My Eldsest Daughter - Sally


Topic: My Eldsest Daughter - SallySallyI had just changed into a pair of baggy swimming shorts and stepped out to the private poolside next to my house when I caught sight of Sally clad into what must have been the skimpiest bikini ever. The top was just two triangles of cloth covering her nipples while a third, not much larger triangle covered her mound. The rest was basically string making the bottom little more than a thong. Instant boner! I was grateful for the cut of my shorts and hoped Sally wouldn't notice but notice she did! She came to me and rubbed my crouch saying "Nice - take it you like my cossy then?" as she continued to rub her hand up and down my massive erection. I tried to speak but had to clear my throat a few times before I could answer "Yes - and what's nearly inside it. Haven't you filled out into a very lovely young lady?""You mean my tits?" They're not very big but they are rather sensitive - I love playing with them before I get myself off. "I watched dumfounded as she broke off from wanking me to undo the knot holding her top together letting it flutter to the ground exposing herself to me. She cupped her tits gently saying "Ever so sensitive - I'd love your big strong hands on them!" I was like a statue so she took the lead lifting my hand to her breast. "Mumm. . . Nice! I like that!" She reached up to kiss me as I began to knead her soft flesh. Her mouth was demanding of mine and soon we were kissing passionately, tongues entwined as I warmed to the task. She pressed her body to mine and began to gently hump her still protected cunt against my manhood. Having broken the kiss after an age she demanded "Kiss my tits! Suck them! No one has ever kissed them before. " This time I needed no more prompting dropping my mouth to her chest in an instant first gently sucking and biting each of her nipples in turn feeling them swell to hardness between my lips then I sucked her entire left breast into my mouth.

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   Bliss! As she had said, not very big but oh so smooth and firm. Judging by her moans, she was enjoying my actions as much as I was. As I crossed to her right breast drawing it into my mouth, her hand returned to my cock, stroking him through my trunks. She said "He's so big! Think he'll fit my little pussy? I've never fucked before. " I nearly came there and then!She broke away, a hand on each hip at the knots of her bikini bottom. "I'll show you mine if you show me yours!" I didn't hesitate hooking my thumbs into the waistband of my trunks. "One. . . Two. . . Three. . .

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  " she chanted releasing the knots on three as I hauled down my trunks letting my proud erection free as I feasted on Sally's naturally bald cunt. She dropped to her knees in front of me kissing the end of my knob. "Nice! Even bigger than I thought!" With that she wrapped her lips round my cock and took my knob into her hot little mouth. I threw my head back in ecstasy! She pulled him out again saying "I'm going to make you cum!" before taking my knob into her mouth again. This time she slowly slid her mouth alll the way down my giant cock swallowing hard at one point to let me gain access to the tightness of her gullet. Believe me I am not boasting when I say I am not small in that department but she took me all the way to the root. Too right I was going to cum and soon if she kept this up! Keep it up she did bobbing on my cock with a passion and flicking her tongue over my knob at the top of each stroke. All too soon, for a blow job of this quality you'd want to last for ever, I had to announce "Sally I'm going to cum. " just before jetting a gallon of jism into her. I had expected her to pull me out but she just kept going milking my fluid into her belly only stopping when she was sure there was no more to be had. "Hell, liked that! Loved the way he pulsed as you came. You taste good too. "I pulled her up and cuddled her naked form to me, loving the press of her tits against me. "You loved it? You and me both then! Where did you learn to do that?""Well. .

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  . I've never done it before but I've seen it on a couple of blue movies and figured it couldn't be that hard - it wasn't, but I'm glad he was! You've had my first virginity, only two more to go. . . ""Two?" I cut in. "Yes two, cunt and arse!" she purred in reply running her finger up her pussy lips. "But first I want you to kiss my pussy and make me cum. Then you can fuck me!" Recovering from the shock of what I had heard I led Sally over to a recliner. She lay down, splayed her legs wide and beckoned me to her. My head was instantly between her legs as I savoured her virgin musk. I began to kiss and lick her labia before probing between them with my tongue, before gently parting her labia using both hands to allow my tongue to probe deeper, before sucking her emergent clit into my mouth. At this point she came and came hard. She had been playing with her tits as I pleasured her but now, as her orgasm hit her, she grasped the back of my head and pushed me down onto her cunt as hard as she was able. Taking the hint I began to fuck her little organ with my mouth and pressed a finger to her anus. "Yes!" she yelled "Yes!" as I slowly inserted the digit making her come all the harder.

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   Knowing she wouldn't be able to take much more of this level of pleasure I slowly wound down after I reckoned she had had 'the big one' and climbed on to the recliner beside her cuddling her to me. After a while she managed to find enough breath to ask "And where did you learn to do that?""Years of experience and as much practice as I can get!" was my most truthful answer as I _love_ eating cunt. "Come on - lets go for a swim!" She looked at me forlornly about to speak but I cut her off saying "You need some respite after that. " I hauled her up and we raced to the pool both diving in, Sally somewhat more gracefully than I!We messed about for a while, splashing each other and touching intimately before Sally wrapped her hand round my cock and declared "Time to dry off. I've waited long enough for this fuck!" So we got out and dried each other off. By the end of the process my cock was rock hard and raring to go. Taking my hand, Sally led me back to the recliner once more lying down and splaying her legs wide. "Come on - I'm all yours. " Coming on top, I set my bloated knob at the entrance of her still blocked little love hole and pressed gently forward. Sally was not for the gentle approach humping her body up against me as soon as she felt me there forcing my cock into her. She yelped loudly as I took her but still she pressed up as my cock slowly, oh so slowly for she was so tight, slid into her parting her vaginal walls for the first time. Eventually when she had all of my long, thick cock inside her and I could feel her cunt clutching at every last millimetre of my erection, we began to fuck with me slowly sliding in and out of her velvety tightness until her first vaginally induced orgasm swept over her. I then hooked her legs over my shoulders freeing my hands to massage her chest as I upped the pace. Two, three, four orgasms coursed through Sally before I knew I was going to cum and cum big time. I announced this to Sally but she just said "Cum in me - I want to feel your stuff in me!" I went into overload, my cock pulsing time and again as I delivered my homage to Sally's tightness.

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   For her part Sally came again really, really hard just as she felt the first wave of sperm hit her cervix. Unhooking her legs I rolled us over onto our sides. We lay holding each other, still coupled, for a long time recovering. After a while I felt Sally clutch her cunt muscles on me. "Still big? Good - you've still got my arse to do. Loved it with your finger in there - reckon your cock'll be even better!" With that she pulled away, knelt on the recliner, positioned so that I could stand behind her, and pulled her bum cheeks apart. I went to my allotted position and kissed her wrinkled little anus, probing into her with my tongue before setting my shaft in place. "Go easy" she said "but it should be OK - I squeezed some lub in earlier. ""The little schemer" I thought as I pressed into her, her arse yielding with surprising ease "she's planned all this!"With my knob firmly implanted in her rear she said "That feels so good! Give me more! Give me him all! Hold nothing back!" So taking her at her word I bored the entirety of my oversized manhood into her, savouring the smoothness of her hot, tight rear. After only a few slow strokes Sally came again and again every time my cock bottomed out in her rear. She started chanting "Cum in my arse, cum in my arse, now, now. NOW!" Right on cue my cock exploded delivering another heavy load into Sally. I was still ensconced in Sally's rear when I heard a voice "Having fun you two? You do look good together. " Helen! Sally's mother!We untangled ourselves as Helen crossed to us. She kissed her daughter and ran her hand over her pussy.

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   "Well? What do you think? Enjoy your first fuck?""Yes Mum. It was wicked! I'm going to want to do that lots!" Sally replied reciprocating the action, Helen being equally naked. Helen turned to me "And what did you think John?""She was wonderful! Lots won't be a problem!""Good but now my pussy could do with some attention! I've got so hot watching and filming the pair of you all afternoon!" Helen nodded towards a videocam set on a tripod before she took up the position her daughter had not much earlier on the recliner as Sally sucked my pecker back up to working pressure. Our daughter watched avidly as I sunk my rod into my twin sister's familiarly tight cunt. . . .



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