My Husband's Friend
by skyclear

Hello readers, My name is Madhavi and would like to narrate a true story which took place some years back. I was happily married to my husband Satish, and things were moving very well. Satish had a good friend by name of Mahesh, he was tall and medium built and was attractive, he wasmarriedto Reena a wonderful good looking woman both Mahesh and Reena were our closest friends, let me describe myself I am 30, not very good looking but physically have attractive dimensions praise worthy of many men, have 2 children both are school going children. Satish loves me a lot and we are a happy family, the initial days he used to make love to me every day we enjoyed having sex, then after my first baby the schedule of making love dropped twice a week or so after the second baby our love making reduced further to once a week. Satish is a hard workingguy to meet ends he works overtime & tries to keep me and my kids happy. My inlaws who live separately visit us once in a month and stay with us for 2 to 3 days and they go back. My fatherinlaw who is nearing 55 is healthy and energetic, from the day I got married to his son he always admires me of my being a dutiful daughterinlaw and praises me a lot, at time he hugs me to show his love and gratitude, whenever he hugs me I feel that his prick is throbbing inside his pants to touch me, when the babies were small he would come near me and pick up the baby from my arms and used to feel thetouch of my breasts as if it was a mistake, he used to watch me feeding the baby and would be happy to see my milk filled breasts. Satish’s friend Mahesh who would come along with Reena to our house also used to admire my breasts when feeding the kids, he used to purposely sit above on the chair to see my uncovered breasts. I had two admirers of my beautiful body, Satish was unaware of all this. One day I went to Mahesh’s house to meet Reena and rang the door bell, to my surprise it was Mahesh who opened the door on enquiry he said that Reena had just gone with her kids to her mother’s place since her sister is going to get engaged, immediately Mahesh said since you have come why don’t you prepare tea for both of us, I went inside the kitchen and was preparing the tea unaware of Mahesh who had come from behind and was admiring my back, as I turned with 2 cups he started praising me, about how well I dressed and how I maintained my physique, I could feel lust in his eyes he was more interested in my body then other things, he purposely touched me while taking the tea from my hands & then he expressed his desire to make love to me I was astonished my husbands best friend trying to flirt with me & daringly wanted to make love to me
I was now fully confused and want to leave. So I said TOhim that I should go now as the children were expected to arrive from school but he request me not to leave him alone and I stayed there I don't know why? He started talkingabout his sexual life and I started to feel nervous as Mahesh was talking about sex and I was feeling lightheaded. I felt for the first time that something might happen that noon. Suddenly he moved near to me as we seated on one sofa, and I became astonished when he grabbed me from my waist and put his mouth on mine. My whole body tensed as Mahesh warm lips touched mine. As I started to turn around, Mahesh grabbed me in a powerful embrace & held me tightly to his chest & my protruding breasts were pressed to his massive chest. He was kissing my lips passionately and his hands were on my breast rubbing them gently.

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   I was really in double minded at that time, that what should I do? I was feeling this rush of sexual tension like I never felt in my life but at the same time I knew it was wrong. At first I resisted but it was surprisingly feeling good. I tried to pull back but the empowering embrace made it impossible and Mahesh's warm lips avoided me to go away from him, I was feeling nice since I had missed out of sex for quite some time, I started to feel a hot sensation deep within.
Our lips melted together as if they were becoming one. I responded his kiss Then he parted his lips and wanted to slide his tongue against my mouth. First I resisted but then I parted my lips and allowed his tongue deep inside me. His warm tongue slowly entered my mouth. We were motionless. He warmly licked my mouth as I was fighting for some sort of control. r. He was passionately sucking and licking inside my mouth as I was losing control. I always liked Mahesh, and may be there was this passion. I was feeling nice so I raised my tongue. When our tongues met it sent a shock wave shivering through my body. I was beginning to lose control of my inner sexual power.

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   I passionately licked his tongue back as we started to deeply kiss each other and I forgot all about my of my husband or anything else as I was so turned on by this incredible sensation. . After some time he again made his way down my neck. I again told Mahesh to stop. He magically licked my neck and ears, and the warmth of his mouth on my erogenous zone did not allow me to notice his hands on my breast this time. His hands were now on my impressively inviting breast and he was rubbing and massaging them. Itold Mahesh that I was his best friends wife & what he was doing was wrong& whatever happened was sufficient, and we should stop it. Mahesh hardly listened to what I was speaking his whole mind was to make love to meHe was very expert and knew about woman psychology. While I was speaking to him he had already unbuttoned my top dress, with in flash he released me from my kamiz and left only in my bra. He unhooked it releasing my tight tits. My ripe breasts were beautiful and inviting. He knelt down and took one of my erected nipples into his mouth. His warm tongue licked across my swollen nipples, and was sucking my tits like they were his lifeline, which was sending me into a sexual confusion my body was so filled with passion that I became weak. Mahesh lifted me off the ground and held me as he continued to suck my tits. He licked my tits up and down.

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   He laid me on couch. I felt like this was a chance to stop this erotic heat. As I laid there half naked and wanted him on me. I thought about how I secretly wanted another man at least once in my life. I wanted him now really, as I probably couldn't have found my husband as hot as Mahesh. He was now trying to take my Salwar off. I whispered once again not to do like this. But I was wondering how it would feel to have another man taste my love and that thought sent my mind in a naughty fit of desire. He took off my salwar slide it from my legs. the exotic feeling of being totally nude in front of another man sent a shiver up my spine as instinctively my legs spread open. He leaned and put his mouth on my pussy lips and kissed, licked it.

I was powerless to stop his oral attack, I again whispered out in a frantic but orgasmic way that I couldn't do this I am married. He said that he was also married and there was nothing wrong in feeling the desires. He licked me deeply as my pussy was on fire. It was too incredible, and pleasurable, which I had never felt like this before in all my sexual life.

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   Satish had never done such things to her he had never made love the way Mahesh was doing this was new to her and she was enjoying Now it was not in my control and my tight little cunt and whole body was burning and I grabbed his head and was burying his face into my wet cave and I started moaning and bucking wildly. He was licking my clit as I moaned like an animal. Sweat was pouring from my body as I was yearning to be entered. Would I let another man's rock hard cock enter my cunt where I have never imagined letting any other man cock? But Mahesh was sending my body into a sexual frenzy as his face was buried into my drenched pussy. He was relentless and experienced, as he knew exactly what a woman wanted. He had really aroused me and I felt his cock in my cunt madly. I felt happy that my quench of thirst for good sex was being performed by husbands best friend.
I was begging for more. I knew now the obvious, I was going to get fucked by Mahesh it was really totally a new experience for, as I have never sucked my husband cock nor he ever asked for it. My husband had not give me what Mahesh was giving me now, and if my husband were here I would tell him this is real sex. I needed to be fucked now and he sensed my urgency and pulled his monstrous crank from my mouth. He had really the big one, twice than in thickens and long from my unaware husband. Who never think that his loyal wife will suck his best friend cock, and she was going to take his fiend dick in her lovely pot. The thought of this huge cock inside of me sent my body into a shiver. Butmy inner core was begging for his dick to ram me.

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   By this time I couldn't control the passion

And I fell back and eagerly spread my legs. He was rubbing his over powering cock against my pussy lips. I knew what he was doing. He was not giving it to me unless I begged. He was rubbing it to my clitoris and I had a fire inside my cunt that only a long, hard cock could extinguish. He knew that well. So I started to beg and cry for his cock. I took his cock and put it on my pussy hole saying stop it and insert this in me. I was so swollen and wet. He had very easily his cock head inserted in my cunt as it was too wet but due to his bigger cock I felt little pain Aaaaa aahhhh a big and loud sound pours out of my lips but as no one at home, it was safe. He then grabbed my legs and held them up as he slid his dick further in my cunt. He had to pull back and push forward a couple of times to stretch my tight cunt. He had really big cock, which made my pussy hole resized more my husband's custom fit hole. I was screaming with ecstasy as he was vibrating eight inches cock easily deeper into my love hole. My legs were straight up in the air and my fingernails dug into his hips.

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   As he pumping all of his 8 inches rock hard into my cunt hole. He was slowly pulling his dick back and fourth. He was fucking me in very sophisticated manner, which I appreciated very much, and I wanted him to fuck me in this way forever.
Mahesh was giving me what I was mercifully begging for. He was fucking me strongly, and I was feeling his hard rock cock in my depth of my cunt flesh. I also start having pleasure and started jumping under him to accompany his moves . I was not in this world but I felt I was going in and out of conscience as he fucked me. I was numb to the world as I was being fucked like a wild animal . Mahesh was ripping me in half with his huge package and couldn't get enough. I was now in full control of him so he asked me to ride on him now. And this was the last desire of mine that I want ride on him. He pulled out his cock from my pussy and lay on his back, and I climbed on top of him. By now my shyness and loyalty to my husband was gone. I caught his 8'' cock in my hand and guided it on my pussy hole. My proud pussy took in his eight-inch pole in one stroke.

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   his long cock went in my pussy like a fish in water cave as I needed it so bad. I bounced and bucked so hard, I thought this thick prick was going to tear me in half. I was jumping on him, I took him in even farther than when he was on top on me. I couldn't keep up anymore, The massive size of his cock was getting the best of me and I was slowing down. . That was very nice and I was crying for deep and hard fuck from him. My breasts were jumping up and down which he caught by his hand and squeezed them.

We both were too exhausted and I asked him to finish it. And he increased his rhythm of stroking. After few minutes he and I both came together felled my pussy from his heavy load, while this was my third cum. I came so hard I felt like someone let the air out of me, we lay there for a while and were kissing each other. This time I was kissing him with lot of love, because he gave me lot of pleasure, the pleasure that my husband had nerved give me in my whole martial life. Mahesh then told me that since the day he had seen me he had made plans to fuck me but it took more time then he had thought. . But you have never showed it to me.

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   I replied. He said I know that you were not that type of woman who can do this so easily. After some I asked him to leave now and He helped me dress for, as I was hardly able to move due to hard fuck. When I was leaving him he hugged me tight and kissed me, he asked me that when we meet next. I said him that I want to tell you clear that this is our first and last meeting like this and that we will never thought about it again. He became very sad to listen this. I left him in that situation and went to home. But whenever Mahesh’s wife Reena went to her home town we still meet and have our enjoyment. Mahesh has been very sincere and has kept our relations a secret, I also became pregnant from Mahesh but with the consent of Satish that 2 children were enough I got it terminated.



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