My Guilty Pleasure


-Good morning… Alex muttered -Good morning, long night I gather… I responded -You have no idea… she answered with a devilish smirk I continued to make breakfast and poured her some orange juice; I knew that Rachel loved eggs and sausage so that was the order of the day. As I was cooking I could help looking at Alex, she was wearing just a big t-shirt and it didn’t hide her body. Her nipples were showing and I see the roundness of her breast, I figured she was a 34 C or something close to that, they continued to jiggle as she helped set up the table and other things. I could feel my bugle growing in my sweatpants and I needed to stop thinking this way, Rachel would kill me and I would loose the love of my life, as those thoughts crossed my mind, Alex bent over the table to reach something and I saw that she was wearing a thong. Her ass looked incredible in it and I could tell the shape of her intimate of areas. I quickly looked away in shame but at the same time my raging cock begged to be taken cared of, at that very moment Rachel came downstairs and greeted me with a loving kiss. -That smells great!. . . She said -Glad you like it!. . . I responded and I moved quickly to avoid her looking at my crotch -Happy to see me??? She inquired -Yes, just thinking of you and of last night. . . I quickly answered as a served every one.

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   -Well don’t waste it!!. . . She laughed as she walked to the table As she did that I caught Alex looking at us and she locked eyes with me and smiled while she started to sit down. We had breakfast and enjoyed small talk; we then discussed what we were going to do today. I explained that I need to work on some things from the office and Rachel said that she had to go to the market and to the local hardware store to pick up some things she wanted me to install. I offered to go with her and she refused but after a small tug of war she agreed. -Could you give me a lift to the mall, while you go to the store? Alex inquired -Sure. . I responded but a sudden drop came to my stomach We went to our rooms to get ready and as Rachel was getting dressed my cock ached for her, I loved that she was wear those white thongs and it just made her ass look wonderful, her full legs looked amazing from her high heels to her ass, her breast (her 38 d breasts) were snug in what look like a white lace tray waiting to be served. I knew then what this trip was for. -So, going to the market eh?. . . I joked -Well.

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  . . . she laughed actually I am meeting up with Sandra my cousin you remember her? -Of course I responded. Sure I remembered, as much as she tried Sandra could not keep up with Rachel but she had a wicked sense of thrills, like the time that we were celebrating new years and we spent it at her house. We had cheered and laughed until the New Year arrived and now it was winding down, as I walked to the kitchen to get a snack, I saw her in the patio sitting by herself. Intrigued I went to her only to find her quite content, her hand held a rather larger dildo and by the looks of it, it had been at work for some time, it sparkled with there juices and her face could not lie. -Heyy…She whispered in a deep voice. . Just wanted to ring in the New Year the best way poss. . Ahhh. . . as her impending climax interrupted.

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   I walked away letting her enjoy herself while I caught a last glimpse of her love hole. -Well, you try to have a good time. . . I said-We will, I’ll tell you all about it when I get back. . . She smiledAs I watched her walk away, the intoxicating movement of her hips just memorized me and the aroma of her perfume made my body tingle with excitement. I continued getting dressed thinking of what she would be doing and how I would benefit from it, I headed downstairs to wait for Alex to start the trip to the store. I was about to get in the car when I heard something. -Michael… with a loud scream. Please help! Alex pleadedI hurried back into the house and to her room; I expected to see her on the floor in pain. She might had slipped in the bathroom or tripped in the bedroom. I rushed into the bedroom and I was shocked as I opened the door…She was standing in the middle of the room; she smiled at me and looked straight into my eyes, she was standing in all her glory with a black thong and matching bra…-I can’t find anything to wear!!! She said -Um, um I don’t think that I can help you with that… I quickly responded. -Well, you could suggest something, I know that you dress mom and she always looks hot!! She replied-I don’t think your mother would approve… I answered as I walked outI had a feeling that things would not be the same.

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  Chapter 2. - Guilty PleasureI waited outside and did not know where to go from here, why would she do such a thing, could it be that she wanted me??? Impossible!! May be this is just one of those things to test the limits of others, at any rate I just dismissed it and sat in the car. I turned the radio on and waited; Alex closed the door and locked her seat belt on. The aroma of her perfume filled the car and I wanted to look at her but I dared not. The silence was eternal; finally she turned and looked at me…-I didn’t mean to upset you… she said It’s just that mom is so happy with you and she always seems so content. I wanted to feel that way too, she said with tears in her eyes. -I am sorry; I should have reached a different way… I answered, what do you say we spend the afternoon together and we talk?-That would be great… she answered with a small smile in her faceWe spent the morning shopping and I suggested going out for lunch, she sat there almost like she needed to decide weather or not she would go. -Unless I am too old to have lunch with you in public? I said sarcastically. -What!?! She said laughing; I will have you know that I like hanging out with you! I am just debating where we should go… she said -yeah right! I said-Heyyyy… I have to show you off, my friends are always looking you over when the come over! She said laughingIn a way I felt good that she said that, I mean her friends were hot and from time to time they spent time at the house. She decided to go into a local Mexican place; we pulled in and asked for a table for 2. The waitress gave me a weird look as if she was saying “how dare you? She can be your daughter!!” I laughed it off and sat down. I looked over the menu but I couldn’t help noticing what Alex was wearing, she had a pair of jeans, very tight jeans. So tight that they seems painted on her, a black shirt with a white blouse over it. It displayed her breast and her whole entire body that ended in a pair of stiletto heels. We ordered and started to talk about all sorts of things, school, cars and Rachel.

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  -You have made her really happy… she said, I remember when she was sad all the time-She has made me the happiest man alive. I answered-You have made us both happy… she replied You really must love her a lot, you never get upset when she is with other men, she said A chill of horror went down my spine, I took a lot of precautions to make sure that she would never find out but apparently we failed. -What do you mean?!?! I tried to reach-You know. . . Like when you friends come over and you guys go downstairs to the basement. I couldn’t believe what I heard, we had furnished the basement to accommodate a small party with couches and pull out beds, a bar and a pool table. Although the pool table was never used for its true purpose, I couldn’t understand how she knew what was happening, the panic that followed was overwhelming, what would I tell Rachel? Would this be the end of everything?-I don’t know what you mean! I fired back-Oh c’mon I have seen both of you in action plenty of times… she answeredI didn’t know whether to run or scream. -How could you? I mean… oh forget it I broke down-It’s pretty hot scene… let me tell ya she saidI have been watching you guys for over 3 months now, and it’s quite a show. I must say that mom seems to please everyone and you are not far behind. I sat there silent, unable to answer backThe first time, I had been hanging out in the basement for the afternoon with some of my girlfriends and one of them found a condom. At first it was gross but then I wondered why it would be there, then I noticed that all of your parties would be on the weekend and you guys would lock yourselves down in the basement for the better part of the night. Also on those weekends I could pretty much as to go anywhere with my friends and you guys would never say no. So, one weekend when you guys made it obvious that you were partying that night, I said that I would be going to one of my friends house to watch movies, and I left but I returned later and waited why you guys were upstairs to sneak in the basement. I hid in a closet and waited, honestly I fell asleep but I woke up to the sounds of some people, I peered through the cracks of the door and started to watch the party.

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   At first it seems like any other party and was getting disappointed, until I saw mom talking to a guy but her hand was rubbing his pants. I saw you talking to her friend from work and I notice that as she was talking to you she was taking off her pants and she was left in her thong and panties. As I sat there I watched mom kiss other men and be groped by them and you putting your hands all over this woman with another guy. At first I wanted to run into the room and stop it all but them I felt something I never felt before, my pussy became wet and hot. I didn’t know what to do so I sat there and watched, my eyes could not get enough of your display, my hands slowly went down to my pussy and started to rub myself while I watched all of you lust for each other. Mom had undressed by now and she was on her knees sucking this man’s cock while he was holding her hair. I looked for you and saw you sucking on that woman’s breast while the other man had his cock in her mouth, her eyes couldn’t stay opened and I figured that she was having too much fun. By now my thong was on the floor and my hand was buried in my pussy, while I couldn’t get my eyes off of you I looked for mom, only to see her on the pool table with one man underneath her and the other on top of her. As she continued to detail the events of that night, I could remember that night very well and as I sat there in shock, my cock knew what to do and became hard visualizing the scene on the pool table, I tried not to make it seem too obvious that her details were getting me hard. She continued. I saw mom’s face filled why joy and sweat, the 2 men were equally happy and their bodies moved at the same rhythm, mom never lost her pace then I saw her face and she started to scream, she kept on screaming that she was cuming! She was cuming hard! Then the men started to scream and move almost out of control. Then I felt something that I had not felt before, I mean I have been with guys but I had never felt like this, it overtook my body and all of my senses. Things would never be the same. Chapter 3. - The desireAs we drove back to the house I didn’t know what to say, I tried to explain it to her but it seemed that I was making it worst.

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  We walked into the house and all I could see is the door leading to the basement, as we passed by it, Alex headed towards it. I followed in silence; she came to the middle of the room and ran her hand softly on the pool table. Faded images of Rachel would appear and I could not help enjoying it. -I have been screwing myself to you and mom for 3 months… she said as she walked to the closet. –Oh wow look, one of my thongs are still here. . . she laughed as she picked it up from the floor. As I got closer to her I could smell the musk coming from the closet, also drunk from the aroma I didn’t realize how close I was and I felt her hand on my chest. -I want you… she said, with this she ran her hands on my body. Her fingers reached for my shirt to unbutton it, her breathing grew faster and so did mine. My hands rose slowly to her waist, she continued to my belt and then my zipper. My hands explored her body, every curve every muscle. Her hands struggle with my pants and boxers, with the ease of experience I had already removed her blouse and her bra, her breast round and firm begged to be touched. Soon we were naked, in my mind I told myself that I had to stop but my body would not hear it, cock begged for her body and she seemed as eager.

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      We kissed for what felt like hours, our hands explore everything, we fell onto the couch, she looked into my eyes and I knew their was no stopping us. I guided my cock towards her pussy, I parted her lips, she whimpered in excitement…-Oh god!!! Please screw me, please give it to me. . . god!! She purredPlease give me that cock. . I want you deep in me. . . please fuck me!!!I thrusted harder in her, my cock glowed with her juices and I continued to go deep in her, so tight that at times it felt that I was ripping her apart. -Oh god don’t stop!!! Please fuck me. . . ah ahhh she screamedHer breast bounced up and down, I leaned forward and grabbed her nipple in my mouth, sucking on it, letting my tongue taste it whole. She bucked forward against my hip and dug her nails deep into my back, she wrapped her legs around me as if I was trying to let go.

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       I rammed her till my balls slammed against her ass again and again; our sweat mixed and filled the room. She screamed as hard as she could…-I’m cuminggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!Her orgasm shook through out her body, sending shivers to mine, her juices flowed as if I had squeezed her dry, unable to contain my own orgasm I started to go faster her eyes became wide and fixed on my cock, I felt my cum about to explode and she grabbed me and screamed again…-oh my god, oh my god again, again, I can’t believe it, again, I am cuming again…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!My cock responded and unloaded the biggest orgasm that I have ever felt, she grabbed herself and my cock not wanting it to end, neither did I. Chapter 4. - The end of innocenceAs we laid there in silence, I couldn’t help to think what would happen from here, by the same token the smell of her hair kept bringing me back to Alex and her sex. I was in too deep. We slowly came back to reality; she breathed deeply and looked towards me…-That was just like I have imagined… you are incredible… she purred-Well, I guess its time to prepare for the worst, I answered-What?!?! She said-Well, Rachel is not going to stand for this… I pointed out-She will never find out, this is our secret, our alone. I never want to loose this and I will never do anything to spoil this, she saidWe got dressed and started to head back to the house, I caressed her body as we walked back upstairs. Just as we made it out of the door, Rachel’s car was pulling in. Before I knew it we had spent the entire afternoon having sex and she would know. -Hi Babe!! She said jumping into the house, she kissed me and kissed Alex. -So, did you have fun?? I asked-Ohhh yes!! I did!! She answered back and you?-ummm I managed to answer-We did!! Alex jumped in, we went shopping and also for lunch, it was great but because of me we took to long, we just got in as well…-Wow! That’s a long day! Are you ok babe? She said jokingly -Exhausted I replied as I looked at Alex-well, you guys go upstairs and get comfortable, I will make dinner… she offered-Ok I answeredAs I made my way back to the bedroom I couldn’t help but feel guilty that I wasn’t being honest, but at the same time I feared loosing Rachel. As I reached the top of the stairs Alex came from behind and held me by my shoulder. -You were wonderful… she whispered in my ear, I can’t wait to be with you again. And slowly she kissed me and I returned the favor. I went to my room and fell to my bed, the thoughts that went through my heads made it spin, I had gone to far and it was only a matter of time before I had to come clean with Rachel.

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