My eldest daughter Sally - Pt 3


Topic: MeganAuthor's note:
I realise that i have misnamed this series but I'll stick with it for continuity.
MeganMegan didn't wait. . . One day not long after I wrote the above I was in the shower when the door opened and someone stepped in. My eyes were full of soap and I first didn't realise who it was as I felt an obviously female body press against me. Thinking it to be Sally I began to rub her tits as I rinsed off. It was then I saw it was not Sally but Megan! "Like them Dad?" she asked cupping her little tit, smiling up at me. "Don't really need to wait do we?" She bent and kissed the tip of my already semi-hard and rapidly swelling dick. "I've been thinking of this for ages. I want to be like Mum and get pregnant as soon as I can. I want your babies Dad!" Well I've only so much will-power - given an offer like that and with my cock now iron-hard I suggested we dry off and go to the bedroom but Megan said "I want to do it here in the shower! I'm all wet inside as well as out!"I ran my hand over her pussy finding her sopping wet just as she had said. "Been playing with yourself? Get off?" I asked. She just nodded so I sat down on the plastic stool which lived in our large shower cubical and motioned her to me. She came to me and rubbed my knob up and down her juicy cunt wetting my knob and teasing us both before straddling me, sinking her pussy down my rod without so much as a murmur as I took her. She sighed as she reached the bottom and stayed there flexing her muscles.

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   She was blissfully tight on me - her tightness and the rippling of her muscles on my shaft was an exquisite agony for me. I responded by clenching my arse a few times making my cock jump within her. "Like that Dad! I feel so full with your big cock in me. Knew I'd like fucking but it feels even better than I expected - thought I knew it might be a bit sore a first but it's OK. Better than OK! Get my tits a bit - 'fraid they not a big as Mum's or milky like Sally's - then we can fuck properly!" So with her sitting impaled on my massive cock I began to massage her lovely little tits and then, rather awkwardly, dropped my head to kiss and suck at them. Her nipples were surprisingly large and rock hard. She continued to test her muscles against my cock, her ever deepening breathing testifying to the fact she was getting as much from the sensations as I was. "Dad! I'm going to cum! Jezz - I'm cuming!" As her orgasm hit her I lowered my hands to her hips and began to pump her up and down my shaft. Megan soon got the message and started doing it of her own accord still cuming all the time. Soon just as Megan really peaked I had to let go. "OK Honey - here it comes!" I declared sending an overload of cream deep into my daughter's tight little pussy really jackhammering into her as I did so. She collapsed onto me and we sat for an age, cuddling and coupled. Eventually, knowing Heather and Katie were staying over with their grandmother, I said "Let's go and find Mum and Sally. "Megan just smiled "Think I'll like sucking pussy but I don't think anything could beat your cock!"I led her to the bedroom where the girls lay naked on top of the bed in an untidy heap just as I had left them, the three of us having fucked and sucked the night away interrupted only when Sally had to see to little Liz's needs. Like her mother before her, breast-feeding had really upped Sally's libido - not that she hadn't already been a sex demon! Crazy for my cock and Helen's pussy! Last night had been quite a session but Helen stirred when we entered the room.

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   Seeing Megan and I naked together she sat bolt upright. "John - you haven't have you?" I could only grin sheepishly. "You bet he has Mum! Isn't his cock huge?" Megan said as she bounced onto the bed kissing and cuddling her Mum chancing a fondle of her tits. "Mind - we've only fucked. I've not blown him or had him ream me. Yet!""Megan! Where did you learn such words?""You and Sally sometimes aren't too careful when you are talking about sex - and none to careful where you leave video tapes and DVDs! I've seen Dad fuck the two of you all ways and seen the two of you together. Can I suck your tits Sal?" Megan said, the last addressed to her sister. "Sure," replied Sally "if I can suck Dad's load from your cunt. I love the taste of newly fucked pussy. " So as my daughters settled to their self-appointed tasks, Helen and I watched as I recounted the tale of the shower to her. "So she wants to get pregnant ASAP? Well I don't see why not. What's a few months anyway?" Helen mused. The hot show put on by the two girls ensured that my cock was soon back in the game. Noticing this Helen said "Go fuck Sally - love seeing the two of you together. " So without warning and without interrupting the awkwardly positioned girls I slid into Sally's welcoming tightness.

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   She humped back at me while redoubling her efforts on Megan's bald pussy tonguing and finger-fucking her bringing her off time and again as Megan in turn milked her which I knew from experience really heightened Sally's pleasure. Before long she had to break off from Megan to give voice to her own orgasms as I took my pleasure in her still ever so tight cunt. Realising this Helen pulled Megan away settling her into a sixty-nine to eat and be eaten. From my position I saw Megan take to pussy with relish probing at Helen with both fingers and tongue and kissing and sucking at her clit. Apart from some rather heavy breathing, the only sounds to be heard in the room were the sounds of fucking and sucking. Helen and Megan broke up first. "John cum on Megan's tits for us will you?" Sally pulled away from me and began to wank me knowing that I had not been far off cuming anyway. Considering the events of last night and this morning I shot a surprisingly large thick load all over Megan. Both girls dove in, searching out every drop of my cum until not a drop was left to be seen. As Megan sat up I asked "So like pussy then? As good as cock?""Yes" she replied "and no. Yes I loved Mum's pussy and loved what she and Sal did to mine. But nothing beats the feel of the monster of yours filling me - besides they can't get me pregnant! Mind you - nor will arse fucking but I still want to do that too!""You'll need to give me some time first!" I laughed indicating my limp dick. "Let's get some breakfast!" So we trouped through to the kitchen and sat around starkers munching on some rolls and stocking up on fluids while Megan asked Helen and Sally about their experience of sex. Both were open and honest with Helen finishing by asking "Have the others seen those tapes you mentioned?""Heather and Katie? Not so far as I know - I always watch them in my room and well, they never go in there. " (As in "Don't you dare set foot in my room little sis!") "Better be more careful with those John.

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  " Helen admonished me. "Were those the 'blue movies' you mentioned to me the first time we fucked Sal?" I asked. "Yes probably Dad - loved watching you and Mum fuck even then! 'Course I wasn't in them - just you and Mum and. . . " Sally's voice trailed off. "And?" I prompted. "And Gran. She was in a couple of them. "I blushed saying "Any worst than you or Megan?""Hell no! I'd like to get it on with her sometime!"I laughed. "I'll see what I can arrange. She loves prime young pussy too!"Megan came and sat on my knee and kissed me, my cock rising instantly as she did so. She squirmed on him ensuring my erection became full. "Oh Dad. Fuck me again them ream me.

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   Please?" She didn't need to plead! I took her through to the bedroom where she threw herself onto the bed and turned onto her back, legs akimbo and started to finger her puss. I pushed her hands away, gently sliding a finger of my own into her tender little love hole. With infinite care I finger-fucked her liberally coating the digit with her juices before withdrawing to replace it with the same finger from the other hand. The first I pressed to her anus and slowly slid it in. Slowly and in a syncopated rhythm I massaged both holes until she came and, withdrawing I bent to lap up her juices driving her to orgasm once more. "Fuck me Dad. " she pleaded so I got up over her and took her again in the classic missionary position bearing my weight on my arms, holding my body off hers partly so that the watching Helen and Sally would have a good view of the penetration. Both, I knew, had videocams. Megan let out a roar of pleasure as I slowly slid into her bucking up to take me faster. She set a fast pace as we fucked our bodies together, my sweet young daughter had instantly turned into a demanding lover. She came again and again and doubting I could keep my erection if I came in her I pulled out and raised her butt slightly before nuzzling my knob against her anal pucker and pushing slowly against it. Her arse was fiercely resistant but sooner rather than later I found the angle and my knob slipped in. Megan grunted. "OK?" I asked concernedly. "Yeah Dad - starting to feel good.

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   Go deeper. Ream me good!""OK Honey - I don't do bad. " I replied as I sunk slowly into her tighter than tight, hotter than hot rear passage. I got about half way in before slowly withdrawing again until only my knob was within her before pressing forward again as I began her reaming going just that little bit deeper on every thrust until she was taking my all roaring out with pleasure as she came again. This was enough for me and I climaxed explosively jetting another full load into her. Never withdrawing, I rolled us onto our sides. The others were on us instantly. Helen kissing me and Megan on the lips as she made free with Megan's cute little tits while Sally explored Megan's puss once more. Looking round I noticed the videocams set up on tripods. Those were to prove to be good ones for the collection!It took about six months but Megan got her wish - she fell pregnant before she had her first period. Sally's liable to get pregnant again too as she refuses to use any form of birth control and we fuck nearly every day. . . ----
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