My First, My Best


My cousin on the other hand was the complete opposite blond hair blue eyes and a petite figure, still i wasn't really supposed to but i thought she was hot. Anyway, i could tell they were both pretty drunk when they walked in as i could hear them stumbling around and talking loadley as the walked through the door,i heard my cousin run straight to the bathroom, but that left me with joanne in the lounge. I wonder if she had seen what was on the tv yet. and as i thought this i heard her sit down in the armchair across from me. What was she doing trying to catch me pretending to be asleep. And then i heard the armchair start to rock and the volume on the tv got turned up so you could actually hear it. I had to open my eyes and see what was goin on. I slowely opend one eye and looked towards the armchair, what i saw nearly took my breath away. Joanne was sitting across from me legs spread wide, with her hand up her skirt rubbing herself through her panties. The expression on her face told me everything, she was completely lost in her own pleasure, She started moaning softly and as she did i heard the bathroom door open, Oh no my cousin. i closed my eyes again. "You just can't get enough can you, you horney bitch" i my cousin slurred as she spoke. joanne just kept moaning and i heard renee walk towards her, let me take care of that she said as she walked over. Oh yeah i thought as my already hard cock became even harder. i Had to sneak a peak,My cousin was pulling of joanne's shirt, she had no bra on and her huge jugs flopped out, She was alot hotter than the girls on the tv. as her shirt was coming off joanne reached over and pulled down the zipper of renee's skirt to reveal to me a perfect ass inside a black g string.

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   Renee then pulled off her own shirt and with her back to me knelt down and put her head up joannes skirt Joanne unzipped her skirt as far as it would go and then ripped it the rest of the way, Renee started to lick joe through her panties and then with her teeth pulled off her panties, to reveal the most beautiful and first live,(not a photo of) pussy i had ever seen, with large swollen lips and only a little tuff of black hair above her slit. renee turned her attention back to joe's pussy as joe started to rub her own tits, joe took one of her nipples into her own mouth, the sexiest thing i had ever seen. i couldn't take it anymore i reached into my pants and started to rub my bulging rock hard penis. As i did this joe looked towads me, Take it off she mimed, i was startled but i was so hot i did, First i took off my shirt to reveal my average, nearly developed 18 year old chest, and then i pulled off my pants and out flopped my rock hard penis, Joe made a come over here signall with her right index finger, and as i walked over about 5 steps to the time of my life, i stopped about two steps short, and took in the view, My cousin was on her knees her toungue diving in and out of the most beautiful woman i had ever known. Her petite ass only covered by a small insignifacant and completely hottt black g string, and joanne the black beauty was lookin straight into my eyes bringing me closer to the hottest night of my life. I reached out to feel my cousins ass, so soft so pure i just about melted in ecstasy. my cousin turned to face me as i carresed her sweet ass,I wondered how long it would take you to grow some ball's and come over she said to me. with this information signalling her consent i pulled off her panties to reveal her sweet ass hole and, the blond pussy hair that coverd her "hot box", I knelt down behind her and pressed a finger between her lips, as i started to lick her asshole,renee turned back to joe who was now on the floor beneath her, they kissed full on the lips and then joe swong around into a 69er position and put her head between renee's legs, Kiss me she said, I brought my lips to hers and felt her tongue intrude into my mouth. In this position on the floor we were caught by renee's boyfriend, Joshua who must have come up the driveway while we were lost in lust, at first he looked angry but when he noticed who was there his mood changed and he got undressed and ready to join in. Please leave me some sugestions part 2 will be coming soon.