My First Time With Brother, Part 2 (True)



This is a continuation of the first time I had an incestuous relationship with my brother.   I was 14, and he was 17.   In the first chapter, I explained how everything started, and it ended in a blowjob with him cumming all over my tits.   Where last we left off, I was being led inside the house…


                So there I was, being led into the house by my brother.   He had pulled his trunks up, covering his 8” cock.   I, however, was wearing my bikini bottoms, pulled to the side and held there by my swollen pussy lips.   I had no top on, and my chest was covered in cum, which was now starting to dry.   I could smell how sweet it was.  

                Now, for those of you who didn’t read my last post, and I suggest you do, I was a virgin at the time this all started taking place.   I had only seen a penis before in porn, and I had never so much as thought about actually having a guy cum on me.   But within 20 minutes, I went from innocent little sister to the sister that had her brother eat her out, followed by a blowjob to completion.  

                As my brother led me by the hand, I swear that time started to slow down.   I was drunk with hormones and lust.   The scent of his cum on me was dizzying.   I  could not keep my eyes off of him as his muscular frame was all my eyes could see.   I could feel the wetness from my pussy starting to leak slowly down my leg.

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                 We were going to fuck.   And I wanted it more than the air I was breathing.

                He led me to his room. His bed was centered, and I started to move toward it, instinctively wanting him to lead me there.   But he moved past it and led me into the bathroom that connected our rooms.  

                “You need a shower,” he said.   “Gotta clean up all that cum. ”

                I didn’t even think about the fact that I was literally covered in his cum.   I looked in the mirror.   There was cum from my neck down to my waist.   It looked beautiful as it dried on me.   A mark of lust and sexual desire.   But natural instinct told me that if we were going to make love, it would be best if I cleaned up first. So I let him start my shower, taking my time to savor myself in the mirror.  

                He turned from the shower and stood behind me.

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    “Damn.   You are gorgeous.   I can’t believe you don’t have guys falling at your feet. ”

                Blushing, I replied, “Maybe I do.   I don’t pay attention. ”

                “Now that you aren’t going to be a virgin, you will notice.   Trust me. ”

                With that, he bent down and kissed my neck, just below my ear.   I closed my eyes as I felt the tingling feeling of warmth come over my body.   He placed his hands on my waist, just above my hips and squeezed just tight enough to hold me still.   I placed my hands over his and held them there.  

                He released from his kiss and whispered into my ear, “Let’s clean you up. ”

                He pulled away, and moved from the shower. I pulled off my bikini bottoms and stepped into the shower.   His eyes never left my body.

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                I moved to close the shower curtain, but he stopped me before I could.

                “No,” he said, “I want to watch.   If that is okay?”

                I smiled my approval and began to wash.   I let the water run over my chest as I slowly caressed my tits, allowing his cum to wash off of me.   My nipples were erect, and I spent some time playing with them, putting on a little show.   I had never actually seen anything like this anywhere, so I had to make it up as I went.   I had no idea how far I should go, so I decided I would go until he told me to stop.

                I turned from the water and arched my back, allowing the water to wash my back and ass.   I turned to look at my brother, and I could see that he was starting to get his erection back.

                “You can jack off if you want.   I don’t mind. ”

                He hesitated for a second and leaned down to remove his trunks.   When he stood up, I got my first real picture of him fully naked, cock hard and pointing straight at me.

  He reached down with his hand and grabbed his large cock and started to stroke it for me.

                “Better clean that pussy,” he said.

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                I turned to face him head on, placed one foot on the edge of the tub to give him a view of my pussy.  

                Now, I should let everyone know that, while still a virgin, I did know how to masturbate.   This was an area of expertise for me.

                I used one hand to spread open my pussy, and I allowed him the chance to see my pretty little clit.   I used my other hand to slowly rub it for him while he stroked.

                “Tell me what you want,” I asked.

                “Finger that tight little pussy for me,” he moaned.

                I gave him a smile and moved a finger inside of me.   I moved it in and out slowly at first, but I couldn’t resist.   I started to speed up, banging my tight little cunt harder and harder, as he stroked harder and faster.   I started to moan loudly.  

                “Stop,” he said, as he stopped jacking his cock, “Come here. ”

                I removed my finger, licking the pussy juices off, and stepped toward him.   He grabbed me by the waist and sat me on the counter facing him.   He spread my legs apart as he moved in closer.

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    He grabbed my hand and stuck the finger I was using on myself in his mouth.

                “You taste good. ”

                “I know I do. ”

                “I want to be inside you,” he whispered.   I could feel the tip of his dick pressing against my pussy.

                I tried to press against him, “I want you to be my first,” I whispered back.   I looked him in the eyes and held my gaze for a second before I leaned in and kissed him.   As we kissed I reached down, grabbed his cock, feeling the warmth of his shaft and the blood pulse inside him, and guided him to the opening of my cunt.

                He hesitated, and then held me in a long kiss, my tongue in his mouth.   And then it happened.   He slid his thick, 8” penis inside of me, very slowly.   It hurt.   But, at the same time, it was the greatest feeling in the world.   I clenched my entire body.   It was hurting me, and he knew it, which is why he was holding our kiss so tight.

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    I wrapped my hands around his neck and squeezed as tight as I could.

                My sexually active friends told me that it wouldn’t hurt for long, and they were mostly right.   Though, I know now that all of them lost their virginity to smaller cocks.

                When he was all the way in, he released his kiss.   “Are you okay?”

                I was biting my lip, letting the initial pain pass.   I nodded.

                “Keep going?”

                “Oh, fuck yes!” I moaned.

                At that, he smiled and grabbed my waist, holding me steady.   I looked down, watching him pull out of me.   His thick rod was glistening with the juice from my pussy.   He pulled out slowly, and it seemed like his cock was never going to end.   And right before the tip came out he started to move back in a little faster. I looked up at him, and he looked at me.

                “Fuck me. Please.

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                He stared into my eyes and gave me a look that fucking me was exactly what he had in mind.   Not making love, not “doing it,” but fucking.

                He started to move faster and faster.   The faster he went, the faster the pain left me.   My pussy was getting used to his dick, and I was starting to moan louder than I ever had before.   He was pounding me, his little sister, and I loved every single second of it.   I instinctively reached up and started to play with one of my tits.

      I was squeezing my nipple, rubbing it between my fingers, when my brother leaned down and took it in his mouth.   He stopped fucking me, hesitating long enough to suck my tit, and it was like electricity sparking throughout my body.   He pulled back, and pulled out of me.   I saw that his cock was nice and wet from being inside of me.

                    He grabbed me and pulled me off of the counter.   He grabbed my arm and spun me around, and pushed my head down so that I was bending over the counter.   He kicked my legs apart, grabbed my ass and spread open my tight, wet hole.   Without using his hands, he slid his cock back inside of me.

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        He kept my ass cheeks spread wide apart as he started to forcefully pound my tight cunt from behind.   I looked up in the mirror.   My mouth was open as I let out little screams each time his cock was all the way inside of me.   I looked back at him, and he was staring down at my asshole and his cock sliding in and out of his 18 year-old sister’s pussy.   It was at that exact moment that I had my first orgasm from sex.   And it was beyond amazing.   My arms gave out as I shuddered in pleasure, screaming at the top of my lungs in ecstasy.   I felt my body tense, and my pussy tightened around his cock.   My pussy flooded, and the juices leaked out of my wet hole, down my legs and onto the floor.

                    “Looks like you’re a squirter,” my brother said, smiling.   “I gotta taste you. ”

                    He pulled out his rock hard shaft and knelt behind me.   He used his hands to position me better, spreading my legs apart so that he could get his head between my legs.   I felt his tongue lapping all the wetness around my opening before he plunged it deep inside of me.   He ate me out with such intensity that I came again, though not as powerful as before.

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                    My head was spinning now.   I couldn’t support my weight with my legs, and my brother knew it.   I was trembling, fighting to keep myself from falling over.   He stood back up behind me, and grabbed me by the waist again. He supported my body, keeping me upright.

                    “I want you to make me cum,” he said.

                    “I want to make you cum,” I replied.

                    “Where do you want it?”

                    “As long as it’s not inside my pussy, I don’t care.   I want you to cum wherever you want. ”

                    I saw the smile on his face in the mirror.   He turned me around and forced me onto my knees.

                    “I want you to suck me off so that I cum in your mouth. ”

                    I was ready for it.   Ever since I tasted his cum earlier, I wanted more of it.   And I knew that taking his cum in my mouth was pretty intimate, and I wanted to show him how much I loved him at that moment.

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        Without hesitating, I reached up and grabbed his throbbing dick and put it in my mouth.   I could taste myself on him, and I tasted good.   I could tell by the throbbing in his cock that it wouldn’t be long before he came, so I sucked him as best I could.   While I moved my mouth over his cock, I used one hand to finger my pussy, while the other hand stroked his rod.

                    “Shit.   You’re getting me close,” he said in between moans.

                    I sucked as best I could.   I wanted his cum inside of my mouth, and I wanted it now.

                    Finally, after only a minute of sucking, I felt his cock tense up for a split second before it start convulsing, and then I felt the hot stream of cum shoot into the back of my throat.   He cried out in pleasure, as I kept my mouth sealed over his penis, using my hand to jack his cock for every drop of cum he had.   His cum was warm and salty, and it was tasty.   And there was a lot of it.   I tried to swallow as much as I could, but I couldn’t get it all down before I started to gag.   I pulled away and let some drip out of my mouth, onto my chin, and down onto my tits.   He looked down at me and smiled.


        I smiled back.


                    Okay, so that was the first time I had sex with my brother.   I have had a lot of positive feedback on my previous story, and I loved every bit of it.   I just want to take a moment to let everyone who reads these stories to know that I read every comment, and I love the feedback.   Do not feel scared to message me and ask questions.   Now that I have this story out there, it feels liberating answering everyone’s questions.   I want to share my experiences with all of my fans.   Thank you so much for the great feedback and the positive responses.   You are all amazing!

    (There are more stories about my sex life just waiting to be told.   Positive feedback is a great motivator…)