My hot older sis.


  ÂMy cousin Dean and I had broken into my Dad's porn collection and were onto our third film of the night. My mum and dad were away until the next afternoon and my sister, Jessica, and Dean's sister, Stephanie, had gone out to a party. So that left me and Dean with all the privacy and all the room we needed to spread out on the couch in front of the big screen TV, let our cocks out of our pants, and wank ourselves silly over some of the best porn we had ever seen. Not that we had actually seen that much, me being just turned fourteen and Dean six months older. We were watching a gangbang film and we were both really hard and going for it. There was nothing gay between us, we were just used to being around each other.

  Â"What's that?" asked Dean with a start.


  ÂDean was sitting there, holding onto his cock as if he was shielding it from some unknown danger.

  Â"I heard something. You sure your parents are away until tomorrow?"

  ÂIt's nothing," I said, resuming my wanking over the slut on the screen as she took a hard cock up her ass and pussy at the same time.

  ÂSuddenly the door opened and my sister and my cousin literally fell into the room. Dean tried to tuck his cock into his pants but it was too hard to conceal. I froze with my hand on my cock and could only think of how my sister was going to make me pay for this moment for the rest of my life.

  ÂJessica and Stephanie began to laugh at the sight of us. "What the fuck are you two pervs doing!?" Jess howled. I tried with difficulty to tuck myself away, feeling red with embarressment.

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   "You two haven't been makin' out, have you?"

  Â"Oh shit, they're watching your dad's movies," exclaimed Steph.

  ÂI looked over at Dean. He had the same look on his face as me.

  Â"Is this the one where she gets the two cocks in her ass?" asked Jess, suddenly forgetting our predicament and focusing on the TV. She sat herself down next to me. "Remember when we watched this one, Steph. "

  Â"Oh yeah," said Steph. "Johhny and Al fucked the shit out of us afterwards. " She sat down between my sister and her brother.

  ÂJessica looked at me almost tenderly for a change. "It's OK, keep going. I don't mind. " She looked back to the TV and moved a hand between her legs. I didn't know what to do. I thought it must be a trick so she could make fun of me again.

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   But she slid her panties off and put her hand back under her skirt and opened her legs, playing with her pussy.

  ÂI looked over and Steph was doing the same. Dean had his cock out again and was slowly starting to pump himself.

  Â"It's OK," said Jess, "don't be shy. I've never seen it hard before. "

  ÂI let my cock free and it poked high and proud.

  Â"Stroke it. For me. " asked Jess.

  ÂGod! I was tingling all over. I knew my sister and my cousin were just drunk from the party. I was worried how this was going to go down in the morning. I knew that jacking off in front of my sister was way over the limits and I shouldn't be doing it. But she was hot and sexy and even though she was my sister, I'd often fantasized about her. Hell, I'd even peeked at her when she was getting dressed.

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   But as i began to stroke my cock in front of here I was overcome by feelings I'd never experienced before.

  ÂJess started to make little moaning sounds as her hand moved quickly under her skirt. She was 21 now and very experienced, so I had heard. She had a killer body and dark brown hair to the middle of her back, and the most beautiful deep brown eyes. She looked at my cock as I played with it. She reached over and took my other hand and guided it down between her legs. My hand was shaking. It found heat and wetness as she placed it over her pussy. She smiled at me. "That's it," she said softly. I slid a tentative finger inside the warmth and she shuddered. She pushed my hand harder between her legs. "That's good," she said.

  ÂWith her other hand, my sister took over on my cock. She placed her soft fingers around the shaft and expertly began to slide her fist up and down.

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   Dean let out a cry and we looked over to see Stephanie with her head moving slowly in her brother's lap. I looked back to Jess, my stomach tightening and butterflies going crazy inside my stomach. She looked into my eyes and smiled as she played with my hard cock. "You've always been cute," she giggled. She leant in and kissed me, pushing her tongue far into my mouth. It was the first time I'd ever kissed a girl. "Is this allright for you?" she asked. I nodded. "Me and Steph have talked about this for a while. I think Dean's enjoying it, too. "

  ÂI slid two wet fingers in and out of Jessica's tight hole. She let go of my cock and took off her jacket and pulled up her white singlet, showing me her beautifully shaped tits. She took hold of my cock again and lowered herself so that her nipples just grazed the tip of the head. She let her breasts hang down over my cock as it brushed her warm smooth flesh between them. She ran her beautiful breasts along my cock, sliding it between them, looking up at me and smiling.

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   She stopped and looked over at Steph and Dean. Steph was kneeling before Dean and was taking his cock into her mouth. Jess moved down between my legs and spread them wide, smiling deviously. She rubbed the head of my cock gently over her chin, around her mouth, along her cheek, all over her pretty face. She licked her lips, teasing, slowly stroking me.

  Â"What do you think, little brother? There's no going back from this. "

  ÂI wanted it so bad. I didn't care what consequences came. I looked into my sister's eyes as she opened her mouth and took my hard cock inside it. She wrapped her lips halfway down the shaft. It was hot and wet and soft inside her mouth and it felt so good. She kept her eye contact as she slowly slid her lips back up. Her head moved down and she took more of my cock into her mouth, then sucked it back up to the head. She ran her tongue around the head and licked me down to the base of the shaft. "You like your big sister sucking your nice hard cock?" she asked.

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  Â"Oh yeah," I moaned. She took it into her mouth again and began to suck me slowly, up and down.

  ÂDean and I looked over at each other as we got blown by our sisters.

  ÂJessica took my cock out of her mouth. "Let's go upstairs to mum and dad's bed. There's more room.


    Â Â ÂMy sister led me and Dean's sister led him upstairs to my parents room.

    Â Â ÂThe girls lay us down on the bed and started to take off the remainder of their clothes. Dean and I stripped. We were going to get to fuck our sisters.

    Â Â ÂThe girls crawled seductively up the bed towards us, smiling and laughing at each other. "You are both about to lose your virginity, you know that don't you?" asked Steph with a naughty grin. She climbed onto her brother and Jessica onto me. Jess kissed me with a desperation I'd never seen. She took hold of my cock and stroked it, rubbing it against the heat of her pussy.

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    Â Â Â"I want you to fuck me so badly," she gasped into my ear. Her pussy was on fire as she rubbed my cock head against it, getting it wet.

    Â Â ÂShe rolled onto her back and spread her legs underneath me. I moved above her and she guided my cock against her burning hole. "Fuck me," she cried, looking up at me. I lowered myself down onto my sister and my penis slid inside of her.

    "Oh yeah!" cried Jess as I entered her. She held me tight to her and kissed me. I moved my hips back and pushed into her again. I couldn't believe how good it felt inside, how hot and wet and soft, and I wondered if it would have been as good if I was not fucking my sister. I pushed into her again and slid it inside her as far as it could.

    Â Â ÂJess pulled my hips into her and I looked down on her and flicked my tongue against hers. I looked down to see my cock entering between her legs and disappearing then reappearing. We looked over to our cousins and saw Dean on top of Steph pounding away. They looked over to us and we laughed as we fucked.

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    Â Â Â"I always thought our sisters were bitches," laughed Dean as he frantically fucked his sister.

    Â Â Â"Me too," I smirked.

    Â Â ÂJessica stopped moving underneath me and held me suddenly still. She looked up at me all serious. Oh shit! I thought. She can't stop now.

    Â Â Â"I'm sorry," I said.

    Â Â ÂA smile broke out over her beautiful face. "I'm just kidding," she laughed. "You think I'd take you this far and then stop. I want you all the way. I wanna feel you shoot your hot cum inside of me. "

    Â Â ÂShe moved her hips against me and I felt my cock slide inside her again. Oh, fuck, it felt so good. Jess rose her hips with every thrust of mine.

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       Our sweating skin slapped together as I glided in and out of her. I wanted to cum so badly. I kissed her, our tongues sliding over each other. I entered her burning hole again and again, faster and faster. Jess started to groan, as did Steph and Dean beside us. I was fucking my sister. Fucking my big, sexy, beautiful sister. I looked down as I pumped away and Jess looked up into my eyes. She was so hot. I fucked her harder and harder and she held me to her. I felt I was about to explode everywhere. My cock slid inside my sister's burning wet pussy one last time and my cum started to spurt out inside of her. "Oh yeah!" she screamed. "Oh fuck yeah!" I pushed as far up inside of her as I could and shot another huge spurt inside her. She kissed me frantically, pulling me deeper inside.

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       I kept shooting hot cum up into her. It was so fucking good.

    Â Â ÂWe lay there together, holding each other. Steph and Dean were finished next to us and doing the same. Jess kissed me again.

    Â Â Â"So, how was fucking your little brother," Steph asked.

    Â Â Â"Mmmmm," cooed Jess, looking up at me. "He did pretty good. " I smiled. "For a first time. "

    Â Â ÂMy big sister held me and looked into my eyes, and kissed me again.