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A few days later my video arrived in the mail while I was at work. I came home to find that Sam had just gotten out of the shower, and she was wrapped in a towel and sitting on the couch with her long legs crossed and my video in her hand, studying the cover. She looked up as I came in, and she told me my video had arrived that I wanted. I took it and left it in my bedroom and went off to take a shower. I came from the bathroom and went into my room and popped the video in to see what it was like. Sam shouted from the living room, "Are you watching your Big Breasted Blonde video??" I replied that I was and Sam came into my room, and to my surprise she was still wrapped in a towel. She said, "I want to know what it is that she has that I dont have" and plopped down on the bed beside me. I said, "well I can see every bit of her for one thing," in a rather sarcastic tone, just to see how Sam would react. "Really. . . . " Sam said, and before I knew it, her towel hit the floor and she was standing in front of me, totally naked. Sam was fucking gorgeous. Her tits were much bigger than I had been able to see through her shirt, and her long sexy legs seemed to go on forever, finally stopping at her shaved pussy. "Holy shit.

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  . . . " was all i could manage to say before she slid under the covers with me. I was already shirtless, and only wearing a pair of baggy sweat pants. Sam slid her hand over my chest and down to my Rock solid cock and grasped it in her hand. "oooh. . is that because of me, or because of her?" she said motioning to the TV. "You. . . . . .

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  " She leaned over next to my ear and said, "Did you mean what you said the other day? You know, about how if I werent your sister I wouldnt get any sleep at all?" "Yeah, I meant every word" I said. "Well, dont let that stop you. . . Noone has to know anything you know. ""I dont know Sam, maybe we shouldnt. . . "Before I could protest fully, Sam had released my cock from my sweats and put it in her mouth and began sucking it. "Ohh yeah. That's it Sam, just like that. . . Fuck that's good. "Sam looked up at me and said, "You have the biggest cock Ive ever seen," and began licking and sucking it until I thought I was going to cum all over her right there and then.

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   I pulled her off of me and moved her over on the bed. I stood up and extricated myself from my clothes and positioned myself between her thighs. "I want to eat your pussy Sam, I want you to cum all over my face. ""Ooooh! I love it when you talk dirty to me!"I began licking Sam's inner thighs, and moving up her thighs to her hot, wet snatch. I began licking and sucking her, swirling my tongue in small circles over her clit. She began writhing and moaning as I did this, running her fingers through my hair and pressing my face hard into her pussy. "Oh God! Im gonna cum. . Im coming! Oh Shit that feels so good. . . ! " Sam squealed as she began to orgasm under the onslaught of my tongue on her clit. "Fuck me! God I need your cock right now! Fuck me please! Fuck me with your big hard cock and cum all over my tits!"I didnt need to be told twice. I pressed the tip of my cock to her pussy lips, and leaned over and kissed her, shoving my tongue down her throat as my cock entered her slippery pussy. Her pussy was so hot and wet I thought I was going to cum as soon as I entered her fully.


   I regained control of myself, and began to piston in and out of her at a rock steady pace. Sam was moaning and groaning as I fucked her, kissing me and sucking on my neck like a voracious vampire. She bucked and thrusted her hips in motion with mine and I felt her body beginning to shake again as her orgasm was beginning to mount. "Oh FUCK it feels so good! God you fuck so good. Oh GOD Ive never been laid like this, oh oh ohhhh!" Sam was nearly screaming in ecstasy as I rammed my cock in and out of her. "Oooh, that's good, I want to fuck you now. " Sam said. I laid on my back and Sam climbed on top of me, and guided my steel hard shaft into her pussy again. Sam's tits were bouncing up and down as she fucked me, and I took one of her nipples into my mouth and began to suck it while playing with the other with my other hand. This seemed to drive her crazy and she began fucking me even faster. "Oh your cock is so fucking huge!! I love it! I cant get enough of your big fucking cock! Ohhhhh that's it, suck on my big fucking tits! Oh god youre making me cum again. . ohhhh. . oooooohhhhh GOOOOOD!!!"Sam's orgasm flooded her juice all over my cock, making her pussy slicker than any I had ever fucked before.

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   God she was awesome! Sam leaned down and began kissing me again while I continued to play with her tits. " You like those dont you?" 'Oh yeah" I replied. " I want you to fuck them. I want your huge cock between my tits, and I want your cum all over me! I want your cum. "She lay on her back and squeezed her huge tits together as I guided my cock in between them. As I fucked her gorgeous globes, whenever the head of my cock became available to her, she would lick it as it came from between her tits. This sensation was too much for me to take, and I told her so. "Fuck Sam! Your tits feel so fucking good! Im gonna cum right now!!"Sam sat up and as my cock shot stream after stream of hot sticky cum all over her tits and face, she had yet another orgasm. I was feeling lightheaded after I finally stopped cumming, and Sam was sucking and licking the last remnants of cum from my cock. She rubbed my cum into her huge tits and licked her fingers clean. She smiled and said "Arent you glad you let me stay here now?""You can stay as long as you want!!"She glanced over at the TV. "Aww, you missed all of your movie! all because of me too. . . .

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  how can I ever make it up to you?"I think I can figure something out. . . . . . . . . .



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