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I was on the train going to visit my Aunt and Uncle after a long time. Just turned 20 and I haven't seen much of my family cos of my studies occupying most of my time, even my holidays. Of course that's what I said to them. But I was always having fun and enjoying my freedom. . . .

They are my closest family since my parents died when I was young. My aunt and uncle have 2 children, a boy and a girl 4 years younger than me. Thy have been supportive to me and have helped me get into a uni. But now it was time for me to finally visit them. I haven't seen them in 3 years and was looking forward to seeing them. . . . .

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The boy was about 2 years older than me and we haven't been in touch for the last few years. But the girl whose name is Priya, has always kept in touch with a few emails and calls. She's 4 years younger than me and I was quite fond of her growing up and treated her like my own sister. . . .

Some years ago before I went off to uni, I was a was really horny and tried to make out with her. She was really pretty and quite unaware of it. I was a virgin then so I didn't feel confident but I was fondling her all over until she said she was uncomfortable and pushed me away. It has been 3 years since that happened and she never mentioned it once and I felt guilty I used her like that. . . .

I got off at the train station and caught a taxi to my Uncle's house. I still knew the way there since I spent most of my weekends with them before I went to uni.

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   My Aunt and Uncle were happy to have me over since I was good company for my cousins. They are really over protective and are careful about who my cousins hang with but since we are family they readily approved of me. . . . .

I arrived just in time for lunch. My Aunt and Uncle greeted me with much enthusiasm and hugs and kisses and barrage of anxious questions about the usual things. They made me feel hot and tired all of a sudden so I said that I was tired from journey, which I was and retired to the same bedroom I used to use when I used to visit them. I was surprised the room looked the same and crashed on the bed and slept dreaming of sweet things. . . .

The sleep was very good and I slept till I shook off the exhaustion of traveling off me completely til the next morning. I woke up feeling fresh and was glad to see my cock was up as well and erect and hard.

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   I started stroking it and felt the thickness of it and I wanted to cum and cum hard. In the past I have masturbated a lot of times in this room, dirtied all the blankets and left the room having a funky smell of sex and cum. . . . .

But today I resisted temptation with pride and walked out of the room. My aunt and Uncle still worked so they have already left early in the morning and left me a small note just to let me know. I also found out my cousin brother has moved out after too many fights and now hardly ever visited. And I knew Priya was at school and was coming home later for lunch. . . .

So I had the whole house to my self. I quickly had breakfast and settled my self on the couch and flicked through the channels on the TV.

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   Finally bored, I decided to sneak into my Uncle's room to see if he still had porn dvd's. My Aunt and Uncle were a kinky pair and they watched porn together and often had sex. Of course they were quiet but occasionally I have heard them moan and through the key hole I have seen my Aunt getting fucked from behind.
    . . . .

    I found the dvd's on the old spot but nothing I haven't seen before. It seems like my Uncle and Aunt are too busy working to be into sex and kinkiness anymore. Disappointed I walked out of the room and went back to my room and unpacked. Priya has often told me how boring it is at home and now I was beginning to understand what she meant. . . . .

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    A few hours later I heard someone opening the door and I knew it was Priya. I walked out of the room and went to greet her. How I remembered her as a pretty little girl with long black hair and thin figure with smooth skin and a soft voice. and back then she was only just developing breasts and nicely shaped hips. . . .

    And now stood before me an older version of what I remember. Priya was about 5'4 now and still had her long hair and stood in front of me wearing her short school skirt and tight school shirt. Her tits were pressed hard against shirt and I could see a black bra underneath. . . . .

    I was just standing in front of her absorbing her beauty.

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       she was no more the little pretty sister I remember. She was still young, just 2 months off her 16th birthday, so still 18 and sooo. . . . . .

    "Why are you staring at me like that. . . . . aren't you gonna say hello?" she said. Embarrassed I looked away and said hello. "Oh come on, give me a hug, it's been too long since you hugged me".

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       Without waiting Priya ran forward into me and hugged. I got hard-on immediately and she felt it on her. "hey. . . . I should go getchanged. " And she just went into her room without another word.

    I was amazed! She was so fucking hot! I went back to my room and thought of what I saw. I wondered how good looked naked. After about an hour I walked past her room. I felt nervous going in and something told me I shouldn't knock right away. So I listened through the door and I couldn't believe what I was hearing inside. . .

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      . . .

    To be Continued. . . . . . .



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