My Forbidden Crush


Fuck him, I thought. My best friend cancelled on me again. We were supposed to go play baseball with the other guys in the park and he was my ride. I didnt care, he could do whatever the hell he wanted. I went in bathroom and splashed some cold water on my red-hot face and looked up, forcing a smile. I am kind of handsome, i thought. Short blonde hair worn spiked up, blue-grey eyes, 6'2" and a nicely built frame. I work out multiple times a week, so i should think i look good. Coming out of the bathroom, I noticed my sister's long blonde hair over the couch, so i crept up behind her. Doing one hell of a jump over the back into my place next to her, I jokingly sat on her lap. "Heya Lizzie", giving her my killer smile. Liz smiled back, tilting her head, "He-ey Josh, what do you want?" "Only to hang out with my wittle sister" She turned on the tv, ignoring me. But I still looked into her face. She was gorgeous, and shapely. Glancing down, I saw her firm breasts rising up and down with each sweet breath she took.

I had to have her.

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   Leaning forward, I pressed my lips to her cheek. "What're you doing, Josh?", an innocent smile on her face, maybe i could get away with this. "I dont know". I moved in closer  and gently kissed her soft lips. Liz resisted for a moment, "please" was all I said. She gazed into my eyes and nodded, a to my suprise initiated the next kiss. After a few minutes of passionate kissing, i pushed her down onto the sofa and without leaving her lips, my hands unbuttoned her shirt, her arms around my neck. My lips danced down her neck and chest, and my toungue carressed her breasts and nipples as she moaned and sighed. I heard her mutter under her breath, "This is so wrong", so I looked up and smiled, then went back to my business. Taking no time at all, I pushed up her skirt to find she was wearing a tiny g-string. With a chuckle, i simply pushed the string aside and gazed at her nakedness. Bending down, I inhaled her scent and pushed one finger into her. She gasped and laughed awkwardly. She was a virgin. Wasting no time, I stood and pulled my pants down, I was about as hard as i could get already.

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   I now kneeled over her cunt and rubbed the tip of my cock along her slit. "Do you really want this?" I asked.  Liz looked around and muttered, "Yeah I do". I slipped about a third of my length into her when a dog outside scared me, causing me to ram the rest into her. Liz shrieked and breathed heavily, "wow". Going with the flow, I pulled out a bit then started thrusting, faster and faster until we both orgasmed. We made love a few more times that day and fell asleep with me inside her. I think you could gues that i wasn't very angry with my friend the next time I saw him ;)



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