keeping secrets and that by behaving poorly it can indicate that something is going on. In the end I promised to be better next time. Finally uncle was happy that sis was fast asleep and came to sit back on the couch. When I went to sit sideways on his lap as I often do, he held my arm and said “No, this time sit facing me. ” So I did, knees either side of his hips. He put one hand on my butt and pulled me up to him. We had never sat this way before but I loved it immediately. It also meant that my vagina was against uncles’ bulge. I looked down between us, my panties were visible and I could see that uncle had grown big.  
Uncle spoke “Sarah, I have been thinking a lot about this night and I can tell from your behaviour that you have too. ” I started to speak but uncle put his finger to my lip and smiled to silence me as he sometimes did. “Sarah.

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   Let me talk then you can have your say. ” I nodded and he continued. “Sarah, my lovely Sarah. We talked of many things last time that an uncle and his niece should not talk about. But we talked about them anyway and I can not take them back. You are also my girlfriend, not a normal girl/boy relationship but my girlfriend all the same and I can not take that back either. And I would not want to take that back. You are lovely young lady and I am in love with you. ” I was looking directly into his eyes and my heart was pounding. “Sarah, I thought about telling you tonight that this must all end but realised that we crossed that boundary a long time ago. I also realised that I did not want this end, that I love you as more than just an uncle and like having you as my girlfriend. I also thought about how you are just beginning to blossom into a woman and am becoming curious about many things including sex. I know that because of me that curiosity has gone a long way further than it should normally for a girl your age. I have thought much about what I should do from here on and I have decided mostly but I need to talk this through with you and we need to agree on some things. Do you understand what I have said?” I nodded.

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   Uncle smiled and kissed me lightly on the lips. “Good girl. ” Uncle paused like this next bit was difficult for him. “Sarah, last time we talked about sex and I think that you wanted us to have sex. Did I think right?” Again I nodded. “Sarah, do you fully realise what would happen if we had sex of any sort and someone found out about it? Do you know that uncle would go to prison and for a very long time? That we could never, ever see each other again even years later? We would not be able to. ” I felt frightened. “Do you understand that, Sarah?” I nodded again and said “Yes”. “And even with that risk, the risk of never being able to see me again, do you still want to take that risk?” I nodded once more. “That is not a fair question to ask a nine year old lady but I have no choice. Sarah, I know that you know how much you excite me. I have seen you looking at my pants. ” I think I probably blushed and my eyes left his for a moment. “You do excite me Sarah, try as I might I can not deny that. I have decided that, so long as you agree to the rules we shall make, then we can take our relationship a bit further into sex.

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  ” I must have looked excited suddenly to uncle for he smiled at me before continuing. “Would you like that, Sarah?” I nodded again. “No, this time tell Sarah. Speak to me. ” I nodded and said “Yes”. Uncle wanted more though “Sarah, I need to hear you say ‘Uncle, I do want to go further and promise that our secret will never be known to another person ever’ I need to hear you say that Sarah and know that you mean it” I repeated it for uncle word for word.
    He smiled again and seemed satisfied.  
    “Sarah sweetie, we need to talk rules now. Not many, but these are important. Rule number one, this one I must have your agreement on. Rule one is that we will not have sexual intercourse, we cannot risk you becoming pregnant with a baby. ” I started to speak but uncle put his finger to my lips and smiled to silence me. “Just think a moment Sarah, before answering. There are many, many other things we can do, just this one thing we can not. If you became with a baby Sarah, then we would be finished, all this would end and people would know.


       There are scientific ways to discover who the father of a baby is. So if you refused to say it was me, it would still be found out. I need you to trust me on this rule and just accept it. There are many other things we can do just not this thing. Think a moment then answer me. ” I lowered my head and looked at his chest, I started to look lower but there was uncles bulge so pulled my eyes upward. “When you are ready, look at me and answer. ” In the end I really had no choice so I looked back up at him and said “ok”. Uncle smiled and continued “Sarah, I need you to say to me that we will not have sexual intercourse. Maybe later in life we can discuss this again but not while you are so young. Now, I need you to say that we cannot have sexual intercourse. We will not have. ” And so I said it to him, just as he asked. Part of me felt sad that I did.  
    Uncle smiled and kissed me.

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       “Sarah. That was the most difficult rule, the rest are much easier. Rule two is where we do it. I love you sitting on me like this but if someone walked in then we are in trouble. So rule number two is that we can not do it here. It is too risky here. Remember that time I took you out to help me collect insects?” I nodded. “We will have to think up of ways, like that time, that we can be away from here. Is that rule ok? We have to be careful. ” Again I nodded.  
    Uncle smiled again and continued “The next rule is the last rule that I can think of for now. The last rule is that we will go slow, very slow. We will not do everything in a rush. I want you to learn and I want you to promise to tell me if you do not like something or are uncomfortable in any way with what we do. Will you promise me that?” I was still looking at uncle when I said yes.

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       “Now tell me you still love me, if you do, and kiss me. ” I looked at uncle, whispered “I love you” and kissed him. This was the first time I ever kissed uncle, he always moved towards me before that and uncle was quick to mention that to me. He told me that I was his girlfriend and that his girlfriend was always allowed to kiss him so long as we were alone.  
    I sat facing uncle for most of this night and really enjoyed it. We were face to face all the time, my arms wrapped round his neck, he with one hand on my bottom, the other free to move up and down my back or to stroke my hair. At one point I was looking down between us and uncle caught me looking. “Yes Sarah, you have excited me again this night” he said. He then took one of my arms from round his neck before holding my hand and moving it down to the front of his pants. Placing my hand on his bulge he then let go of it. “Can you feel what you have done to me Sarah?” I was still looking down at my hand and whispered “Yes”. It was exciting to have my hand there and I could feel the firmness beneath the pants material. I moved my hand around a little exploring and uncle seemed to get even harder as I did this. After a few minutes uncle kissed me again and suggested that it was time to get ready for bed. I didn’t want to go but more kisses and convincing followed before uncle stood up, me still wrapped round him.

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       He carried me and kissed me all the way to my bedroom, before putting me down and leaving me to get changed. When I returned, uncle was outside having a cigarette and I went out to see him there. It was of course dark outside but uncle still looked round to make sure no one was watching before bending to kiss me once more. He put his free arm about me and held me to his side while he finished his smoke. I know I had imaginings of seeing uncles’ penis that night and of us being naked together so I have to admit to being a bit disappointed that neither of those things occurred but despite that I still felt happy with the evening and looked forward to our next time together.
    To be continued . . . . . .



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