My eldest daughter - Sally, Part 2


Helen came instantly "Oh yes John! That feels so good. I'm so hot!" And hot she was coming time and again before I took my relieve in her tight cunt. I withdrew and, knowing Helen swung both ways, motioned Sally to her cunt. "Why don't you taste her pussy - think you'll like it" Sally dove in probing with both her tongue and fingers as she brought her mother off again. "You're right, I do like it!"Afterwards as the three of us lay cuddling Sally asked "Think I'll get pregnant Mum?""Hard to tell - but given when your period was you should be at your most fertile. That's why we had to wait for today remember?" Helen replied. Not "We'll get you the morning after pill" or anything like that. The pair of them had planned this! "You shouldn't have blown him first though - you should have taken the first shot in your pussy. ""I know Mum but I was enjoying myself pleasuring Dad so much that I couldn't stop. " she replied as she tickled my cock back to life and mounted me again. "He's even better in your cunt though!" she declared as she began to ride. I just lay back, enjoying her tight, tight cunt once more letting her do all the work. Helen traced round my embedded shaft before settling to frig Sally's clit saying "He doesn't half stretch you Honey! I've always loved John's big cock in any of my holes but you're right - you can't beat a nice hard fuck like you're having now!"I was so turned on by what was happening that I knew I wasn't going to last long. Nor however was Sally - letting her fuck me together with Helen's actions brought her to the boil just as I had to let go again. Helen gently lifted Sally off and bent over to suck my cock clean revelling in the taste of Sally on me. For the moment I was spent!Upshot was that Sally did get pregnant either that day or shortly thereafter and not long before her next birthday bore me a daughter just as her mother, my twin sister, had done at much the same age - this daughter was of course Sally!Sexually, Helen and I go back a long way.

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   Since as far back as I can remember we had touched and kissed each other's genitalia and one day when we were about seven I got an erection while we were 'playing' and Helen said "Let's fuck!" I didn't know what she meant but she forced me down onto the bed and straddled me taking my little erect cock into herself. Even at that age the sensations were mind-blowing and from that point on we fucked whenever we could - which was often - trying out every variation and position we could think off. One of Helen's favourite 'tricks' was for me to get her off at Granny's tea table. She would sit opposite me having removed her knickers from below her longish dress and I, having slipped off my shoes and socks, massaged her pussy with my big toe underneath the table. Helen usually came several times but no one ever knew. Anyway, we knew nothing of birth control so I suppose it was inevitable that Helen wound up pregnant. It must actually have happened the first time she ovulated as she had never had a period prior to this. It took more than six months before anyone, including Helen, realised but, when discovered, Mum (who was on her own) was very good about it. Money wasn't problem, Dad having died a multi-millionaire, and Mum had friends in the medical profession so everything was handled very discreetly at a private clinic. Mum helped us raise Sally afterwards before setting us up in our own place when we turned eighteen. She didn't really approve of our relationship at first but she didn't try to stop us either so Helen and I were able to sleep openly (at least to Mum) in the same bed making love whenever we wanted which, again, was often, perhaps more so than ever as breast feeding little Sally made Helen very randy for whatever reason. I also loved sucking on Helen's milky breasts, feasting for an age before giving her a right hard fuck, a feat, I'm glad to say, I was to latter perform with Sally. Stepping back to not long after Sally had been born, Mum caught us in the act one day as I fucked Helen's brains out really laying into her hard, she with me all the way, but instead to telling us off or just going away Mum came into the room to watch stripping off as she did so! As soon as I had brought Helen off she pulled me away then lay down saying "Why don't you try my pussy John?" So I did, thrusting my by now fairly large cock into her instantly. She was nearly as tight as Helen and the feelings she set up in my cock were marvellous. Orgasms swept through Mum in multiple - she cuming nearly continuously as I ploughed into her canal, my knob hitting her cervix making her gasp on every stroke.

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   After a while as I felt my own peak nearing she pushed me off. "Come on Helen's tits for me John!" Giving me little choice she started wanking my cock. Helen was obviously not adverse to the idea getting down below me as Mum finished me off with a most wonderful hand job expertly executed. A massive load of my seed sprayed over Helen's chest and Mum dove in, her tongue laving away cleaning her up before settling to suck at Helen's breast, milking first one side then the other. Now I knew this was Helen's first lesbian experience but I wondered about Mum! Not to be outdone I got below Mum's upturned rear and ate her out while finger fucking Helen getting them off both at the same time. My cock was by then ready for more and Mum noticed this. "Do you do anal John? Years since I've had a cock in there. Been years since I had one in my pussy too - loved the way you fucked me just then. You and Helen must have had more practice than I thought!" Oh yes we'd had had plenty of practice over the last however many years and, oh yes, I did do anal, Helen and I having discovered the pleasure of that route during our adventures together. I got Mum up doggy style and pulled her bum cheeks apart to let me sight my quarry as I pressed my knob to her puckered anus swiftly sinking my shaft into her. Helen watched for a bit as I sawed into Mum's tight rear before squirming down underneath her to eat out her cunt just like I had done not long ago. Soon Mum was cuming like a steam train and then I too had to give in, cuming in spades in Mum's rear just as I felt Helen push a couple of fingers into her cunt making Mum cum all the harder. That was just the first adventure the three of us had together, Helen quickly discovering her lesbian side, discovering that she loved to suck another girl's tits and eat out her pussy and me seeing to Mum's other womanly needs, fucking her regularly in any and every hole as I still do. Mum uses birth control but Helen didn't for years with the result that she and I have three other daughters, Megan, Heather, and Katie, Helen plans for me to get each of them pregnant as soon as they become fertile just like Sally! And I'm not going to argue! In the meantime Sally, Helen and I have great three way love-ins! Both girls being hungry for my cock and each others bodies. I love watching them in action.

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   And its not long till Megan will be old enough. . .
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