Topic: MY FLIRTATIOUS MUM 2 Pt. 2 Mum's flirtations? I reach a different opinion now.
 Flirting my eye. Mum works to a plan I the moment I saw mum being licked then fucked by my brother in our hallway,I couldn't get it out of my head. As I lay on or in bed,my fingers would remorselessly creep to my clitoris and I'd be reliving her moment as I brought myself off. Each of these orgasms would sometimes be only an hour apart. I was now obsessed with how my mother had got my brother to bring her off with his rather large cock. As she'd indicated,she knew what he had hidden in his trousers. I never dreamed she intended to take it up her,not withstanding,she'd got a buss from tormenting him to harden him up.
 On seeing mum go as far as being fucked by her own son,I concluded now,she wasn't only a flirt but a real slut. Trouble about that being,from the excitement I was experiencing in my own loins as I was contantly thinking over and over what she'd had done. I too wanted to be sluttish. Gone was the innocent me and in its place was a young determined mind. Set on one target. Not getting caught,or more precisely,the excitement,of not getting caught that I just knew mum had been experiencing by not only fucking her own son,but doing it in an exposed hallway where one or other of us could have come in on her with my own brother's cock cumming in her pussy.
 What was that she said? "When you're ripe,you'll understand it" That was so damn right! I knew I was ripe,I wanted to be fucked and further,I wanted the risky excitement of chancing being caught just like mum.

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   Like a spider,she'd drawn an incestuous cock into her web. I too intended to draw brother Roy's and my dad's dicks into my web.  I'd discarded my brother's mate Tim from the equasion,because getting caught had little danger and also because he obviously was so innocent. Hark at me mind! A virgin,with only my own finger having touched my pussy. I still wished I'd let myself be dragged into our shed,because with the benefit of hindsight. I reasoned,my brother Roy with his then,unknown to me expertise,would not only have looked at my pussy as Tim indicated,but taken and shared my cherry with his mate Tim.
 All was not lost though,in a couple of days I had concluded my,sexual requirements,targets and plan of action. I neither saw it as clinical nor mercenary. I wanted to be sluttish like mum and nothing would deter me now. The first thing that happened was only peripheral really. Still as hot as hell from seeing mum getting fucked. I heard dad banging the hell out of this self same pussy as I came past the shed in the garden. Between gasps and grunts,mum uttered, "I only came down to get the yard brush and here I am getting your broomhandle you horny sod. What if we get caught by the kids"? A gasping series of grunts from dad told their own story,he was shooting his sperm up her and cared not if he was caught,after all she was his wife.
 Standing back out of sight,I again got a twinge as mum appeared from the shed with her skirt up one side as she still struggled to hitched her knickers back up her legs while clinging to the said broom.

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   Dad with a grin from ear to ear and his cock as hard as hell still glistening from their mutual cum squeezed the last of his cum from this hardon and let the dribble drop to the shed floor. The door drifted close then. Twice now I'd seen mum leave a twitching cock and I wanted the same. Just as I made to move,I stopped dead in my tracks as my brother appeared from behind the shed. He clearly was hard and looked rather hot faced. Unbeknownst to him,I followed him to the house.
 Up to his room he went with me following. Realising he must had seen them, I knew he was going to wank off.  So he would be out of the way I reasoned letting me safely masterbate as well. I did this to the sound of my brother quietly refering to mums pussy. My orgasm was quick in coming and I stole to Roy's door just in time to see him spit cum into the air as he lay on his back. The globs splatting all over his naked belly. I brazenly moved through his door with my finger to my lips indicating silence. Startled,he jerked round but could do no more because of his spermal residue everywhere.
 I moved to sit by him on his bed.

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   'I saw you with mum' his face was a picture. In a hushed voice again, 'You know,that afternoon,I saw you both in the hallway having it' With his head now nodding a NO! but his face indicating, OMG. I continue, 'Don't worry,no one knows and I'm not planning to say anything. What did you see in the shed just now? I watched as well' His distressed face eased somewhat as he smiling said, 'Mum,she was being fucked again' A hesitation to his slip of again had him stuffed. '---- a-g-a-i-n,you know after what you said you seen' 'What did it feel like? you know compared to other one's? like girls and that' 'Dun'no,that was my first time,BLOODY MARVELLOUS,it was mind you,she wasn't happy though when I shot my lot up her'
 'I could let you feel what it feels like if you wanted' 'NO! I'm a virgin you dope,mum's had it lots of times,just look at your size,it would split me' 'Well I only offered' looking disappointed, 'Tim's smaller how about letting him? mind we both would have,had you gone to the shed with us instead of fighting' My pussy was tormenting me again,all this matter of fact talk was having its affect. 'What happens now' Roy questioned. 'I'm working on it,I know you have been trying to see mine,well I have also,you know to you as well. You know,trying to take a look like,but I've won now haven't I? With a plus,look at your spunk all over your belly. That's apart from me seeing you putting it in and then pulling it out covered in your cums and now with you splatted all over your belly,I've won hands down' He twitched as I prodded my finger on his spunk and tasted it. 'MMMM! I might even let you do a mum on me,keep your eyes open tomorrow night'
 That night was a failure for unforseen reasons. Never mind,after all,if my virginity was going,then it needed to be from a full dicky,not a feeble drained one I reasoned. Mum was still up to her tricks with her flouting and flashing,while I felt excited with my plan. I had as I said seen dad and my brother looking,obviously hoping to get a glimpse of my pussy. So okay,I'd give them one,then see how it played out between them. I was a bit apprehensive of my brother's size for a first time,but whatever.

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 I had been looking again in my mirror at how much my pussy lips showed through my PJs when pressed tight against my groins. Noticing a hanging thread,I pulled and in no time a part of the seam had unstitched directly over my pussy. Now sitting as I did on an evening in the living room,I was pleasantly surprised to note the slot in my PJs opened enough to reveal some of my pussy slit. Working at a different sitting position and helping the seam unravel a bit more I was now happy with the result and putting a mirror on the floor studied again what could be seen or touched if I was stood with my legs slightly apart. Again very pleasing sexually titevating results were showing.
 Appearing in the lounge my mother commented, 'That took you a long time' 'Just looking in the mirror mum' "Look long enough,you'll see the devil" she added. I sat as usual,but with one leg bent at the knee and folded flat on the squash of my seat with my heel against my bum,while the other leg,while bent in the same manner but put in a vertical position with both my arms on this knee and my head resting at my hands. This avoided mum seeing what I was showing and at the same time letting Roy and dad if he appeared get a good view of what was inside my broken seam. At the seam,I could feel my lips pressing against this gap and I was sure a bit of my lips were actually almost pressed outside.
 The very sensation was making me juicy I could feel it and I wondered if it showed at my slit,but had no way of knowing. My brother's face said I was clearly displaying as he had great difficulty not looking. When dad appeared,he was far more cunning,he held the newspaper supposedly reading intensely from it but clearly to me he was looking over the top at my pussy's display. On the instant that our eyes met,he had the most subtle smile you were ever lightly to witness as his eyes went to my groin and back again to my eyes. I in kind looked down and back to his eyes,which on contact he pursed his lips like to kiss and quickly glanced to see if mum or Roy had spotted him looking.
 Then mum reached to him for the newspaper,thus revealing her bum to my brother and I noticed it was high enough for me to see under a bit at her thighs.

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   Almost in a trance,Roy looked at mum's then at mine. A grin came in my direction and was gone in an instant. With the paper now with mum,dad had a great problem hiding his hardon to me although mum didn't seem to see it. My legs were by now feeling a bit cramped so on moving the bottom one straight I lay it across the arm of the chair and innocently adjusted my PJs at my middles. This entailed a bit of a pull and a discreet finger through the gap. My slit was soaking.  This also was being watched intently by both my (flies to spider's web) so to speak as I knew they would attempt to enter my web.
 Off to bed I went,followed shortly after by mum and dad. Mum just called 'Good night Lynn' and headed into the loo. Dad furtively headed to my bedside and in a very hushed voice, 'You little minx,you'll get me shot doing that' but none the less his hand was furtively feeling for my PJs flaw,on finding it,I felt his fingers probe through and feel my wetness. 'NO! I mustn't,I must go before I do something I'll regret' 'Night dad' I whisper,adding you horny shed shagger' 'Chicken,you didn't,did you'? I grinned and said no more. I certainly got results,within no time my mum was getting another fucking as I masterbated in time with her noises,cumming off at the same time as she did while I pictured dad's cock giving me a good fucking as well or instead of mum.
 Then almost like a ghost my brother appeared in my room. Half laying on my bed, 'Did you hear mum getting it again,you done that,you little whore,dad was hard looking at your cunt,he hid it behind the paper till mum got it off from him' I whispered, 'I bet you wish that was you having her in bed' A grin came over his face and I knew he had,but when? - Before the hallway thing? No,it couldn't be unless he was lying,because he said in the hallway was his first time. - 'When? go on tell me you brat,when? Today'? A large smile, 'just now,I got her when you two were eating tea.


   Remember,I hadn't come down when she called and she came looking. She caught me wanking' Looking at me she said, 'No don't you dare not again,not now with them just down stairs. Then as she scurried into their room,she realised I was following and she scampered across her bed. That sealed her fate,as she flitted over the bed with her dress flying all ways. Guess what? her ass was bare,NO KNICKERS ON! I whipped round the other side and on meeting me she turned to get back and out. I just dropped on her back and pressed at her. It was like magic,she just stopped where she was and as my cock lay along her ass crack she said,be quick before we're caught'  'It was all over in seconds,because I'd nearly been cumming when she caught me wanking. Then with her naked ass slit and cunt slit there in front of me,I almost spit straight over her cheeks without even putting it up her! So dad got me to thank for her cumming so hard just now'
 I had heard a noise but never in my wildest dreams had I thought it was Roy getting mum again. Then when they appeared at different times I never gave it a second thought. 'Was it different this time'? 'Only that she was absolutely soaking,I'm sure she was to wet for it to have been her seeing me wanking' - This made me wonder if mum was at it some other way or with perhaps some other bloke. - By now my brother had found like dad a way in my PJs and I lay letting him tickle my pussy while his relating his experience was making me desperate to orgasm. After a bit a finger jabbed at my hole,to which I pulled back and grabbed at his hand. 'NO,not inside,I'm a virgin' "Let me break it in for you"! 'No,be thankful for what you're getting,you can feel it a bit more then that's all' "Let me make you cum" NO! not now we're to near their room' "In the shed tomorrow then" 'That's silly,we may get time in house alone tomorrow,we'll see what happens'
 As he went to go, "I know dad seen your,you know what,when you were flashing me,did he say anything"? 'No,course not,that's just your imagination' I lied. "What if he did and he tried it on with you,would you,you know" 'What made you try it on with mum'? "She was asking for it,just like you are" 'I'm not' "Oh no,course not,I bet you being a virgin wont stop his horny knob if he gets a chance" I'm getting all hot thinking the same 'Push off now and let me sleep' I say,while being intent on getting myself off again relishing my fathers probing of my pussy. It was okay being done by my brother,but I wanted to relive my dad feeling my pussy.

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   Roy went back to his wanking as did I.




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