My eldest daughter Sally - Part 4. My Mum


Topic: MumMumGoing back to the day I first had sex with Megan, later on the four of us went to pick up Heather and Katie from their Gran's. Normally on such occasions Helen would run the kids home while I stayed 'to do some odd jobs' for Mum. Such tasks were normally performed in the bedroom - Mum being a skilled and passionate lover, loving to take my oversized cock in each and every hole as often as I could manage over the course of the afternoon and evening! Helen knew of course and would join us for a threesome whenever the kids were otherwise entertained, Mum absolutely loving to have Helen eat her out while I reamed her arse. Until today, however, I hadn't known Sally and Megan knew of such goings on. Well actually Megan hadn't until Sally had made her disclosure earlier! Anyway today Helen took the youngsters home while Sally and Megan stayed behind with me. Mum looked perplexed at first but then Sally stepped up to her caressing her breast. "Like to taste my milk Gran? I've got plenty left over from feeding Liz. I want to taste your pussy after Dad's fucked you!"Mum sighed "Think I'd like that! You too Megan? Has your Dad had you too?""Yes Gran - I persuaded him to fuck me this morning in the shower. It was brilliant - love the feel of his big cock in me, in any hole!" Megan responded as she shed her dress revealing she wore no underwear. "Like my little cunny Gran?"Mum dropped to her knees in front of her saying "If we're going to do this you'd better call me Sara. " as she first kissed Megan pussy lips and then began to probe with her tongue no doubt tasting the load I had recently deposited there. For my part I shucked of my clothes, pulled Mum's butt upwards without breaking her contact on my young daughter's sex, hitched up her dress revealing her bare arse (she normally went without knickers when I was due to visit - it saved time!) and slid my rampant cock into her slick, shaven pussy taking my pleasure in her as I had frequently for eleven odd years by that point pushing her even more firmly onto Megan's cunt. Sally stripped too and pushed her way between me and Sara lapping at her clit and my balls as I continued to fuck my Mum bringing her off big time just as Megan exploded her juices into her mouth. Knowing Mum's tastes I withdrew only to fuck my proud erection into her darkest passage.

This gave Sally better access to her cunt and soon I could feel her fingers exploring Sara's inner folds pushing deep. For her part Megan wedged her head between Sally's thighs and feasted on her cunt masturbating furiously as she did so driving her fingers deep into her own cunt.

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   Mum yowled out an almighty orgasm just as my balls tightened with my cock going crazy delivering a cannonade of cum into her rear. Almost simultaneously Megan tongued her sister to orgasm just as she herself came on her fingers. "Wow! That was quite an opener!" Mum declared panting stripping out of her dress. "Loved having you eat me and finger fuck me while John reamed my arse Sally! And you, Megan, have a very tasty pussy. I want to see John fuck you both and eat you out afterwards. " (One of her favourite kicks was to watch while I fucked Helen and then to eat my load from her afterwards - she joked that it was the only form of birth control we would use - not quite true, after four children in six years, Helen and I were now a little more careful, not that Sally and now Megan were or wanted to be!)Megan came to me "Can I go first? You're going to love the way Dad's big cock stretches my pussy wide Gr. . Sara!" She bent to suck my cock, coaxing him back to life as Sally offered her tits to Mum who eagerly began to milk her just as she had done that first time with Helen. Soon my cock was ready for more action and Mum, having gently finger-fucked Sally to orgasm as she drank from her, sat back to watch me take my daughter once more. Megan wanted me doggy style so I got her to kneel on the edge of the bed so that I could stand behind her. Mum got down on the bed underneath Megan and watched from very close range as my massive cock ploughed into my foxy little daughter stretching her wide as she took my all. Heaven on earth for me as we moved together with an ease that belied the fact that it was only the third time that Megan had felt her father's incestuous cock fill her extremely tight, velvety pussy. As I settled to fuck Megan getting her off on only about the third or forth stroke I could feel Sara's fingers trace round Megan's labia and then her mouth kissing at our union - something else she liked to do with Helen. With Megan really peaking, cuming every time my cock bottomed out in her cunt I pulled out and, just like I had done with my Mum, I took her rear forcing my cock as deep as I could into her on the first stroke. Megan roared with pleasure as I pounded into her, she matching my every stroke forcing her bottom back at me as I thrust at her.

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   She was cuming continually. Me, feeling my climax approach, and again knowing Mum's tastes, pulled out of my daughter's hot tight rear and got her to lie down on the bed. Mum, knowing what I was doing, wanked me until I came spraying my seed all over Megan's little prostrate body before diving in to clean her up. Sally came to me holding a large dildo. "Never used one of these before but I quite fancy having it up my arse while you fuck me Dad. ""You'll need to wait a bit!" I declared indicating my limp dick. "Bet it won't be that long - come and milk me, think Sara left some for you!" she replied knowing full well that if anything was going to get me hard soon it would be sucking on her chest. It always got me soo hard and this time was no exception. As I feasted I finger-fucked her getting her off a couple of times - I loved the pulse of her clutching cunt muscles on my fingers nearly as much as on my cock. As predicted, my cock was soon back in action and Sally handed me the dildo before she lay down on the bed beside Mum and Megan. The pair of them had progressed to a sixty-nine lapping at each others cunts and driving fingers deep. They both came hard before Mum surfaced to watch me take Sally. First though Sally insisted on me penetrating her rear with the dildo and forced me to push its entirety into her before switching on its rotary vibrator action. "Wow! That's different!" she declared before settling back on the bed. I positioned myself above her and asked "Sure about this?""Never surer! Make me pregnant again Dad!" was the reply so I pushed my rock hard cock into her feeling the motion of the vibrator in her rear as I began to fuck my eldest daughter in earnest.

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   Sally sighed contentedly as I did so. Boy does she love cock and, with the vibrator, tight was not the word! Slowly and tenderly we made love together, Sally reaching climax very quickly and staying on a orgasmic plateau, her cunt muscles rippling deliciously along the not inconsiderable length of my shaft for an age before I shot my lot deep into her, the intensity of my own orgasm incredible! Mum pulled me off and settled to lick my load from her granddaughter's pussy. Sally still had the vibrator in her rear and that coupled with the actions of Mum's skilled tongue meant that her orgasm never subsided for a moment until she had to beg for mercy unable to take any more pleasure. I was spent and so just sat back watching as my daughters took turns eating out my Mum, both forcing her to multiple orgasms. It was some afternoon I can tell you!.