My Family's Adventures


So basically they were cowardly hypocrits that secretly had all these sexual desires that they would never be seen actually doing. In fact, just being naked was considered shameful. My folks would never let us see them without their clothes on, but one time I did see my mom by accident. When I was 18 years old I came home early from school one day because we had a half day. Mom had the day off from work because it was her anniversary and it was Friday. I had forgotten that she and dad were going out that night to eat at their favorite restaurant. When I came through the door, the house was quiet as expected except I could hear water running upstairs. That got my attention so I slowly made my way up the steps to investigate. The sound was coming from the bathroom and the door was ajar. We had those semi-clear sliding shower doors and there was mom on the other side of them washing her naked body. I had never seen any real-live nude ladies before that time. Mom was 35 back then and she was fit and pretty. Her breasts were full and perky (probably well-preserved from being under-used). She was 5 foot 5 and about 135 pounds and with a very nice shape I thought. Everything about her was round. Her ass was beautifully shaped.

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   I just stood there with my mouth open like a deer in the headlights. I came in at the part where she was washing those firm tits. She did a good job, too. She lathered the tops and the sides and thenshe lifted each with one hand and soaped underneath the heavy flesh. I am guessing she was a 36 C. Then she reached down and washed between her legs. Mom was enjoying her auto-massage. She took her time and she hummed a happy tune of some sort. Of course, she bent over and washed the crack of her ass and then finally she washed her hair which made her tits really stick out far from her chest and bounce around as mom shampooed her cute new haircut. My dick was hard in my pants and I left before she finished. Mom never knew I saw her and I never told, but what I saw provided me with plenty of fantasies that I stroked my cock to in my teenage years. I also started looking at mom in a different light. I would notice her tits underneath her blouses and her nightgowns and enjoy them and imagine them under the material, right there just shielded from my vision. Then there was dad who was on the quiet side and who worked for a company in our town. I loved him.

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   He was a good provider and he loved me, too. We did the usual things together as father and son. The year after I had seen my mom in the shower I had baseball practice on a Saturday morning. I was 18 Dad was supposed to drive me to the field and it was time for him to get out of bed. I went upstairs to wake him, but I didn't want to wake mom so I was quiet. I wasn't sneaking. The door to the bedroom was open slightly and I pushed it open a bit more to see if dad was up yet. Well dad wasn't up. but his pecker sure was. It stood high in the air; a monster cock at full attention and longer and fatter than mine. The head was like a bursting purple mushroom ready to pop open. I had never seen it before that time. Dad was just sleeping away next to mom who was sleeping. I guess he was dreaming of something good. So I did what anyone else would.

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   I backed out and closed the door and came back 5 minutes later and knocked, hoping his dream had cum to its conclusion. Around that time I was doing a lot of questioning and thinking and I decided that I had to be true to myself and live out my beliefs. I determined that when I got married, I wouldn't pretend about sex . I wouldn't pretend it was dirty or bad or something to hide. I had seen my parents' beauty that God had created and they covered them up in shame. I was not ashamed of my body and I hoped to marry someone that shared my views. I wanted to raise my kids the way I wished I'd been raised and without the secrecy. Now it is one thing to believe something and it is another thing to live it, as I know you all agree. A lot of folks are ashamed of their bodies and they live true to those thoughts, but many people are not ashamed of sex and nakedness, but they don't live the way they believe. I wanted to be different. Afterall, you only live once (as far as we know), so why not be yourself. Who are we all trying to impress? God, maybe, but what does He think about the subject? In college, I met a cute little tart with a wild streak that had good, family values, too. She was just my speed; open, honest, intelligent, and gorgeous with blonde hair and blue eyes. She stood 5 foot 4 and weighed 125 with a 34C chest. Her skin was white, soft, and smooth.

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   I was 5'9" and athletic. I inherited my dad's dick which was 7" and average in girth. We got married and led a charmed life. We fit together very nicely. She was tight, but I could fuck her a long time without shooting my load. I loved to suck her breast nipples. We were having fun in our marriage. We both got good jobs and after a few years, bought a nice house in a nice part of town. We were free in our house, walking around naked whenever we wanted to. There weren't any children yet, but eventually we did have 4 of them, 2 boys and 2 cute girls (like their mom) and in that order of birth. The kids were all about 2 years apart and as they arrived in our home, we stayed true to our convictions of not covering up just because they were around. We let it all hang out, so to speak. There were plenty of opportunities for all of them to see us. We wanted them to see us. We didn't close the door to our bedroom or to the bathroom when we bathed.

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   We were not ashamed and we wanted to teach them that our bodies are our real clothes. One night when it was late and the 3 youngest were asleep in their beds, my wife, Cindy, and I were sitting with our oldest boy, John, in front of the tv.
    John was 7. He had fallen asleep there on the floor next to us. Cindy and I were leaning on each other when suddenly I got a surge in my penis and I felt the urge to bury it in Cindy's pussy. I began to fondle her breasts which lay underneath her blouse. I moved the material over her nipples and squeezed them enough to arouse them. Cindy said, "put John to bed. " I said, "nah, he's ok. " Slowly I undressed my wife, covering each uncovered part with kisses as I went. She unbuckled and unzipped my pants and my engorged cock flopped out in a semi-state of hardness. "You are sooo beautiful", she said. "Takes one to know one", I returned the compliment. She licked my cock and the stiffness increased. She parted her lips and took my head into her slippery mouth and gave two sucks, in and out, and moved away.

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       Blood was rapidly coming to the area. Then she took hold of my shaft and plunged her mouth down the length of it. She impaled her mouth that way 3 or 4 times and stopped. I was rock hard and ready. I laid her down on her back adn she lifted her hips so I could pull off her pants and underwear. I parted her legs and smelled her musty, wet cunt. I put my nose between her lips and nuzzled her clit with it. Cindy moaned with delight and anticipation. At just that point, wouldn't you know that John stirred to life from his world of dreams. He sat up and there we were: caught in the act. Well almost in the act, but certainly in the prologue. We froze and then john spoke. "What are you guys doing?" I was losing my nerve, but Cindy was cool. She began to explain that his daddy was just making her feel good and that feeling good was a good thing. John said to me, "How do you do it?", apparently wanting to please his mommy anyway he could.

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       I told him that mommy likes to be touched in a certain spot and then I got the idea to turn Cindy on by letting John take over. I told him to come closer and i spread Cindy's lips wide so John could see better. Cindy's cunt was dripping wet and hot. She gave me a look that said "You wouldn't!", but she was the brave one moments before. I was recovering my nerve and on an educational mission now. I put John's small index finger right on Cindy's button. She stiffened with excitement. I said, "Now move your finger all around that area"> John played with Cindy's clit. Cindy was moaning and wriggling on the floor. "That a boy. That's it. Ooh, you're making mommy feel soo good". She was speaking with the passionof building pleasure. I sucked on Cindy's nipple and bit and pulled. Cindy was flying high.

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       I asked John, "Would you like to hear mommy yell?" "I guess so," he said. "Put your tongue on mommy's button", I encouraged. John bent closer and began to lick. Cindy couldn't believe what was happening. Her 7-year old was licking her clit. I gave both Cindy's nipples a squeeze and she went through the roof with a mighty orgasm, shoving John's face into her soaking snatch and pressing him there until she was completely spent. "yes, oh yes," she screamed. "Good boy, John. You did good. " Everyone was all smiles and that was the beginning of our family adventures. .



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