My Granddaghter and her teen friend


It was a sunny Spring day. I was in my study organizing some papers when I looked out the window. Out there, in my pool, were my 18 year old granddaughter Abby and her 18 year old friend Katy. Both in their little two- piece swimsuits. Both dripping wet while running around and playing and laughing.
I found myself hard down in the pants. That Katy. She was so beautiful. Her swimsuit started going into her well rounded butt-crack. She had a wedgie. God. How I wanted to fix that for her! Her breasts were so round and busty. Not huge, but not small. I looked away. I didn’t want to watch anymore, for I didn’t want to do anything stupid. But it was too late.

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   My mind was already thinking of ways to get that Katy.
I walked over to my desk, trying to get the thoughts off my head. I open my drawer, and a bottle of sleeping pills roll down to the edge.
I took it as a sign.
I took the bottle and put it in my pocket.
Later, at night, the girls were in their bedroom. I made some strawberry shakes. On one of them, I poured the three pills I myself made into a dust. I brought the shakes up and knocked on the door. Katy opened the door, in her road runner pajamas.
“Hi. ” She said shyly, “Abby is in the shower. ”
“Oh, that’s okay,” I responded, “I made you girls some shakes. ”
“Oh thank you. ”
She gladly accepted it.

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   Sweet child. I gave her hers, of course. She took a sip and smiled “It’s delish!”
“Enjoy it, sweetheart. Give this one to Abby. Brush your teeth before bed and goodnight. ”
She gives me a flirty smile, “Goodnight Mr. ”
I leave her and proceed to my bedroom. There I laid in my bed, wondering if what I was doing was right. She was such a sweetheart. Yeah, I was having second thoughts. I got up and went in to check on them.
I opened the door. Both were in Abby’s bed, asleep. Katy was face down, her pajamas tight on her butt and in her crack.
At that sight, my second thoughts dispersed.

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I quietly walked over and rolled Katy over. She didn’t wake. I took her in my arms. She was so light. So small. I carried her out and shut the door. I carried her into my bedroom.
I spread her in my bed and then got on top of her gently. I begin kissing her soft small lips. She shows no reaction. “Sleep tight sweetheart. ”
I pull her jamies off easily. She had no underwear on. I begin to massage her tight crotch. In no time, wet cum begins to pour out her pussy.

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   I contain myself from sticking my cock into her teen pussy, and I unbutton her jamies. As expected, no bra. Her teen goddess breast there in front of me. Her nipples nice and pointy.   I lick them and put them in my mouth while sticking my finger into her soft warm pussy. I kiss her tummy and kiss my way down to her pussy.
There, I spread her legs wide, and I thrust my tounge into her pussy hole while fingering her asshole. It’s delish! I suck on her pussy and I bite at it. Then I lift her small legs by the ankles and I kiss her asshole, licking around it.
My cock is too hard now. So I lay on top of her, pull him out, and shub him in there. I can feel myself destroying her virginity inside, for it is tight and warm. I pull in and out as I throw her legs over my shoulders. Soon, I spill my wet fluid all over in her. When I pull out, I notice a little blood.

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I’m a bit disappointed that I had to do her with no reaction. So I pull out. I dress her again and I carry her motionless body back to my granddaughters bedroom. I lay her in bed.
That’s when I notice my granddaughter. She is a bit bigger perhaps than Katy. Bigger breast. Bigger ass. I have a horrible thought as my cock once again rises up.
I carry Katy out of bed and set her on the floor. Then I jump in bed with Abby. She sleeps on her side, with her back to me. I grab her butt. She wakes up, startled, and turns around.
“Grandpa? What are you –“
“Shhh,” I say, “It’s okay.

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   Want to have some fun with me sweetheart. ” I hug her amorously.
“Grandpa? This isn’t right. Please don’t. ” Abby pleads, but somehow, I can feel she wants it too.
“It feels good. ” I simply say as I put my hand in her pants and begin squeezing her pussy.
“Oh! Oh!” She clenches on to my as orgasms begin to occur.
    “Tell me you like it. ” I say as I start massaging her pussy.
    “It feels good!” She scrams.
    I get on top of her and rip her pants off as well as her shirt. We begin to kiss like animals. Our tongues going crazy in each others mouth. I can taste her sweet saliva.

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       She is inexperience with kissing, I can tell, because her tongue is everywhere.
    I lay on my back and she climbs on top of me. I push her head down. “Just lick it honey. ” I say.
    She goes down, and like a horny teen whore, she begins to lick my hard cock like it’s a candy. I push the back of her head and my cock penetrates down her throat, where I begin to cum as she chokes. I pull out and she comes back up, spitting some of the white stuff out.
    I start playing with her pussy again as she bites my nipples. It is so wet down there. I violently get her off me and then jump on top of her. I spread her legs.
    “No grandpa, not that! Not yet!”
    I don’t listen. I thrust my dick deep inside her. She screams in pain, “Ahh! Grandpa! Stop!”
    I begin fucking her harder.

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       Then I pull out and flip her over. Without a second thought, I stick my cock into her tight asshole.
    “AHHHH!” She screams.
    I start using the last of my energy to dig in deep. Fucking my granddaughter’s ass like she’s a whore. Then I begin to spill inside her nice ass. I pull out and let my cum spill all over her butt.
    She gasps for air.
    “I’m sorry sweetheart. I thought you wanted it. ”
    She doesn’t answer.
    I get up and leave the room.
    The next day, at the breakfast table, the two teens come in. Both have a fearful expression on their faces.
    “Morning grandpa.

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      ” “Morning Mr. ” They say. The my granddaughter approaches me and sits in my lap. She says, “If we tell you a secret, will you keep it a secret?”
    “Yeah, sure. ” I answer.
    “We wanna come over more often and do it again. ” She confesses, “But don’t tell mommy that me and Katy love each other. . ”
    I was surprised at her words. I look at Katy.
    “I was bleeding this morning,” she says, “next time, I wanna be conscious. ”
    Katy comes over to me and rests her head on my shoulder, “And you have to let us love each other. ”
    “Yeah. Sounds like a deal. ”
    Katy and Abby look at each other and smile.

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       Then they kiss each other on the.



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