Topic: MY FLIRTATIOUS MUM 3 Pt. 3 Mum's flirting,slutting removes my cherry.
 My excitement at copying mum in her sexual flair
 was about to explode in I had been touched on my pussy by my dad and brother I knew one of them would get to deflower me. My cherry was their's to pick. In the interim,I'd let my brother and my dad get a look at my ass and pussy from behind as I'd been getting dressed. In both cases I'd been clever enough to be sure they could only glance but not touch it. In the case of my dad,mum had been close behind and I heard her say, "I bet you liked seeing that without her knowing" Dad replying, "What did I see? No! What did I miss seeing I mean"? The guilt in his voice told me and mum he'd clocked my ass alright! As mum said, "Our Lynn,you know,in the all together" This made me blush with guilt at that moment. But later,mum said on the side. "They're all the same,men. If they get a look at banned goods,they refuse to admit it,even when they get hard and we can see it" I got a knowing look from mum. Did she see dad's hardon when she retrieved the newspaper from his lap the other night? or was it she seen him harden up when he clocked my nakedness with her behind him. mmm!
 Whimsically now, "If they only knew about us women,you know,what we get up to,they'd vaporize" A reference perhaps to what had made her so wet when my brother Roy had caught her on the bed the other time? "I suppose we must be thankful for small mercy's" Then with her knowing look again, "And the not so small mercy's we get offered. YOU SAW ME DIDN'T YOU? I know you did,I seen you" I looked at her,she at me. Mum had me completely flummoxed. The shed? The hallway? Like a flash,I say.  'MUM,what are you on about? Saw you what? "In the hall,you were on the landing when I looked up with my eyes shut" 'SHUT'? "Yeah,they were shut,but I saw you" I went for broke! 'Was it good? Was it mum? You know,all you hoped it would be'?
 "Fuck it was, - she burst forth, - its the excitement of being caught that adds to my orgasm" - She'd opened up more as a mate than as my mum now.

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   -  "I had to let you know I knew, I could hardly complain if your dad or Roy for that matter tried for you,with you knowing how I'd tried for Roy's cock could I"? "How do you feel about one of them fucking you"? 'I've never really thought about it mum' I lied. "Course not, - like when you flashed your quim the other night through your broken PJs? No of course you haven't" She grinned.  "If you think about it,which of course you wont. You might like to bear in mind,the first time when they whoever it be,break you,it'll hurt a piece so,smaller would be best,you know the first time like" - "You are virginal I suppose? I say this because you may have broken your hymen with sport or like me,by poking yourself with a make believe cock,I used the broomhandle! Fuck it didn't half hurt,well I didn't know it was too dry to do it with,did I"?
 I flushed to high heaven,all this information in almost one sentence. "There now,that's made me feel a lot better,you haven't said anything to your father I hope,you know about me and Roy"? I nodding a NO, 'Course I haven't' "Course not,I should have realised,its always better to let things trickle out if they get to know at all. Remember that advice,it'll serve you well" Smiles all round. "Lets have a coffee,shall we" I'd arrived. I was mum's confidant! What would I get in confidence from her from here on in? One couldn't even surmise,but I was dying to know what had made her so wet before Roy's bed caper with her.
 Later this day,I got what I shall refer to as a perk. While dreamily moving along our landing,I happened on dad alone in their bedroom. He was naked and holding a pair of boxers,as he bent forward he presented me with a full view of his cock,balls and asshole held stationary for me to study. He seemed in no hurry to put his boxers on and I felt a trickle of my juices at my pussy slit. There before me was the very cock that I wanted to deflower me. Totally silent,I looked at his tight scrotum,visualising all his little sperms waiting for their chance in my pussy.  I took in his cock,ever vein and bulge of it as he was pulling his foreskin to cover his knob at its front.

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   Oh if only he'd make it go hard for me! But no,so I looked intently at his bum hole with all the hairs trying to hide its crinklyness. I could look no more,so quietly I went to my room closed the door and played with my clit till with my legs rigid my juices flowed from me in orgasm at what I'd just been looking at. My mind was set,DAD was going to have to break me in.
 Going into the evening,I lay fully clothed on my bed. That was, A white blouse,gym length skirt, - although I had it on for nothing to do with sport, - and a pair of snow white panties with some frilly round the leg part. My ankle socks were off and lying on the bed cover. My bedroom door was almost closed but I had a habit of letting it remain slightly ajar so I knew who was where,within reason. Roy had passed to his room shortly before and I was listening for his wanking rythm to start. It didn't. Dreamily I studied the ceiling till I sensed my door moving. Roy clandestinely entered. 'You want it'? NO! my heart was set on dad getting me. In his forceful manner that he'd got mum in the hallway he sat on my bed and pushed for me to raise my knees. 'Lift up so I can see it' I did nothing. 'Go on,just a bit,go on,let me see,I'll wank myself for you to watch if you want' I admit,I'd not watched this before and it stirred a nerve in my belly.

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   'Get yours out for me to see,then I will,not for long mind or we might get caught'
 Unhesitatingly,he loosened his front and presented my eyes with a full on hardon. 'Now yours' Raising my legs at the knees I let him look up my short skirt at my knickers. As he was holding his cock he visibly increased his wanking action. 'Lovely,lovely,pull them aside,let me see yours' I just led there. His other hand suddenly touched me by my pussy. 'I'll pull them out the way a bit' his fingers I knew was tugging on the frilly bit and I felt my panty being pulled sideways. In this short time I notice his cock's head was covered in precum. 'Yours is wet like mine,let me play it,alright'? nodding NO! made not one speck of difference as I felt his fingers pressing along my slit. By now my skirt was laying up my belly as I peeped through my fingers now over my eyes at my brother feeling between my legs.
 He was pumping his fist at his cock in a frenzy. Then suddenly stopped. WOW! he was tugging my knickers down.  I made a grab to stop him but they were already off my bum and halfway down my thighs. To have done this he'd quickly gone from the edge of my bed to being in a kneeling position between my legs. Try as I might,my knickers were going off my legs altogether as I struggled.

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   Strangely neither of us said or made a sound. As his cock pranced before me a string of his precum had reached my leg and I thought I'm going to get that up me so it wont be dry like mum had broken herself in on.
 Roy seemed to want all he dreamed because with no further ado his tongue hit my puffy tight pussy with a vengeance. All I could do was grip my knees as my wanton clit took control of my brain.  I was getting ever closer to an orgasm when I knew I'd plead for this big cock to fuck me.
 Everything changed in an instant.  A noise on the landing I recognized as dad getting our loft ladder had made my brother vaporize. He'd gone,not out my room,but down the side of my bed in panic. I moved from the middle of my double bed to the side nearest the door and away from where my brother was now hidden away. Dad's voice, 'I need a hand somebody' Mum in reply, 'Ask Lynn,she's up there somewhere' Dad's head comes round the door,I not thinking had still left my legs up with my skirt around my middle. Dad froze,he just stood and looked blatently at my naked pussy. My instinct was to hide it,but not wanting my brother Roy to be caught and still hoping dad would take my cherry I let him feast his eyes some more.
 'Uh! uh! I need a hand Lynn' Pulling himself together, 'Its okay,she is up here,I've already got the flashlight' I tumble off my bed,noticing dad only has those boxers on, - dark navy with a noticable protrusion at the front. - So noticable in fact that some of his pubes were peeping through the pee hole. I knew I was soaking and I really wanted to ravish my own dad at this instant.

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   'Just need to put a box up there,hold the torch in case I need it and when I'm ready hand the box up,its only light' The ladder and hatch now in place,dad topped the ladder and reached back down for the box. I passed it up to him and with his efforts my exposure had been forgotten I assumed. Dad stayed on the top of the ladder and was reaching around the loft for whatever reason as I admired the muscles at his thighs and grasping the flashlight endevoured to see his bum cheeks up his very loose boxer's legs.
 What the light revealed was a half hard cock with its knob just above the bottom of the boxer's. Its mushroom head was out of its foreskin,presumably having been hard just before and pulling it back,now with dad on the ladder unable to pull it over his knob even if he wanted to. The head was almost like a fishes head looking out from under a rock with its mouth pointing at me. God my pussy dribbled even more. In a trance I suddenly realised dad was looking at what I was doing. 'I'm coming down now' His grin said it all.
 Can I look? 'Course you can,go steady and take the torch to see,I know where things are up there so I didn't need too' I step to the ladder,awkwardly I give the light back to him, 'I'll not need it,I only want a little look up the hole' Unrealising its connotation,I'm sure I heard dad mutter under his breath, "Me too" As I climbed I knew my skirt was flairing about and revelled in dad getting a good look up it at my naked ass and things. A sucking in of his breath through his teeth told me he was getting a very good look and when I saw the light flash across the loft I knew he was intent on even a better look at me. I turned pretending to want to see the other side and I opened my legs to make out I was struggling to turn. Glancing down as I waived one leg off the ladder I saw the light beam going straight up my skirt front. It must have been illuminating my pussy and belly.
 'Steady,don't try to come down that way round' I pirouetted back round getting another sucking in of breath from dad.

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   I looked down and he did a sick grin as he realised I'd seen him switch the torch off. Decending now as if to our timing,mum called, "Just popping over Edna's for a mo' wont be long" The timing was perfect as no sooner had it been uttered,than a pair of strong arms came into contact with my thighs then ass cheeks as I got lower on the ladder. Dad's hands ran up my thighs then on to my bum then on past my hips pushing my skirt up my body only to stop as it came up under my small pert tits. I just knew he was taking in all my shapely ass and as I felt his lips kiss my bum cheek then come behind my ear. A whisper, "Do you blame me for looking"? 'No dad nor for wanting to touch it' A warm hand then came round to my front and smoothed over my pussy's fur. "So smooth,can you blame me for wanting to touch it"? His rough hand had gone downwards and ran over my pussy's slit.
 I was lifted off the ladder and he carried me to my bed. It seemed so natural,I was all goosey with exciting expectations as he bent over and kissed my belly while his fingers entered the waistband of my skirt and without undoing the button gently tugged it down my body. I looked at his hands shaking as he pressed on my pussy's mound and I just opened my legs. He pushed my top now above my breasts and just stared at me from top to bottom. My nipples were hard and tingling as he kissed first one then the other. His manly deep voice said, "You sure about this"? Strangely I shrugged while nodding a consent,but said nothing. He stood now and dropped his boxer's which tried to hang on to his obvious hardon by it hooking out through the pee hole. "Its being shy in front of you" He chuckled as I too giggled as I saw the size I was about to have in me.
 "It might hurt a bit at first,but I'll go gently,now you're sure you want this"? he waved his hardon in front of my pussy.

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   As he got between my legs it suddenly struck me,WHERE THE FUCK WAS MY BROTHER? I knew he couldn't have got out of my room and he was gone from the side of my bed because dad had placed me squarely on the middle. The wardrobe? or where? I no longer cared as my dad's dick slid up and down my pubes creating a slippery line of his precum that was glistening like silver on the hairs as they tried to escape his stickiness. Each time,his cock slid lower towards my slit until it started pressing in it,then popping back up and sliding across my pubes again. This alone was making me nearly cum. With his movement I,looking down my belly was facinated watching his skin roll back and forward up and down his cocks head. This head looked huge as it slipped up and down my front. Dad came more down on me and I felt his cock draw farther down between my legs. He led now with his weight against me as his pulsing pressed against my pussy's slit right by the hole. I could sense his and my love juices were mingling as he very slowly increased the pressure of his cocks head against my cunts hole.
 Lifting his torso, he looked in my eyes, "Alright can you stand it pressing you"? 'Yes,I can feel it going up in a bit' It was. Very slowly I could feel my pussy opening to let his big mushroom in. It came against something trying to stop it. "I can feel my love juice squeezing inside you through your tiny part" I could as well,I adjusted my bum for some unknown reason and I felt his cock head press harder,then dad jabbed, "Sorry,Sorry, when you moved your bum I just had to thrust against your hymen" 'Its stinging a bit' raising himself he pulled back and a faint smile crossed his lips,"See! I've popped it" He knelt and lifted his hardon to let me look,there it was. Some blood on the helmet. 'Is that it dad'? "I guess so" As he lowered his cock back to my pussy.

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   His hardon went back in me a bit, "Fuck,you're so tight I'm almost cumming" No more talk followed as I felt myself being pressed ever wider by his cock. I opened my thighs almost horizontal to get this big thing trying to search farther in me. Then I moved up the bed slightly as I felt a strange pressure in my insides. "It's all the way up,I wont try to open your uterus to force the rest in,its not much but as you get used to taking one you'll find the neck of your womb will open to accomodate some cock head.
 Dad pulled back then forward and as it all got more slippery my hips just started to push too him, 'Harder dad,do it like you do mum,its making me going to c-u-u-u-m-m-m. ' I just grabbed and shagged at his cock as he in turn really started to pump up into my belly. I felt his first spirt go up the top of my cunt and I just grabbed at his ass as he grabbed at mine and we were locked in an orgasmic embrace that I never wanted to come down from. We did though. I could feel my muscles gripping like hell on this big shaft with its tickling little movements just about driving me mad. Then he collapsed on me with his full weight. It felt oh so cosy,but he's not heavy. Then it started all over again,first little movements then longer one's and soon he was pumping me for all he was worth and I was clinging round his body humping as hard as I could.
 We came again and this time he just kept pumping until I murmered. 'Don't stop now you're making me cum again' With this utterance he doubled his efforts and I orgasmed I could hear our squelching all over as he shot a third lot of baby juice up my poor pussy. A little while then I pushed him to get off, 'Mum must be back by now' He looked disappointed' He mouthed 'again'? 'Not now I whispered' I just couldn't have gone again.

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  I could still feel his cock as though it was still in me and my pussy was throbbing like a headache. I knew I was going to become addicted to this or other cocks.
 Dad got up and wiped his cock in my panty's then kissed the goo that had a faint trace of my virgin blood on it. Pulling his boxer's on, "I wonder where Roy is then"? Blandly, 'I wondered about that as well' I so innocently added. 'He's generally around by now' In no time I heard the ladder being put back away and he went down stairs. It was only then that I quietly called 'Roy,where in fuck are you'? My long heavy curtain moved and I had to laugh,as a couple of feet from the ground a bump was in the curtain and as he came from round its end clearly this had been his hardon pressing against this curtain. "That was excruciating torture,I could hear dad fucking you after hearing him talk you into loosing your cherry and I dared not even wank myself off in case he spotted me. Do I get a go now? Look its throbbing with juice all over it" It was and, 'No not now,I'm enjoying dads spunk in me,maybe tomorrow,only maybe' "Fuck it,if dad hadn't appeared when he did I'd had got your cherry,its damn just so unfair" 'If he knew you fucked his wife you may be under the patio by now,so count your blessing' "Do you think he might find out"? 'Dun'no, but you better get what you can from her before he twigs,you're along time dead' Fuck,I'm even sounding like mum now'
 bye for now.   




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