My female cousin raped me


My name is Erin i have shoulder length brown hair and b sized breast im pretty much tall and lanky i love to have fun and im never shy to speak my mind and im one of the few girls that have never been penetrated by a penis lol. Anyways this story takes back to a month ago my uncle has never married this lady but only because they cant afford it but she is pretty much family well ive always spent time with them or at their house and one day they decided to take in the lady's niece whos name is briana she was about a year younger than me with c cup tits and her hair was a little less than shoulder length and also a dirty blonde we got along pretty good and would spend weekends hanging out i assumed that she was straight but as i was soon to learn was wrong i decided to spend the night with her and we pretty much stayed up talking and watching tv till 3 we woke up earlier that morning because both my uncle and his "wife" had to go to work so we stayed up half asleep watching tv again and all of a sudden her hand shot at my crotch rubbing my pussy through my pink shorts at first i was shocked and yelled what the hell do you think your doing jumping up to get her hand off me and rubbed her fingers together and just said calmly i think you will like me even more in a little bit i didnt know what to say so i went to her room and got my stuff and she met me halfway in the living room and slapped my phone out of my hand.

I bent down quickly to pick it up and the next thing i know i was forced down even further and i couldnt move. I then felt her pull my shorts down playing with my clit and ass through my panties and teased me about my panties saying how sweet of you you picked a sexy pair of panties for your first time they white very thin and had a pink rose in the crotch.
Please dont i begged her as she kept rubbing me ill do any- but before i could finish she done pulled them down and slammed a finger in my clit i was then amazed at how wet i was as she kept fingering me til i came for the first time in my life.
Your very tight we will have to fix that baby. she said but first lets check your temperature and she shoved 2 fingers in my ass and i screamed even louder as she shoved them in and out finally she pulled them out all the way and said your about to be my bitch. She then got up and walked back to her room while i was there on the ground my face in the floor crying my eyes out with my ass in the air just wondering what other torment she had for me but i soon found out when she came back. She then came back with a small black bag which she threw down in front of my face.
You know i dont usually share my toys but i think your going to be such a good play mate i think ill make a exception as she unzipped the bag she pulled out two dildos a strap and lotion. Oh god briana please dont do this to me!!! I begged but there was no use she just laughed at me as she put some lotion on her fingers and then moved behind me and started talking while i kept crying.
You know she said i think most lesbians dont care to much for anal fun whether its them or the other person thats receiving but i love seeing the girl squirm. I then started to cry harder but i soon felt goosebumps down my body due to the cold lotion being rubbed on my asshole which felt as though it was already scorching some but that was nothing as i soon felt the tip of one the dildos hit the entrance to my ass i screamed the tip felt like it was to rip my ass apart but she kept playing with it til it was stuck in so good that i could probably walk around with it stuck in there i then heard her get up again while i tried to move around trying to make it to the phone to call for help my fingers nearly there then all of a sudden my head hit the floor hard my lip was busted and my nose was throbbing i looked up and saw briana standing there Now baby we cant have any fun if you call ppl to come over now can we as she started to take off her white t-shirt revealing her c cupped tits without the bra and pulled down her sleeping pants which were a dark green with a micky mouse pattern and no panties she turned me over on my back the dildo up my ass moved an inch further but still kept waist up high some as she removed my shirt and pulling my bra down some to reveal my perky b cupped tits she then sat on my face reverse cowgirl style and said with a devilish look time for you to eat your breakfeast i knew what she meant she wanted me to lick her and eat her pussy but i refused and she knew it as she grinned even wider i guess ill just have to persuade you she then grabbed my hips and pushed down forcing the dildo in even further and harder i screamed and squirmed trying to get away but i relized that there was no chance i had to do it so disgusted with myself i shoved my tongue in her and started licking and she stopped pushing down i was at it for what felt like hours tasting her sticky cum as hit my mouth she lifted herself up some and said not good enough and literally shoved my face in her ass causing me to smell and lick her asshole i know you've never done it before baby but what kind of mistress would i be if i didnt punish you she said. I thought i was going to be sick but she finally got back up letting me gasp for air i then saw her put the strap around her waist what now i thought but before i could think about she shoved my waist all the way down forcing the dildo up my ass the rest of the way i screamed and started crying again as i felt blood coming from my ass being strectch so much she then put the second dildo on the strap that she was now wearing and leaned over me i just now realized my legs were spread now time for the main entertainment but first she then leaned even further and kissed me her tounge playing ballet in my mouth tears still coming out of eyes she then took her lips of me and said i almost forgot and pulled what looked like a small genearator out of the bag with two hoses and some kind of suction cups she placed the cups on my tits which were just big enough to fit a little more around my nipples oh look at this my dildos vibrate as she reached under my waist and then all of a sudden the dildo up my ass started vibrating so violently i thought i was going to shit she then turned the generator on and the hoses and suction cups started trying to pull my nipples off i screamed but no voice came out as i watch her line up with my entrance BRIANA PLEASE NO NOT THERE DONT FUCK ME IN MY PUSSY I DONT WANT TO AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was to late she shoved it in me all the way my mouth was open and i know my face had a look of shock as she pumped me and fucked the hell out of my pussy she kept doing it for hours i gasped and came 5 times after the second time i actually started to enjoy it begging her to go harder and faster finally i came for the sixth time and she pulled out wiping the strap on on my body she then reached under me and then picked my waist up a little reaching for the dildo still in my ass Briana please dont i begged trying to catch my breath if you take it out ill but she done it she pulled the still vibrating dildo out of my ass and screamed in joy but soon my bowels releived  them selves i shit all over the floor.
You nasty girl clean yourself up after you scoop all this shit off the floor and get ready for next weekends lesson said Briana Yes mam i said whatever you say mistress. As she looked at me with her eyes and a big grin she said you will be one of my favorite toys Erin.

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   Yes mistress i responded as i started to lick her cunt. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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