My Farmer Uncle


My farmer uncle
Hi Readers. This is Temperance. Once I went to my ancestral village with my family. It’s a small village with full of green field. We have enough cultivation land in our village. My grandpa and grandma look after the cultivation. I went to my farm. Next to my farm is a big lake. Krishna, one of my uncles is taking care of the farm. He was there when I went there. He took me around the farm; there was a big well in our farm. Then we moved to the lake area. After sometime we came back to our farm. Krishna had good physique. He is almost six feet tall and broad chest with full of hair. He went to the pump room and removed his dress and came out wearing shorts.

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   He dived in the well and started swimming. He asked me “Tempi, do you know swimming? I said “No Uncle”. He said “Shall I teach you? I said ok. He came out and I stepped in the well through the steps. He dived first and showed me the way of moving legs and hands while swimming. He spread his hands and asked me to float on his hands. He asked me to move my hands and legs. I moved my hands and legs. I was in salwar kameez. He hold my waist and came along with me. It was wonderful. I was tired and stopped moving my limbs and hugged him. He pulled me closer to him and hugged me. Then I spread his hands and started swimming. Now his left hand went under my kameez and touched my belly.

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   I enjoyed that. Since there was no resistance from me, his hand moved little up and touched my right boob. I was swimming and he also came along with me. Now he started massaging my right boob and his right hand came between my legs and came closer to my pussy. I stopped swimming and hugged him. We kissed each other passionately.
We came out of the well and wiped ourselves. Krishna showed the field with full of tall maize crops and asked me “Tempi, Shall we go there? I said “Ok” and we went there. We two moved inside the field. The crops were more than six feet and we cannot spot the person standing inside. He immediately hugged me and kissed me. He turned me and from the back he hugged me and kissed me on the neck and bit my earlobes. He inserted his hands under my kameez and played on my belly area. I became so hot and started enjoying the play. He massaged my belly and inserted his forefinger in my navel.

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   His both hands cupped my breast and massaged my boobs. He removed my kameez and cupped my breast over my bra. He hugged me tightly. He unhooked my bra and removed it. He turned me towards him and sucked my right boob and crushed my left boob. He pulled my nipple. He swallowed half of my right boob, bit the nipple. At the same time his right hand fondled my left boob. His fingers played on my boob and crushed it. I felt the pain at the same time it was pleasure. Now he untied the knot of my salwar and it came to my feet. He sat in front of me caressed my legs. His hands move to my thigh. He kissed my pussy. He rolled my panty down and removed it.

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   I was standing naked in front of him. He widened my legs slightly and started licking my pussy. He licked my pussy lips and opened it with his fingers and inserted his tongue inside my pussy. He moved his tongue close to my clitoris and gave a gentle bit. I jerked and pressed his head tightly to my pussy. He played well with his tongue and made me to reach the orgasm. I moaned due to pleasure. I released my pussy juice and he eagerly drunk it. He cleaned my pussy with his magic tongue.
He spread my dress and asked me to lie on that. I did so. He removed his shorts. I was surprised to see his huge dick. He lye on me and kissed me and bit me on my shoulder. He rubbed his pubic hair with mine.

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   I felt the heat due to friction. I really enjoyed that rubbing. He widened my legs with his legs. He moved his fore skin of his dick back. It was pink in color. He placed his dick on my pussy. I opened my pussy and guided him to enter my pussy. His thick dick was not able to enter completely. He entered inside me partly. Now he put his arms under my arms and came closer. He covered my mouth with his mouth and suddenly he applied more pressure and inserted his dick completely. I was not able to scream because he covered my mouth. He started fucking me. He moved his dick deep inside my pussy. I felt a thick wooden pole moving up and down inside my pussy.

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   I was gasping for air. He put his tongue inside my mouth and played. At the same time he was moving gently inside my pussy up and down. His hairy chest pressed my boobs. It was really amazing moment for me. A huge thick dick moving inside pussy tightly is really superb. He fucked me about five minutes increased his speed suddenly. He asked me “Tempi, shall I fill your pussy with my sperm or take my dick out without filling? I said “Krishna, please inject your sperm deep inside my pussy”. He pressed his dick deep and ejaculated his sperm well inside my vagina. I hugged him tightly and kissed him. He spread on me for some time and caressed my body inch by inch. He got up and now I turned around facing the ground. Now he spread on me. His dick was rubbing my butt. He put his hand under my breast and cupped my boobs.

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   I raised my chest little up and made convenient for him to play on my boobs. He pinched my nipples and made it hard. He said “Tempi, let us move”. We both got up and dressed. We took bath in the small tank near the well and went home. In the noon we all had lunch and took rest. Night, Krishna went to the farm for night security. While going he asked me “Tempi, will you come tomorrow to learn swimming? I said “Yes, my dear uncle”.
Next morning I went little early to the farm. Krishna was resting near the pump room on the cot. On seeing me he smiled. We two entered the pump room. I hugged him tightly. He kissed me and played his hands on my back. He crushed my butt.

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   We both removed our clothes. His dick was in full length and ready to fuck me. He hugged me tightly. His dick was rubbing my pussy. He hit my pussy with his hard dick. I put my right hand on his dick and moved the skin front and back. I asked him “Krishna, shall I take your dick in my mouth? He said “With pleasure”. I sat in front of him and licked his balls and kissed it. My tongue was licking his dick inch by inch. I pealed his fore skin and allowed my tongue to play on the tip of his dick. He moaned. I took his dick in my mouth and started moving my head front and back. He was enjoying the play. I tried to swallow his full dick but it hit my throat and I choked severely. Tears came from my eyes.

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   He took his dick from my mouth. I breathed heavily and rested for some time. Then we got up and dressed. He said “we will go to the lake area and have fun”. I asked him “Kris, will anyone can notice us? He said “there is a remote area on the other end of the lake, there no one will come”. We moved to that area. The people movement was very rare. We stepped in the water and he guided me to safe point, where there was a rock. The water level was just above our shoulder. We removed our dress and kept on the rock. He hugged me and we two kissed each other. His hands come to my waist and massaged my waist. His right hand crushed my pussy. He inserted his middle finger inside my pussy and rubbed the wall. I was moaning.

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   He finger fucked me for some time. He moved me to the rock and positioned me that my back was touching the rock. Then he guided his dick inside my pussy by opening my pussy lips. He slowly inserted his dick. His dick completely went inside my pussy. Now he started fucking me. He went deep inside me and made me to fly in the air. I was moaning loudly. He covered my lips with his lips and fucked me with his full strength. At last he released his sperm inside my pussy and hugged me tightly. We caressed each other. We dressed and came to the pump room. We took bath together in the well and went home. While coming Krishna said “Tempi, tonight I will not go to the farm so we will play another round in the night”.
That night Krishna stayed back at home.


   After everybody slept, I went to his room. He was expecting me. As soon as I entered his room he hugged me and removed my dress. He was wearing dhoti. I pulled his dhoti. His junior was in full erection. He said “I want to do from your back”. I went to the leg side of the cot and adjusted my position by holding the cot arms. He came behind me and crushed my butt. He bent me little and widened my legs. From the back he slowly inserted his dick inside my pussy. He slowly started fucking me. My boobs were swinging. He cupped my boobs and fondled them. I was really enjoying that fuck style.

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   He kept on fucking for about five minutes and ejected his sperm inside my pussy. I hugged him and kissed him. We dressed up and I went to my room. I spend ten days in my village and whenever we get the chance we will hook up.



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